Proceedings of the 10<sup>th</sup> International Modelica Conference; March 10-12; 2014; Lund; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 96 (2014)

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Editor(s): Tummescheit; Hubertus ; Årzén; Karl-Erik

Published: 2014-03-10

ISBN: 978-91-7519-380-9

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 1309


1 Modelica Evolution - From My Perspective
Elmqvist; Hilding

2 The Functional Mockup Interface - seen from an industrial perspective
Bertsch; Christian ; Ahle; Elmar ; Schulmeister; Ulrich

3 An FMI-Based Tool for Robust Design of Dynamical Systems
Henningsson; Maria ; Åkesson; Johan ; Tummescheit; Hubertus

4 Simulating Rhapsody SysML Blocks in Hybrid Models with FMI
Feldman; Yishai A. ; Greenberg; Lev ; Palachi; Eldad

5 Nonlinear State Estimation with an Extended FMI 2.0 Co-Simulation Interface
Brembeck; Jonathan ; Pfeiffer; Andreas ; Fleps-Dezasse; Michael ; Otter; Martin ; Wernersson; Karl ; Elmqvist; Hilding

6 Model-based Development of Future Small EVs using Modelica
Hirano; Yutaka ; Inoue; Shintaro ; Ota; Junya

7 Modeling of an Electric Axle Drive with Modelica: A Study of Electric Active Dynamics
Flaih Awad; Hasan ; Rettig; Frank ; Smetana; Tomas

8 Utilizing Object-Oriented Modeling Techniques for Composition of Operational Strategies for Electrified Vehicles
Hämmerle; Sebastian ; Andres; Markus ; Keßler; Marco

9 Thermal shock testing for Engines in Dymola
Picarelli; Alessandro ; Galindo; Eduardo ; Diaz; Gonzalo

10 Model-Based Design of Integrative Energy Concepts for Building Quarters using Modelica
Schwan; Torsten ; Unger; René ; Lerche; Christian ; Kehrer; Christian

11 Enhancement of the building simulation software TRNSYS by coupling to the VEPZO model programmed in Modelica
Kübler; Svea ; Norrefeldt; Victor

12 The Modelica Thermal Model Generation Tool for Automated Creation of a Coupled Airflow; Radiation Model and Wall Model in Modelica
Pathak; Arnav ;Norrefeldt; Victor ; Lemouedda; Abdellah ; Grün; Gunnar

13 Modelling long-wave radiation heat exchange for thermal network building simulations at urban scale using Modelica
Lauster; Moritz ; Remmen; Peter ; Fuchs; Marcus ; Teichmann; Jens ; Streblow; Rita ; Müller; Dirk

14 Extension of the FundamentalWave Library towards Multi Phase Electric Machine Models
Kral; Christian ; Haumer; Anton ; Wöhrnschimmel; Reinhard

15 New Multi Phase Quasi Static Fundamental Wave Electric Machine Models for High Performance Simulations
Kral; Christian ; Haumer; Anton

16 The New EDrives Library: A Modular Tool for Engineering of Electric Drives
Haumer; Anton ; Kral; Christian

17 Modelica Models for Magnetic Hysteresis; Materials and Transformers
Ziske; Johannes ; Bödrich; Thomas

18 Custom Annotations: Handling Meta-Information in Modelica
Zimmer; Dirk ; Otter; Martin ; Elmqvist; Hilding ; Kurzbach; Gerd

19 Modelica extensions for Multi-Mode DAE Systems
Elmqvist; Hilding ; Mattsson; Sven Erik ; Otter; Martin

20 Integrated Debugging of Equation-Based Models
Sjölund; Martin ; Casella; Francesco ; Pop; Adrian ; Asghar; Adeel ; Fritzson; Peter ; Braun; Willi ; Ochel; Lennart ; Bachmann; Bernhard

21 Making Modelica Applicable for Formal Methods
Klenk; Matthew ; Bobrow; Daniel ; Kleer; Johan De ; Janssen; Bill

22 Implementing stabilized co-simulation of strongly coupled systems using the Functional Mock-up Interface 2.0
Viel; Antoine

