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Proceedings of the 8th International Modelica Conference; March 20th-22nd; Technical Univeristy; Dresden; Germany
Christoph Clauß: Fraunhofer EAS, Dresden, Germany
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Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
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From March 20th to 22nd 2011 the 8th international Modelica Conference took place in the Auditorium Center of the Technische Universität in Dresden.

Modelica is an object oriented; physical modelling language; which allows a very effective description of different physical systems. It has been developed for the last 15 years. The last Modelica Conferences; starting in Lund in 2000; via Oberpfaffenhofen; Linköping; Hamburg-Harburg; Vienna; Bielefeld; Como and now Dresden show; that the language is used in an increasing area of applications in industry; research and education. The 8th international Modelica Conference in Dresden was with its 316 participants from 23 different countries the biggest Modelica Conference until now.

Besides 76 oral presentations and 23 poster presentations also the possibility of interesting discussions to socialize with new people was given. Tutorials; to go more into detail into about single topics in the Modelica area; were visited on Sunday; 20th of March from already about 100 people. In the evening already 200 people joined the “Coming Together”.

On Monday the Conference was opened by the sitting mayor of Dresden; Mr. Dirk Hilbert; followed by greetings from Prof. Elst; head of the Fraunhofer IIS EAS and Prof. Martin Otter; chairman of the Modelica Association. Keynote speeches were held by Dr. Peter Schwarz; formerly department manager at Fraunhofer IIS EAS; about the requirements on simulation of complex heterogeneous systems and by Scott A. Borthoff from the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories Cambridge (USA) about his experiences with the Modelica language for the last decade and future challenges.

The topics in the Conference of course were the language itself and its further development. Application-oriented papers were presented in the fields of automotive; mechanics and fluidic; power plants; electrical engineering; as well as in new opened application fields like building; climate; and biology. Many papers covered the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) which is an interface for the coupling of simulators as well as for the model export to support the exchange of models between different simulation environments. The papers reviewed to be the best ones described the application of homotopy methods to improve the initialization phase of simulations; using the recently introduced homotopy operator.

The small exhibition was an important conference issue. 14 tool vendors as well as companies which use Modelica for modelling tasks presented their products. Another important conference issue for communication was the conference dinner at “The Westin Bellevue” hotel. The conference dinner was sponsored by ITI GmbH Dresden.

Dresden; April 1; 2011

Dr. Christoph Clauß
Program Chair

Proceedings of the 8th International Modelica Conference; March 20th-22nd; Technical Univeristy; Dresden; Germany


Emmanuel Chrisofakis, Andreas Junghanns, Christian Kehrer, Anton Rink
Simulation-based development of automotive control software with Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Edo Drenth, Magnus Gäfvert
Modelica Delft-Tyre Interface
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Andreas Deuring, Johannes Gerl, Harald Wilhelm
Multi-Domain Vehicle Dynamics Simulation in Dymola
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Dietmar Winkler, Hege Marie Thoresen, Ingvar Andreassen, Magamage Anushka Sampath Perera, Rahimi Behzad Sharefi
Modelling and Optimisation of Deviation in Hydro Power Production
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Karin Dietl, Kilian Link, Gerhard Schmitz
Thermal Separation Library: Examples of Use
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Marco Bonvini, Alberto Leva
Scalable-detail modular models for simulation studies on energy efficiency
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Schulze, Manuel Gräber, Michaela Huhn, Uwe Grätz
Real-Time Simulation of Vapour Compression Cycles
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Alberto Leva, Marco Bonvini
Efficient hybrid simulation of autotuning PI controllers
[Abstract and Fulltext]

J. Åkesson, R. Faber, C. D. Laird, K. Prölss, H. Tummescheit, S. Velut, Y. Zhu
Models of a post-combustion absorption unit for simulation; optimization and non-linear model predictive control schemes
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Michael Sielemann, Francesco Casella, Martin Otter, Christop Clauß, Jonas Eborn, Sven Erik Matsson, Hans Olsson
Robust Initialization of Differential-Algebraic Equations Using Homotopy
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Francesco Casella, Michael Sielemanny, Luca Savoldelli
Steady-state initialization of object-oriented thermo-fluid models by homotopy methods
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Johan Ylikiiskilä, Johan Åkesson, Claus Führer
Improving Newtonand#8217;s method for Initialization of Modelica models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

