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European Commission European Research Area & Seventh Framework Programme. Funded under Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities



Institute for Cultural Research

and Fine Arts, University of Tartu

Institute for Cultural Research and Fine Arts include departments of ethnology, folkloristics, literature and drama studies, as well as arts. This academic unit of the University of Tartu provides the major comprehensive BA, MA and PhD programmes in the field of cultural heritage studies in Estonia, while research groups of ethnologists and folklorists participate in the transdisciplinary and inter-university research partnership in the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory (CECT).

The research team involved in Eunamus combines the broad perspective of cultural anthropology and cultural history, benefitting from expertise in cultural theory, cultural policy making, knowledge production and disciplinary history in heritage studies. The team benefits from close cooperation with researchers from the Estonian National Museum. UT will contribute to all work packages as partner, though the main emphasis will fall on museum histories, policy making, and visitor studies.



kristin kuutma

Kristin Kuutma
Professor of Cultural Research
Institute of Cultural Research and Fine Arts
University of Tartu
Ülikooli 18, 50090 Tartu, ESTONIA

Kristin Kuutma is professor of cultural research at the Institute for Cultural Research and Fine Arts. Her research and teaching focuses on cultural theory, cultural history, ethnographic studies, cultural heritage and representation. She is the head of the UT programme of the Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts and chairs the UNESCO Estonian National Commission. She has coordinated an Estonian Science Foundation research project on disciplinary history and reflexive cultural critique which involved cooperation across the Baltic region; in 2009-12 she coordinates the EstSF grant to analyse knowledge production in national heritage scholarship. She is also leading an international SIEF working group on cultural heritage and property.



Ergo-Hart Västrik, PhD, Senior Research Fellow at UT (ICRFA)

Pille Runnel, PhD, Research Director at the Estonian National Museum and Research Fellow at UT

Marleen Nõmmela, UT PhD Student and Researcher at the Estonian National Museum
Toms Ķencis, UT PhD Student

Art Leete, Professor of Ethnology, UT


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