23 Context-based polynomial extrapolation and slackened synchronization for fast multi-core simulation using FMI
Ben Khaled; Abir ; Duval; Laurent ; Ben Gaid; Mongi ; Simon; Daniel

24 Model-Based Integration Platform for FMI Co-Simulation and Heterogeneous Simulations of Cyber-Physical Systems
Neema; Himanshu ; Gohl; Jesse ; Lattmann; Zsolt ; Sztipanovits; Janos ; Karsai; Gabor ; Neema; Sandeep ; Bapty; Ted ; Batteh; John ; Tummescheit; Hubertus ; Sureshkumar; Chandrasekar

25 Adapting Functional Mockup Units for HLA-compliant Distributed Simulation
Yilmaz; Faruk ; Durak; Umut ; Taylan; Koray ; Ogüztüzün; Halit

26 Transmission Modeling in Modelica: A consistent approach for several software development platforms
Köhler; Jochen ; Kuebler; Michael ; King; Julian

27 Vectorized single-track model in Modelica for articulated vehicles with arbitrary number of units and axles
Sundström; Peter ; Jacobson; Bengt ; Laine; Leo

28 Multibody Model of a Motorbike with a Flexible Swingarm
Ferretti; Gianni ; Scaglioni; Bruno ; Rossi; Andrea

29 Modelling and parameter identification of a semi-active vehicle damper
Fleps-Dezasse; Michael ; Tobolar; Jakub ; Pitzer; Johannes

30 The Modelica HouseModels Library: Presentation and Evaluation of a Room Model with the ASHRAE Standard 140
Constantin; Ana ; Streblow; Rita ; Müller; Dirk

31 Modelica Library for Building and Low-Voltage Electrical AC and DC Grid Modeling
Roy; Juan Van ; Salenbien; Robbe ; Driesen; Johan

32 Tool coupling for the design and operation of building energy and control systems based on the Functional Mock-up Interface standard
Nouidui; Thierry Stephane ; Wetter; Michael

33 Coupling occupant behaviour with a building energy model - A FMI application
Plessis; Gilles ; Amouroux; Edouard ; Haradji; Yvon

34 Phenomenological Li ion battery modelling in Dymola
Uddin; Kotub ; Picarelli; Alessandro

35 A Modelica Based Lithium Ion Battery Model
Gerl; Johannes ; Janczyk; Leonard ; Krüger; Imke ; Modrow; Nils

36 Behavioral Modeling of Power Semiconductors in Modelica
Denz; Patrick ; Schmitt; Thomas ; Andres; Markus

37 Verification and Design Exploration through Meta Tool Integration with OpenModelica
Lattmann; Zsolt ; Pop; Adrian ; De Kleer; Johan ; Fritzson; Peter ; Janssen; Bill ; Neema; Sandeep ; Bapty; Ted ; Koutsoukos; Xenofon ; Klenk; Matthew ; Bobrow; Daniel ; Saha; Bhaskar ; Kurtoglu; Tolga

38 Parallel Model Execution on Many Cores
Elmqvist; Hilding ; Mattsson; Sven Erik ; Olsson; Hans

39 A toolchain for Rapid Control Prototyping using Rexroth controllers and open source software
Menager; Nils ; Worschech; Niklas ; Mikelsons; Lars

40 Modular Multi-Rate and Multi-Method Real-Time Simulation
Thiele; Bernhard ; Otter; Martin ; Mattsson; Sven Erik

41 Significant Reduction of Validation Efforts for Dynamic Light Functions with FMI for Multi-Domain Integration and Test Platform
Schneider; Stefan-Alexander ; Frimberger; Johannes ; Folie; Michael

42 Hardware In The Loop Simulation with Modelica - A Design Tool for Thermal Management Systems
Baltzer; Sidney ; Lichius; Thomas ; Gissing; Jörg ; Jeck; Peter ; Eckstein; Lutz ; Küfen; Jörg

43 Integrated Vehicle Thermal Management in Modelica: Overview and Applications
Batteh; John ; Gohl; Jesse ; Sureshkumar; Chandrasekar