T. Blochwitz, M. Otter, M. Arnold, C. Bausch, H. Elmqvist, A. Junghanns, J. Mauß, M. Monteiro, T. Neidhold, D. Neumerkel, H. Olsson, J.-V. Peetz, S. Wolf, C. Clauß
The Functional Mockup Interface for Tool independent Exchange of Simulation Models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jens Bastian, Christop Clauß, Susann Wolf, Peter Schneider
Master for Co-Simulation Using FMI
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Andreas Heckmann, Stefan Hartweg, Ingo Kaiser
An Annular Plate Model in Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Description for the DLR FlexibleBodies Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Damien Chapon, Fabien Hospital, Guillaume Bouchez, Marc Budinger
A Modelica-Based and Domain-Specific Framework for Electromechanical System Design
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jens Frenkel, Christian Schubert, Günter Kunze, Peter Fritzson, Martin Sjölund, Adrian Pop
Towards a Benchmark Suite for Modelica Compilers: Large Models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tari Mohsen-Torabzadeh, Zoheb Muhammed Hossain, Peter Fritzson, Thomas Richter
OMWeb - Virtual Web-based Remote Laboratory for Modelica in Engineering Courses
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kristin Majetta, Sandra Böhme, Christop Clauß, Peter Schneider
MSL Electrical Spice3 - Status and Further Development
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Kral, Anton Haumer
The New FundamentalWave Library for Modeling Rotating Electrical Three Phase Machines
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tilman Bünte, Emmanuel Chrisofakis
A Driver Model for Virtual Drivetrain Endurance Testing
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Torsten Schwan, René Unger, Bernard Bäker, Beate Mikoleit, Christian Kehrer
Optimization-Tool for local renewable energy usage in the connected system: "Building-eMobility"
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Thomas Kaden, Klaus Janschek
Development of a Modelica Library for Simulation of Diffractive Optomechatronic Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kerstin Bauer, Klaus Schneider
Transferring Causality Analysis from Synchronous Programs to Hybrid Programs
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Joel Andersson, Johan Åkesson, Francesco Casellad, Moritz Diehl
Integration of CasADi and JModelica.org
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jens Frenkel, Günter Kunze, Peter Fritzson, Martin Sjölund, Adrian Pop, Willi Braun
Towards a Modular and Accessible Modelica Compiler Backend
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Chen Chang, Ding Jianwan, Chen Liping, Wu Yizhong
Media Modeling for Distillation Process with Modelica/Mworks
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Martin Ryhl Kærn, Brian Elmegaard, Lars Finn Sloth Larsson
Experimental comparison of the dynamic evaortor response using homogeneous and slip flow modeling
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Antoine Viel
Strong Coupling of Modelica System-Level Models with Detailed CFD Models for Transient Simulation of Hydraulic Components in their Surrounding Environment
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Michael Wetter, Wangda Zuo, Thierry Stephane Nouidui
Recent Developments of the Modelica "Buildings" Library for Building Energy and Control Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Marco Bonvini, Alberto Leva
Object-oriented sub-zonal room models for energy-related building simulation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Manuel Ljubijankic, Christop Nytsch-Geusen, Jörg Rädler, Martin Löffler
Numerical coupling of Modelica and CFD for building energy supply systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

José Luis Reyes Péres, Andreas Heckmann, Ingo Kaiser
A Thermo-elastic Annular Plate Model for the Modeling of Brake Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Volker Beuter
An Interface to the FTire Tire Model
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ivan Kosenko, Il’ya Gusev
Implementation of the Spur Involute Gear Model on Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Claus Führer, Christian Andersson, Johan Åkesson, Magnus Gäfvert
Import and Export of Functional Mock-up Units in JModelica.org
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Noll, Torsten Blochwitz, Thomas Neidhold, Christian Kehrer
Implementation of Modelisar Functional Mock-up Interfaces in SimulationX
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Schubert, Thomas Neidhold, Günter Kunze
Experiences with the new FMI Standard Selected Applications at Dresden University
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sebastian Meinke, Freidrich Gottelt, Martin Müller, Egon Hassel
Modeling of Coal-Fired Power Units with ThermoPower Focussing on Start-Up Process
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Baligh El Hefni, Daniel Bouskela, Gréory Lebreton
Dynamic modelling of a combined cycle power plant with ThermoSysPro
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Daniel Rene Kreuzer, Andreas Werner
Implementation of Models for reheating processes in industrial furnaces
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Anton Haumer, Christian Kral
Modeling a Mains connected PWM Converter with Voltage-Oriented Control
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jonathan Brembeck, Sebastian Wielgos
A real time capable battery model for electric mobility applications using optimal estimation methods
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Oliver Chilard, Jean-Philippe Tavella, Olivier Devaux
Use of Modelica language to model an MV compensated electrical network and its protection equipment : comparison with EMTP
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Johan Andreasson
The Vehicle Dynamics Library: New Concepts and New Fields of Application
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Chen Liping, Zhao Yan, Zhou Fanli, Zhao Jianjun, Tian Xianzhao
Modeling and Simulation of Gear Pumps based on Modelica/Mworksandreg;
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Li He, Xiaolong Wang, Yunqing Zhang, Jinglai Wu, Liping Chen
Modeling and Simulation Vehicle Air Brake System
[Abstract and Fulltext]

