Embedding Design in a Mental Health Network

Paola Pierri
Mind, 15-19 Broadway, Stratford, London, UK

Laura Warwick
Mind, 15-19 Broadway, Stratford, London, UK

Jake Garber
Mind, 15-19 Broadway, Stratford, London, UK

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Ingår i: Service Design Geographies. Proceedings of the ServDes.2016 Conference

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 125:54, s. 580-585

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Publicerad: 2016-05-17

ISBN: 978-91-7685-738-0

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)


Service Design in Mind (SDiM) is a programme run by Mind, the national mental health charity. The programme aims to embed service design techniques and methods into a network of local voluntary organisations that deliver mental health services. This case study describes how the programme, based on the idea that everybody designs and everyone can be a designer, aimed to create a diffused design culture (Manzini, 2015) across the charity and its network. By capitalising on existing internal design expertise and sensibility, Mind developed a bespoke design approach and a set of resources, as well as skills and capabilities to improve and transform mental health services.


service design, mental health, embedding design, voluntary sector


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