44 Virtual Integration for hybrid powertrain development; using FMI and Modelica models
Belmon; Lionel

45 General fault triggering architecture to trigger model faults in Modelica using a standardized blockset
Linden; Franciscus van der

46 Using Fault Augmented Modelica Models for Diagnostics
Minhas; Raj ; De Kleer; Johan ; Matei; Ion ; Saha; Bhaskar ; Janssen; Bill ; Bobrow; Daniel ; Kurtoglu; Tolga

47 From Modelica Models to Fault Diagnosis in Air Handling Units
Sterling; Raymond ; Struss; Peter ; Febres; Jesús ; Sabir; Umbreen ; Keane; Marcus

48 Simulation for verification and validation of functional safety
Mikelsons; Lars ; Su; Zhou

49 The Foundation of the DLR RailwayDynamics Library: the Wheel-Rail-Contact
Heckmann; Andreas ; Keck; Alexander ; Kaiser; Ingo ; Kurzeck; Bernhard

50 Human-Nature Interaction in World Modeling with Modelica
Castro; Rodrigo ; Fritzson; Peter ; Cellier; François ; Motesharrei; Safa ; Rivas; Jorge

51 1D/2D Cellular Automata Modeling with Modelica
Sanz; Victorino ; Urquia; Alfonso ; Leva; Alberto

52 Physiolibrary - Modelica library for Physiology
Mateják; Marek ; Kulhánek; Tomáš ; Šilar; Jan ; Privitzer; Pavol ; Ježek; Filip ; Kofránek; Jirí

53 Modelling of Electrical Power Systems with Dynamic Phasors in Modelica
Yang; Tao ; Bozhko; Serhiy ; Asher; Greg

54 Flexible modeling of electrical power systems -- the Modelica PowerSystems library
Franke; Rüdiger ; Wiesmann; Hansjürg

55 Implementation of a Multi-Level Power Electronic Inverter Library in Modelica
Hill; Christopher ; Giangrande; Paolo ; Gerada; Chris ; Bozhko; Serhiy

56 Mixed phasor and time domain modelling of AC networks with changeover management
Dogan Parildar; Hakan ; Leva; Alberto

57 impact -- A Modelicaandreg; Package Manager
Tiller; Michael ; Winkler; Dietmar

58 MoUnit -- A Framework for Automatic Modelica Model Testing
Samlaus; Roland ; Strach; Mareike ; Hillmann; Claudio ; Fritzson; Peter

59 Modeling Parameter Sensitivities via Equation-based Algorithmic Differentiation Techniques: The ADMSL.Electrical.Analog Library
Elsheikh; Atiyah

60 Modelica Based Parser Generator with Good Error Handling
Palanisamy; Arunkumar ; Pop; Adrian ; Sjölund; Martin ; Fritzson; Peter

61 Nonlinear inverse models for the control of satellites with flexible structures
Reiner; Matthias J. ; Bals; Johann

62 Modelica Stage Separation Dynamics Modeling for End-to-End Launch Vehicle Trajectory Simulations
Acquatella; Paul ; Reiner; Matthias J.

63 A Modelica Library for Scalable Modelling of Aircraft Environmental Control Systems
Jordan; Philip ; Schmitzm; Gerhard

64 Model-Based Energy Recuperation of Multi-Axis Machines
Juhasz; Tamas ; Kennel; Matthias ; Franke; Marco ; Schmucker; Ulrich

65 A Generalized Power-Based Modelica Library with Application to an Industrial Hydraulic Plant
Alkov; Ilja ; Diekmann; Robin ; Weidemann; Dirk

66 Physical Design of Hydraulic Valves in Modelica
Sureshkumar; Chandrasekar ; Tummescheit; Hubertus

67 Exploiting Actuator Limits with Feedforward Control based on Inverse Models
Gräber; Manuel

68 An FMI-based Framework for State and Parameter Estimation
Bonvini; Marco ; Wetter; Michael ; Sohn; Michael D.

69 Grey-box Building Models for Model Order Reduction and Control
Coninck; Roel De ; Magnusson; Fredrik ; Åkesson; Johan ; Helsen; Lieve

