Proceedings of the 2nd CIRP IPS2 Conference 2010; 14-15 April; Linköping; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 77 (2010)

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Editor(s): Sakao; Tomohiko ; Larsson; Tobias ; Lindahl; Mattias

Published: 2012-10-11

ISBN: 978-91-7393-381-0

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 547


1 A Service based Platform Design Method for Customized Products
Moon; S.K. ; Simpson; T.W. ; Cui; LiYing ; Kumara; S.R.T.

2 User-Centric and Contextual Interaction in IPS2
Dzaack; J. ; Höge; B. ; Rötting; M.

3 Lifecycle Cost oriented Evaluation and Selection of Product-Service System Variants
Mannweiler; C. ; Siener; M. ; Aurich; J.C.

4 How to educate customers about industrial product service systems - the role of providing information
Rese; Mario ; Strotmann; Wolf ; Gesing; Judith ; Karger; Markus

5 Product Service Systems and the Base of the Pyramid: A Telecommunications Perspective
Printz Moe; Henrik ; Boks; Casper

6 Implications of new institutional economy theory for PSS design
Dill; A. K. ; Schendel; C.

7 Energy services in industry - an interdisciplinary approach with engineering and social science aspects
Thollander; Patrik. ; Palm; Jenny. ; Sakao; Tomohiko.

8 Is the Industrial Product-Service System really sustainable?
Pigosso; D.C.A. ; Sousa; S.R. ; Guelere Filho; A. : Ometto; A. R. ; Rozenfeld; H.

9 Assessment of the Sustainability Effects of Product-Service Systems
Schröter; M. ; Gandenberger; C. ; Biege; S. ; Buschak; D.

10 Environmental Evaluation of Machine-to-Machine Services: the case of Glass Waste Collection
Hoang; Trang ; Lelah; Alan ; Mathieux; Fabrice ; Brissaud; Daniel ; Gimeno; Vincent

11 Benefits of a Product Service System Approach for Long-life Products: The Case of Light Tubes
Thompson; A.W. ; Ny; H. ; Lindahl; P. ; Broman; G. ; Severinsson; M.

12 Environmental and Economic Benefits of Industrial Product/Service Systems
Sundin; E. ; Lindahl;M. ; Larsson; H.

13 SensCity: a new project opening the way for sustainable services in the city based on a mutualised M2M infrastructure
Lelah; Alan ; Mathieux; Fabrice ; Brissaud; Daniel ; Gimeno; Vincent

14 Guideline to elicit requirements on industrial product-service systems
Müller; Patrick ; Schulz; Felix ; Stark; Rainer

15 Requirement Analysis for Strategic Improvement of a B2B Service
Akasaka; F. ; Hosono; S. ; Kimita; K. ; Nakajima; M. ; Shimomura; Y.

16 SysML for the Analysis of Product-Service Systems Requirements
Durugbo; C. ; Hutabarat; W. ; Tiwari; A. ; Alcock; J.R.

17 Prioritizing Service Functions with Non-Functional Requirements
Hosono; S. ; Hara; T. ; Shimomura; Y. ; Arai; T.

18 Understanding Information Requirements in Product-service Systems Design
Kundu; S. ; McKay; A. ; Dawson; P.G.

19 Hierarchical Planning for Industrial Product Service Systems
Steven; M. ; Richter; A.

20 An integrated lifecycle model of product-service-systems
Hepperle; C. ; Orawski; R. ; Nolte; B.D. ; Mörtl; M. ; Lindemann; U.

21 TPI-based Idea Generation Method for Eco-business Planning
Kondoh; S. ; Mishima; N.

22 Concern of Uncertainty and Willingness to Pay for Adopting PSS: Example of Solar Power System Leasing
Shih; Li-Hsing ; Chou; Tse-Yuen

23 Development accompanying calculation - How to calculate IPS² costs during the early development phase?
Steven; M. ; Soth; T.

24 Analyzing structures of PSS types for modular design
Hara; Tatsunori ; Arai; Tamio

25 Service Design and Product-Service Systems
Holmlid; Stefan

26 Generation of Concepts for Product-Service System
Kim; Kwang-Jae ; Lim; Chie-Hyeon ; Lee; Jin ; Lee; Dong-Hee ; Hong; Yoo S. ; Park; Kwang-Tae

27 PSS design based on project management concepts
Alix; T

28 Towards Consolidation on Product-Service Systems Design
Müller; Patrick ; Sakao; Tomohiko

29 What Does a Service-Dominant Logic Really Mean for Manufacturing Firms?
Kowalkowski; Christian

30 Identification of the IPS² business model in the early stage of creation
Uhlmann; E. ; Stelzer; C.

31 Design of PSS Revenue Models
Sadek; T. ; Steven; M.

32 Early Stage Assessment of Service-based Business Concepts
Lay; G. ; Biege; S. ; Buschak; D. ; Copani; G. ; Marvulli; S.

33 PSS for Product Life Extension through Remanufacturing
Walsh; Ben

34 Matching Product Flexibility on the Integrated Portfolio of a Product-Service-System
Orawski; R. ; Hepperle; C. ; Schmitz; S. ; Mörtl; M. ; Lindemann; U.

35 Product-Service Systems Design Method Integrating Service Function and Service Activity and Case Studies
Lee; S. W. ; Kim; Y. S.

