SOU database

Swedish Government Official Reports (SOU) 1922 - 2021 (up to 2022:103)

Source: Swedish Parliament (Sveriges riksdag)


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About SOU database

This database consists of Government Official Reports (SOU).
1922 to 1996 has been scanned by the Royal Library (Swedish link) (KB) and 1997 - 2021 (up to 2022:103) from Swedish Parliament open data.
1922 - 1996 is scanned from paper and there may be some quality issues that affects search results in a negative way.


You can search on keywords or phrases as described in the examples below:

  • Keywords: state tax border (Retrieves all documents with all these keywords
  • Exact phrase plus keyword(s): "state tax border" control (Retrieves all documents with the exact phrase and with the keyword control somewhere in the text)
  • Wildcard search: develop* techn* (All documents with words beginning with develop and with words beginning with techn )
  • Proximity search: "education technology"~5 (All documents with the words education and technology max 5 words apart.)

Reference to the database

Swedish Government Official Reports, Linköping University Electronic Press,