70 Interfacing Models for Thermal Separation Processes with Fluid Property Data from External Sources
Wellner; Kai ; Trapp; Carsten ; Schmitz; Gerhard ; Casella; Francesco

71 Development of a Real-Time Fuel Processor Model for HIL Simulation
Fröjd; Karin ; Axelsson; Karin ; Torstensson; Ivar ; Åberg; Erik ; Osvaldsson; Erik ; Dolanc; Gregor ; Pregelj; Bostjan ; Eborn; Jonas ; Pålsson; Jens

72 ThermoCycle: A Modelica library for the simulation of thermodynamic systems
Quoilin; Sylvain ; Desideri; Adriano ; Wronski; Jorrit ; Bell; Ian ; Lemort; Vincent

73 An Operational Semantics for Hybrid Systems Involving Behavioral Abstraction
Bliudze; Simon ; Furic; Sébastien

74 An example of beneficial use of variable-structure modeling to enhance an existing rocket model
Mehlhase; Alexandra ; Gomez Esperon; Daniel ; Bergmann; Julien ; Merkle; Marcel

75 Efficient Monte Carlo simulation of stochastic hybrid systems
Bouissou; Marc ; Elmqvist; Hilding ; Otter; Martin ; Benveniste; Albert

76 The Modelica BehaviorTrees Library: Mission Planning in Continuous-Time for Unmanned Aircraft
Klöckner; Andreas

77 Multi-Level Library of Electrical Machines for Aerospace Applications
Giangrande; Paolo ; Hill; Christopher ; Gerada; Chris ; Bozhko; Serhiy

78 Modelica for large scale aircraft electrical network VandV
Kuhn; Martin R. ; Ji; Yang

79 Implementation of a Modelica Library for Simulation of Electromechanical Actuators for Aircraft and Helicopters
Linden; Franciscus van der ; Schlegel; Clemens ; Christmann; Markus ; Regula; Gergely ; Hill; Christopher ; Giangrande; Paolo ; Maré; Jean-Charles ; Egaña; Imanol

80 An Optimization Framework for Dynamic Hybrid Energy Systems
Du; Wenbo ; Garcia; Humberto ; Paredis; Christiaan

81 Industrial application of optimization with Modelica and Optimica using intelligent Python scripting
Dietl; Karin ; Gallardo Yances; Stephanie ; Johnsson; Anna ; Åkesson; Johan ; Link; Kilian ; Velut; Stéphane

82 Simulation of Smart-Grid Models using Quantization-Based Integration Methods
Floros; Xenofon ; Bergero; Federico ; Ceriani; Nicola ; Casella; Francesco ; Kofman; Ernesto ; Cellier; François

83 On the Simulation of Offshore Oil Facilities at the System Level
Costes; Joris ; Ghidaglia; Jean-Michel ; Muguerra; Philippe ; Lund Nielsen; Keld ; Riou; Xavier ; Saut; Jean-Philippe ; Vayatis; Nicolas

84 Parameter Selection in a Combined Cycle Power Plant
Andersson; Niklas ; Åkesson; Johan ; Link; Kilian ; Gallardo Yances; Stephanie ; Dietl; Karin ; Nilsson; Bernt

85 Restarting algorithms for simulation problems with discontinuities
Mohammadi; Fatemeh ; Arévalo; Carmen ; Führer; Claus

86 Discontinuities handled with events in Assimulo
Fredriksson; Emil ; Andersson; Christian ; Åkesson; Johan

87 Noise Generation for Continuous System Simulation
Klöckner; Andreas ; Linden; Franciscus van der ; Zimmer; Dirk

88 A physical solution for solving the zero-flow singularity in static thermal-hydraulics mixing models
Bouskela; Daniel ; El Hefni; Baligh

89 Advanced Hybrid Model for Borefield Heat Exchanger Performance Evaluation; an Implementation in Modelica
Picard; Damien ; Helsen; Lieve