36 Design Method for Concurrent PSS Development
Kimita; K. ; Akasaka; F. ; Hosono; S. ; Shimomura; Y.

37 A PSS Approach in Software Development
Brad; Stelian ; Fulea; Mircea ; Brad; Emilia

38 Innovative Design Method of Product Service System by Using Case Study and TRIZ Method
Chen; J.L. ; Li; H.-C.

39 Project and Design Reviews in IPS² CIRP IPS² ’10 International Conference Proceedings
Suvarna; S. ; Stoeckert; H. ; Stark; R.

40 Structural Model of Resources in Product Service Systems - A Prerequisite to Portfolio Design and Planning
Schuh; G. ; Hübbers; M. ; Gudergan; G.

41 Process Oriented Production System for Service Providing Companies
Schweitzer; E. ; Aurich; J. C.

42 Reference Architecture for Dynamical Organization of IPS² Service Supply Chains in the Delivery Phase
Meier; H. ; Uhlmann; E. ; Völker; O. ; Geisert; C. ; Stelzer; C.

43 Resource Planning of Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS²) by a Heuristic Resource Planning Approach
Meier; H. ; Funke; B.

44 Exploring Lightweight Knowledge Sharing Technologies for Functional Product Development
Chirumalla; K. ; Bertoni; M. ; Larsson; A.

45 A Reference Model for Analysing Automotive Service Formats
Royer-Torney; M. ; Mennenga; M. ; Herrmann; C.

46 Managing Information Flows for Product-Service Systems Delivery
Durugbo; C. ;Tiwari; A. ; Alcock; J.R.

47 Introducing PSS in product-based organizations. A case study in the manufacturing industry
Bertoni; M. ; Ericson; Å.M.

48 Take the knowledge path to support knowledge management in product service systems
Johansson; P. ; Johansson; C. ; Isaksson; O.

49 Software Agents for Automated Knowledge Generation in IPS²
Gegusch; R. ; Gestrich; K. ; Seliger; G.

50 Key Challenges in Managing Software Obsolescence for Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2)
Romero Rojo; F. J. ; Roy; R. ; Shehab; E. ; Cheruvu; K. ; Blackman; I. ; Rumney; G. A.

51 Characterization of Customer Requirements in IPS² creation
Uhlmann; E. ; Bochnig; H. ; Stelzer; C.

52 Exploring Modes of Innovation in Services
Witell; Lars. ; Gremyr; Ida ; Löfberg; Nina ; Edvardsson; Bo ; Fundin; Anders

53 User-Inspired Design. Co-creation processes vs. Business-to-Customer industry
Sbordone; Maria Antonietta

54 PSS Innovation: Discussing Knowledge Based Tools
Wenngren; Johan ; Thor; Peter ; Ericson; Åsa ; Larsson; Tobias

55 Development of an innovative IPS2 model
Paci; Augusta Maria ; Chiacchio; Maria Stella : Bellofiore; Polo

56 Business Model innovation paths and success in the machine tool industry
Copani; G. ; Marvulli; S. ; Lay; G. ; Biege; S. ; Buschak; D.

57 Value Adding Services in Packaging - A Value for all Supply Chain Actors?
Olsson; Annika

58 Joint Framework for Product Service Systems and Life Cycle Management
Herrmann; C. ; Kuntzky; K. ; Mennenga; M. ; Royer-Torney; M. ; Bergmann; L.

59 Organizational changes in connection with IPSO
Lingegård; Sofia ; Lindahl Mattias ; Sundin; Erik

60 Towards Adaptable Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS²) with an Adaptive Change Management
Abramovici; Michael ; Bellalouna; Fahmi ; Goebel; Jens Christian

61 An Innovative Service Business using a Holistic Availability Management System
Meier; H. ; Quade; N. ; Binner; S. M.

62 Impact of Uncertainty on Industrial Product-Service System Delivery
Erkoyuncu; J. A. : Roy; R. ; Shehab; E. ; Cheruvu; K. ; Gath; A.

63 A Methodology for Adopting Product Service Systems as a Competitive Strategy for Manufacturer
Ang; G.C.J. ; Baines; T. ; Lightfoot; H.

64 Building Networks for Delivering Integrated Product-Service Offerings (IPSOs)
Abdullah; M. A. ; Öhrwall Rönnbäck; A. ; Ölundh Sandström; G.

65 IPS² in China - A Systematic Approach for Market Entry
Schmitt; Robert ; Schumacher; Sven

66 Information support of equipment operations - the case of a hydropower plant
Butala; P. ; Selak; L. ; Sluga; A.

67 Potential of the Competence-Cell-based approach for services in co-operative networks
Rosteck; A. ; Mayrhofer; W. ; Sihn; W. ; Ackermann; J. ; Riedel; R ; Mueller; E.

68 Assessing the potential of business model innovation for investment goods through Life Cycle Costing
Van Ostaeyen; J. ; Duflou; J.

69 Product-Service Systems across Industry Sectors: Future Research Needs and Challenges
C. Durugbo; O. Bankole; J.A. Erkoyuncu; A. Tiwari; J.R. Alcock; R. Roy; E. Shehab

70 A New Approach to Executive Information Management as Part of IPS² Lifecycle Management
Abramovici Michael ; Jin; Feng