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European Commission European Research Area & Seventh Framework Programme. Funded under Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities


Department of History, Central European University (Kozep-Europai Egyetem)

Central European University is a graduate university concentrating on the social sciences and the humanities. The participating unit is the Department of History which offers a course of graduate studies on both the Master’s and the doctoral level. Focus is on the history of Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe from the 16th century to the present, going beyond these geographical and temporal boundaries in a comparative perspective.



Constantin Iordachi

Associate Professor of Comparative History, Head of the  Department of History, and co-director of Pasts, Center for Historical Studies, Central European University, Budapest. He is specializing in the area of comparative politics, with a focus on fascist and communist regimes in Central Europe. Currently he is mainly interested in issues of remembering communism and politics of memory in Central Europe.

Main researcher:

Péter Apor

Research fellow affiliated with Pasts Inc., Center for Historical Studies, CEU Budapest. His main research themes include the politics of history and memory, popular culture and historical memory and the history of historiography.



Simina Badica

Simina Badica     

Researcher, curator, Phd student
Central European University, Budapest
Romanian Peasant National Museum, Bucharest siminarb@gmail.com


Simina Badica is a historian of Romania’s recent past with an interest in representations of Communist regimes in museums and exhibitions, politics and poetics of private and public memory. She is also a curator and researcher at the Romanian Peasant Museum where she is in charge of the collections on Communism. In Eunamus she does research on Romanian national museums within WP 2: Mapping and framing institutions 1750-2010.

Adam Hudek

Adam Hudek

PhD, Researcher
Institute of Historical Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Adam Hudek is a historian. In Eunamus he does research on Slovakia within WP 2: Mapping and framing institutions 1750-2010. His research interests include history of historiography, politics of history and development of scientific research institutions in Central Europe.  

Rossitza Guentcheva

PhD, Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
New Bulgarian University
21, Montevideo str.
1618 Sofia
tel/fax: +359-2-8110614

Rossitza Guentcheva's research interests are in the fields of social and cultural history of communism and migration, travel, and mobility. She participates in EuNaMus' WP 2: Mapping and framing institutions 1750-2010, in whose framework she studies local museums of communism in contemporary Bulgaria.

Aleksandar Ignjatović

Olga Manojlović Pintar

Kazik Mazan

Nikolai Vukov


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