90 Superheat Control with a Dynamic Inverse Model
Varchmin; Andreas ; Gräber; Manuel ; Tegethoff; Wilhelm ; Köhler; Jürgen

91 Adsorption energy systems library - Modeling adsorption based chillers; heat pumps; thermal storages and desiccant systems
Bau; Uwe ; Lanzerath; Franz ; Gräber; Manuel ; Graf; Stefan ; Schreiber; Heike ; Thielen; Niklas ; Bardow; André

92 A new Implementation of the N-D Lookup Tables
Sommer; Torsten ; Andres; Markus ; Diehl; Stephan

93 Remarks on the Implementation of the Modelica Standard Tables
Beutlich; Thomas ; Kurzbach; Gerd ; Schnabel; Uwe

94 The DLR Visualization Library - Recent development and applications
Hellerer; Matthias ; Bellmann; Tobias ; Schlegel; Florian

95 Automated Modelica Package Generation of Parameterized Multibody Systems in CATIA
Baumgartner; Daniel ; Pfeiffer; Andreas

96 Modelling elastomer buffers with DyMoRail
Dumont; Elisabeth ; Maurer; Werner

97 A Modelica Contact Library for Idealized Simulation of Independently Defined Contact Surfaces
Oestersötebier; Felix ; Wang; Peng ; Trächtler; Ansgar

98 The OneWind Modelica Library for Wind Turbine Simulation with Flexible Structure - Modal Reduction Method in Modelica
Thomas; Philipp ; Gu; Xin ; Samlaus; Roland ; Hillmann; Claudio ; Wihlfahrt; Urs

99 Simulating Collisions within the Modelica MultiBody library
Hofmann; Andreas ; Mikelsons; Lars ; Gubsch; Ines ; Schubert; Christian

100 Short-term production planning for district heating networks with
Velut; Stéphane ; Larsson; Per Ola ; Saarinen; Linn ; Boman; Katarina ; Windahl; Johan

101 Modelling the system dynamics of islanding asynchronous generators
Winkler; Dietmar ; Molland Edvardsen; Håkon

102 Hybrid Energy System Modeling in Modelica
Binder; William ; Paredis; Christiaan ; Garcia; Humberto

103 Dynamic Modeling of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors using MoDSim
Hale; Richard ; Cetiner; Sacit ; Fugate; David ; Qualls; Lou ; Batteh; John ; Tiller; Michael

104 Modified Multiple Shooting Combined with Collocation Method in with Symbolic Calculations
Lazutkin; Evgeny ; Geletu; Abebe ; Hopfgarten; Siegbert ; Li; Pu

105 DOML -- a Compiler Environment for Dynamic Optimization Supporting Multiple Solvers
Tarnawski; Tomasz ; Pytlak; Radoslaw

106 Efficient Implementation of Collocation Methods for Optimization using OpenModelica and ADOL-C
Ruge; Vitalij ; Braun; Willi ; Bachmann; Bernhard ; Walther; Andrea ; Kulshreshtha; Kshitij

107 Symbolic Transformations of Dynamic Optimization Problems
Magnusson; Fredrik ; Berntorp; Karl ; Olofsson; Björn ; Åkesson; Johan

108 Modelling a Lignite Power Plant in Modelica to Evaluate the Effects of Dynamic Operation and Offering Grid Services
Huebel; Moritz ; Berndt; André ; Meinke; Sebastian ; Richter; M. ; Mutschler; P. ; Hassel; E. ; Weber; H. ; Sander; M. ; Funkquist; J.