M. Einhorn, F. V. Conte, C. Kral, C. Niklas, H. Popp, J. Fleig
A Modelica Library for Simulation of Electric Energy Storages
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Stéphane Velut, Hubertus Tummescheit
Implementation of a transmission line model for fast simulation of fluid flow dynamics
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kilian Link, Stéphane Vogel, Ines Mynttinen
Fluid Simulation and Optimization using Open Source Tools
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Bayer, Olaf Enge-Rosenblatt
Modeling of hydraulic axial piston pumps including specific signs of wear and tear
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sebastian Nowoisky, Chi Shen, Clemens Gühmann
Detailed Model of a Hydromechanical Double Clutch Actuator with a Suitable Control Algorithm
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Dirk Zimmer, Jonathan Brembeck, Martin Otter
Nonlinear Observers based on the Functional Mockup Interface with Applications to Electric Vehicles
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Bernhard Thiele, Dan Henriksson
Using the Functional Mockup Interface as an Intermediate Format in AUTOSAR Software Component Development
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Yongqi Sun, Stephanie Vogel, Haiko Steuer
Combining Advantages of Specialized Simulation Tools and Modelica Models using Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Willi Braun, Lennart Ochel, Bernhard Bachmann
Symbolically Derived Jacobians Using Automatic Differentiation - Enhancement of the OpenModelica Compiler
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Dan Henriksson, Hilding Elmqvist
Cyber-Physical Systems Modeling and Simulation with Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Martin Sjölund, Peter Fritzson, Adrian Pop
Bootstrapping a Modelica Compiler aiming at Modelica 4
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Daniel Schlabe, Tobias Knostmann, Tilman Bünte
A Scade Suite to Modelica Interface
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Roland Samlaus, Claudio Hillman, Birgit Demuth, Martin Krebs
Towards a model driven Modelica IDE
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Michaela Huhn, Martin Sjölund, Wuzhu Chen, Christian Shulze, Peter Fritzson
Tool Support for Modelica Real-time Models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Lionel Belmon, Chen Liu
High-speed train pneumatic braking system with wheel-slide protection device : A modelling application from system design to HIL testing
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sabrina Proß, Bernhard Bachmann
An Advanced Environment for Hybrid Modeling and Parameter Identification of Biological Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

A. Bader, S. Bauersfeld, C. Brunhuber, R. Pardemann, B. Meyer
Modelling of a Chemical Reactor for Simulation of a Methanisation Plant
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Audrey Jardin, Daniel Bouskela, Thuy Nguyen, Nancy Ruel, Eric Thomas, Laurent Chastanet, Raphaël Schoenig, Sandrine Loembé
Modelling of System Properties in a Modelica Framework
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Daniel Andersson, Erik Åberg, Jonas Eborn, Jinliang Yuan, Bengt Sundén
Dynamic modeling of a solid oxide fuel cell system in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

M. Strobel, F. Vorpahl, C. Hillman, X. Gu, A. Zuga, U. Wihlfahrt
The OnWind Modelica Library for OffshoreWind Turbines - Implementation and first results
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Leo Gall, Kilian Link, Haiko Steuer
Modeling of Gas-Particle-Flow and Heat Radiation in Steam Power Plants
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Schallert
Inclusion of Reliability and Safety Analysis Methods in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Stephan Seidel, Ulrich Donath
Error-free Control Programs by means of Graphical Program Design; Simulation-based Verification and Automatic Code Generation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sébastien Furic
Enforcing Reliability of Discrete-Time Models in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Peter Harman
Effective Version Control of Modelica Models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

