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Publication announcements

Eunamus partners have agreed upon the following routines:
Partners are asked to announce planned publications to project coordinator Peter Aronsson. Contracted researchers announce their publication plans to the partner who hired them and to Peter Aronsson. Suggestions will then be coordinated and/or published below. Partners will be notified and have to consider the interest of their researchers. If no voice is raised within 15 days, publication is granted.

A distinction is made between

- Eunamus Plus which are publications outside the formal deliverable but within the consortium - i. e. based on reports. Needs to be negotiated carefully among partners in SC or otherwise. And

- Eunamus Extra - elaboration of findings related to Eunamus research but not part of any reports – need not negotiations but should be cleared with the procedure above.

In publications, always acknowledge that the research has been pursued within Eunamus. If possible and applicable use the following standard formulations.

As soon as publication is out, inform Bodil Axelsson

Notes from publication session in Bologna


Current announcements

1. Knell The Nations Soma v2: This arises from the work I did on the Hungarian National Gallery and is a Eunamus plus. I wrote it for a conference in Canada but then replaced it with the one below. It is, hopefully, to be published online in Museum & Society and freely available.

2. Knell Gift Historical Consciousness corrected: This refers to and publicises my, Eilertsen, Axelsson and Watson’s published work for WP4, it is, however, largely about Vancouver, art and poverty. I guess this falls off the Eunamus plus/extra register but it does at least publicise the project. It will be published in Viviane Gosselin and Phaedra Livingstone (eds) Museums as Sites of Historical Consciousness, Vancouver: UBC Press.


To be developed further: Book series: Negotiating cultural institutions


Granted proposals


Eunamus plus


Alexandra Bounia and Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert, "War Museums and Photography" in museum and society.

Jocelyn Dodd, Ceri Jones and Alexandra Bounia, "National museums: a visitors' perspective. A preliminary report of the pilot studies in Greece and Scotland". The article needs to be translated in French (by our editor) and then will go through peer reviewing.

Theopisti and Alexandra Bounia are also working on another version of the report prepared for WP3 and the conflict in Cyprus, as represented in the museums. We want to contribute this to a journal, but we are not ready yet. This is also Eunmaus plus.

A panel about WP6 has been accepted in the Visitors STudies 2012 Conference that will take place in North Carolina in July. The panel consists of Ceri Jones, Pille Pruulman-Vengerfeldt and Alexandra Bounia.

National Museums: perspectives from southern Europe (working title)

Negotiating heritage and communities in Northern Europe

Re-visualizing the Recent Past: Museums of Communism and Recent History in Post-Communist Eastern Europe. Editors: Constantin Iordachi and Péter Apor

Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert and Alexandra Bounia, "National museum of war and photography: the case of Cyprus". The paper will be presented in the ICOMAM 2011 Conference in Graz, Austria, Sept. 2011 and will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference (if approved, that is).

Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert and Alexandra Bounia, "Cypriot National/State Museums: cultural management and national identity". The paper was presented in a conference in Nicosia, 26-28 May 2011. It will be published in Greek and English in a volume edited by T. Stylianou-Lambert, L. Hatzigavriel-Loizou et al., entitled Cypriot Museums: Some Museological Perspectives. Publisher: the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia.

Alexandra Bounia and Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert, "Heritage in conflict: history, memory and museums in Cyprus". The paper was presented in Helsinki, June 16-18th, 2011, in the ICMAH 2011 Conference. It was asked to be published in the Conference proceedings, entitled Difficult Heritage, edited by Jari Harju et al. and published by the City Museum of Helsinki.

Bodil Axelsson, “Samdok – documenting and networking the nation as it evolves”. This paper was presented at the conference Current Issues in European Cultural Studies 15-17 June in Norrköping and has been submitted to the Conference Proceedings to be published by Linköping University Electronic Press later this year.

Eunamus Extra


Sheila Watson: Chapter in: International Handbook of Museum Studies: Museum Theory: An Expanded Field. Edited by Andrea Witcomb and Kylie Message. Provisional title: Emotion and the nation: museums, history, and the evocation of the senses in the production of collective identities. Read proposal here

Siomon Knell. Knell, S.J. 2012 (in press) 'The Intangibility of Things', in S. Dudley (ed.) Museum Objects, London: Routledge. This is a paper discussing the notion of intangible objects - attached to but beyond their tangible counterparts - being involved in disciplinary and museum negotiations. In it I refer to Eunamus museum visits to the Prado and Reina Sofia in Madrid, and to some other national museums elsewhere, as well as to other work I have been doing on the object in science. The paper is peripheral to Eunamus, though useful for considering the politics of national objects and why, in my opinion, the Nordic Museum in Stockholm offers some useful models for exposing these acts of negotiation. It would be useful to record it as a Eunamus output. It does not interfere with any Eunamus work or reports.

Peter Aronsson, “Comparing the role of complex cultural institutions: negotiating museums”. This paper was presented at the conference Current Issues in European Cultural Studies 15-17 June in Norrköping and has been submitted to the Conference Proceedings to be published by Linköping University Electronic Press later this year.



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