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European Commission European Research Area & Seventh Framework Programme. Funded under Socio-economic Sciences & Humanities

Eunamus for policy-makers


Eunamus was designed to deliver a conclusive account of the roles of national museums in a Europe that constantly negotiates its borders and internal complexion. The project’s research was continuously synthesized with a policy-oriented focus to address museum professionals and policy makers. Thanks to this, the project’s partners was invited to speak and dialogue with museum professionals and policy makers at conferences organised by ICOM, the International Committee of Museums, UNESCO, Beijing Forum, NHB Academy in Singapore and much more.


Eunamus Policy Briefs

To get policy insights from Eunamus at a glance, please read our policy briefs. They are published by the European Commission’s Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) programme, the project’s funding body.  

Policy Brief 1

Agents of Change: How National Museums Shape European Identity

The consortium’s preliminary findings support the notion that European policymakers should be doing more to recognize national museums as agents of social change. Click here to read policy implications of EUNAMUS comparision of the development of museums in 37 European countries.

Policy Brief 2

Crossing Borders: How National Museums Define and Connect Europeans

Eunamus juxtaposition of the project’s extensive audience survey and its analysis of the richness and diversity in national museums suggests that national museum’s potential to foster cohesion across borders and within nations being under-exploited. Click here to read the brief in its entirety.

Poliy Brief 3

Striking a Balance: How national museums can contribute to a socially cohesive Europe

December 2012 Click here to read

Video introductions to Eunamus 30 March - 1 April 2011

Featuring presentations of Eunamus fields of research by Tony Bennett, University of Western Sydney and Stefan Berger, Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Eunamus Scientific Advisory Board. Please click on the video symbol to watch.


Eunamus policy dialoges

The Policy Dialogues brought together the project partners, academics, policy-makers, and museum professionals to discuss the project outputs.


Interviews and summary articles

"A cultural asset". Interview with Professor Peter Aronsson, Co-ordinator of Eunamus, on the role of national museums at www.paneuropeannetworks.com. Click here to read.

Click here to read an article on Eunamus on Socio-economic and Humanities Research for Policy – a monthly news service designed to reach policy makers and the media.

Listen to Professor Dominique Poulot on "France Culture" in a radio discussion on changing patterns for national museums in Europe: La fin du musée à l'occidentale?

An introduction to the project by professor Peter Aronsson in Swedish. Please click on the video symbol to watch.

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