François E. Cellier, Xenofon Floros, Federico Bergero, Ernesto Kofman
Automated Simulation of Modelica Models with QSS Methods : The Discontinuous Case
[Abstract and Fulltext]

The-Quan Pham, Alfred Kamusella, Holger Neubert
Auto-Extraction of Modelica Code from Finite Element Analysis or Measurement Data
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Daniel Bouskela, Audrey Jardin, Zakia Benjelloun-Touimi, Peter Aronsson, Peter Fritzson
Modelling of Uncertainties with Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tilman Bünte
Recording of Model Frequency Responses and Describing Functions in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Anton Sodja, Borut Zupančič
On using model approximation techniques for better understanding of models implemented in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tolga Kurtoglu, Peter Bunus, Johan De Kleer
Simulation-Based Design of Aircraft Electrical Power Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jiri Kofrakek, Marek Matejak, Pavol Privitzer
HumMod - Large Scale Physiological Models in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ying Sun, Wei Chen, Yunqing Zhang, Liping Chen
Modeling and Simulation of Heavy Truck withMWorks
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Bart Verbruggen, Juan Van Roy, Roel De Coninck, Ruben Bætens, Lieve Helsen, Johan Driesen
Object-Oriented Electrical Grid and Photovoltaic system modelling in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Syed Adeel Asghar, Sonia Tariq, Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari, Peter Fritzson, Adrian Pop, Martin Sjölund, Parham Vasaiely, Wladimir Schamai
An Open Source Modelica Graphic Editor Integrated with Electronic Notebooks and Interactive Simulation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Olaf Enge-Rosenblatt, Christoph Clauß, André Schneider, Peter Schneider
Functional Digital Mock-up and the Functional Mock-up Interface - Two Complementary Approaches for a Comprehensive Investigation of Heterogeneous Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]


Hubert Thieriot, Maroun Nemura, Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari, Peter Fritzson, Rajiv Singh, John John Kocherry
Towards Design Optimization with OpenModelica Emphasizing Parameter Optimization with Genetic Algorithms
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Zakia Benjelloun-Touimi, Mongi Ben Gaid, Julien Bohbot, Alain Dutoya, Hassan Hadj-Amor, Philippe Moulin, Houssem Saafi, Nicolas Pernet
From Physical Modeling to Real-Time Simulation : Feed back on the use of Modelica in the engine control development toolchain
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Oscar Duarte
UN-VirtualLab : A web simulation environment of OpenModelica models for educational purposes
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Stephan Ziegler, Robert Höpler
Extending the IPG CarMaker by FMI Compliant Units
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Vincenzo Manzoni, Francesco Casella
Minimal Equation Sets for Output Computation in Object-Oriented Models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Vlastimil Votrubec, Pavel Šidlof
Optimization example of industrial sewing machines mechanisms
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Clemens Schlegel, Reinhard Finsterwalder
Automatic Generation of Graphical User Interfaces for Simulation of Modelica Models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari, Martin Sjölund, Adrian Pop, Peter Fritzson
DrControl — An Interactive Course Material for Teaching Control Engineering
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jörg Frochte
Modelica Simulator Compatibility - Today and in Future
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Oscar Duarte
A Modelica model of thermal and mechanical phenomena in bare overhead conductors
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ming Jiang, Jiangang Zhou, Wei Chen, Yunqin Zhang, Liping Chen
Modeling and Simulation of AMT with Mworks
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Junjie Tang, Jianwan Ding, Liping Chen, Xiong Gong
Variability and Type Calculation for Equation of Modelica model
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Yuming Hou, Lingyang Li, Ping He, Yunqing Zhang, Liping Chen
Shock Absorber Modeling and Simulation Based on Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ruben Bætens, Dirk Sælens
Integrating occupant behaviour in the simulation of coupled electric and thermal systems in buildings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ingela Lind, Henric Andersson
Model Based Systems Engineering for Aircraft Systems - How does Modelica Based Tools Fit?
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Emerson Jacob Jeganathan, Anand Pitchaikani, Elavarasan Dharumaseelan
Productivity improvement tool for configuration of Modelica plant models and integration with Simulink controller models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Proceedings of the 8th International Modelica Conference; March 20th-22nd; Technical Univeristy; Dresden; Germany

Christoph Clauß
Proceedings of the 8th International Modelica Conference; March 20th-22nd; Technical Univeristy; Dresden; Germany
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