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Building National Museums

in Europe 1750-2010

Bologna 30 March – 1 April 2011


first evening out

first evening out 2


The conference starts at 3 PM on Wednesday afternoon and ends Friday 12.30 PM. The first afternoon, opening speeches welcome participants, guests and the public, and the second day a series of sessions deals with selected key issues from country reports written by Eunamus researchers.

The thematic sessions on the second day are lead by a moderator and each of them starts with a synthesising talk from a discussant in which comparative reflections are highlighted. Thereafter there is an hour for authors of the reports to respond to the discussant’s use and interpretation of their material. The discussion can then be used both for enhancing reports to finalize the conference publication and for the fine-tuning of the discussant’s arguments.

We ask especially authors of the reports to read all the reports beforehand and to keep an open mind through the conference to what general aspects of museums and identity politics they think would be worth treating in further publications. These suggestions are picked up on the last day of the conference on a special slot on publications.

Students and experts who participate March 31 - April 1 may read the reports too, to be able to follow the discussions. Those who only attend the public opening and key note speaches on March 31 do not need to read the reports.

You may download or read the reports one by one from a list of reports on this webpage

You find the programme with schedule, discussants and titles of the synthesising themes hereThere is also a supplentary programme with a list of conference attendees and with information on the format.

This link takes you to the conference webpage with practical information on Bologna. All general questions on the conference should be sent to comunicazione.aric@unibo.it .

For Eunamus researchers only

If you haven't already confirmed your attandance to lunches and dinners, please fill in this form and send it to Simona Troilo.

Most participants are staying at Collegio San Tommasio or Collegio Erasmus, guesthouse San Giovanni.

WP2: Mapping and Framing
National Museums 1750-2010


Workshop in Stockholm April 28 -30

Updates June 2010

Thank you for making Eunamus’ premiere workshop into such a rewarding experience. We had two full days of interesting presentations that pointed to Europe’s complex national museum geographies and histories. All reports have now been filed in the project’s internal digital archive as traces of a very successful workshop.

One of Eunamus scientific advisors, Stefan Berger, pointed to the importance of relating the narratives presented and produced at museums to national master narratives produced elsewhere. He generously shares some literature with us and invites us to visit the website of the NHIST-project which ran between 2003 and 2008.

There has been a conference on Post-Soviet Art Museums in the Era of Globalization". Programme.

It would be a good thing if we shared information on relevant literature and forthcoming conferences. Please e-mail information to Bodil Axelsson who will post it on this website, or post it yourself at the Eunamus group on Facebook.  

You are all invited to join Eunamus Facebook group and use it for discussions and information sharing.

We would also like to offer you all the instructions for WP2 in the same space:  

Fine-tuned directionsbreak

Programme April 29-30

Instructions for national reports

Work manual WP2

Partcipant's e-mails


Time Schedule for WP2


December 1: deadline for delivering preliminary report 2 to be commented on by before finalization as conference contribution.


March 1: deadline for delivering conference reports to be distributed within the project.

March 30 - April 1 Conference in Bologna

Electronic Open Access publication of reports will appear after the conference.

Book(s) and articles on the material are to be produced after the conference in Bologna.

E-mail addresses to all participants (länkad)

Hopefully all participants left Stockholm with new insights and inspiration to carry on research on the histories of national museums until we meet again next time in Bologna!


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