109 Use of External Fluid Property Code in Modelica for Modelling of a Pre-combustion CO2 Capture Process Involving Multi-Component; Two-Phase Fluids
Trapp; Carsten ; Casella; Francesco ; Stelt; Teus van der ; Colonna; Piero

110 Dynamic modelling of a parabolic trough solar power plant
Österholm; Robert ; Pålsson; Jens

111 Testing Power Plant Control Systems in Modelica
Link; Kilian ; Gall; Leo ; Bonifay; Julien; Buggert; Matthias

112 Vehicle Thermal Management -- A Case Study in Web-Based Engineering Analysis
Tiller; Michael

113 recon -- Web and network friendly simulation data formats
Tiller; Michael ; Harman; Peter

114 IDOS - (also) a Web Based Tool for Calibrating Modelica Models
Pytlak; Radoslaw ; Tarnawski; Tomasz

115 Client-side Modelica powered by Python or JavaScript
Franke; Rüdiger

116 Dynamic modelling of a Condenser with the ThermoSysPro Library
El Hefni; Baligh ; Bouskela; Daniel

117 Wavelet Library for Modelica
Gao; Jianbo ; Ji; Yang ; Bals; Johann ; Kennel; Ralph

118 Model-based Verification and Optimization of Batteries for Mobile Power Applications
Franke; Marco ; Juhasz; Tamas ; Schmucker; Ulrich

119 Systems Physics Library
Maurer; Werner ; Dumont; Elisabeth

120 Implementation of the Omni Vehicle Dynamics on Modelica
Kosenko; Ivan ; Gerasimov; Kirill

121 Control and Characteristic Map Generation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines and Induction Machines with Squirrel Cage
Keßler; Marco ; Andres; Markus ; Schmitt; Thomas

122 BuildSysPro: a Modelica library for modelling buildings and energy systems
Plessis; Gilles ; Kaemmerlen; Aurelie ; Lindsay; Amy

123 Efficient Numerical Integration of Dynamical Systems based on Structural-Algebraic Regularization avoiding State Selection
Scholz; Lena ; Steinbrecher; Andreas

124 Symbolic Initialization of Over-determined Higher-index Models
Ochel; Lennart ; Bachmann; Bernhard ; Casella; Francesco

125 Proposal for standardization of Heat Transfer Modelling in NewThermal Library
López; Susana ; del Hoyo; Itzal

126 A Modelica Power System Component Library for Model Validation and Parameter Identification
Vanfretti; Luigi ; Bogodorova; Tetiana ; Baudette; Maxime

127 Modelica Model for the youBot Manipulator
Dwiputra; Rhama ; Zakharov; Alexey ; Chakirov; Roustiam ; Prassler; Erwin

128 Equation based parallelization of Modelica models
Walther; Marcus ; Waurich; Volker ; Schubert; Christian ; Gubsch; Ines

129 Simulation of 2-dimensional flows in Modelica with the Casacaded Digital Lattice Boltzmann Method
Baeuml; Thomas ; Kühnelt; Helmut

130 FORM-L: A MODELICA Extension for Properties Modelling Illustrated on a Practical Example
Nguyen; Thuy

131 Statecharts as a Means to Control Plant Models in LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim
Furic; Sébastien ; Wagner; Loïc ; Berthoux; Vincent

132 Integration of OpenModelica in Ptolemy II
Mirzaei; Mana ; Rogovchenko-Buffoni; Lena ; Fritzson; Peter

133 On Extending JGrafchart with Support for FMI for Co-Simulation
Theorin; Alfred ; Johnsson; Charlotta

134 Development of Custom Workflows for Simulation and Analysis of Functional Mock-up Units
Sureshkumar; Chandrasekar ; Gohl; Jesse

135 A Medium Model for the Refrigerant Propane for Fast and Accurate Dynamic Simulations
Sangi; Roozbeh ; Jahangiri; Pooyan ; Klasing; Freerk ; Streblow; Rita ; Müller; Dirk

136 Consistent Simulation Environment with FMI based Tool Chain
Drenth; Edo ; Törmänen; Mikael ; Johansson; Krister ; Andersson; Bengt-Arne ; Andersson; Daniel ; Torstensson; Ivar ; Åkesson; Johan

137 A MATLAB to Modelica Translator
Jahanzeb; Mohammad ; Palanisamy; Arunkumar ; Sjölund; Martin ; Fritzson; Peter

138 Setting up a framework for model predictive control with moving horizon state estimation using JModelica
Vande Cavey; Mats ; De Coninck; Roel ; Helsen; Lieve