SOU database

Swedish Government Official Reports (SOU) 1922 - 2021 (up to 2024:103)

Source: Swedish Parliament (Sveriges riksdag)


SOU number:

About SOU database

This database consists of Government Official Reports (SOU).
1922 to 1996 has been scanned by the Royal Library (Swedish link) (KB) and 1997 - 2021 (up to 2024:103) from Swedish Parliament open data.
1922 - 1996 is scanned from paper and there may be some quality issues that affects search results in a negative way.


You can search on keywords or phrases as described in the examples below:

  • Keywords: state tax border (Retrieves all documents with all these keywords
  • Exact phrase plus keyword(s): "state tax border" control (Retrieves all documents with the exact phrase and with the keyword control somewhere in the text)
  • Wildcard search: develop* techn* (All documents with words beginning with develop and with words beginning with techn )
  • Proximity search: "education technology"~5 (All documents with the words education and technology max 5 words apart.)

API for SOU database

The database is based on Solr v 8.5. Searches can be made using Solr queries. Data can be delivered in xml or json. Call example:,titel&wt=xml&api_key=test
Python code example.

Searchable fields:

  • id - Serial number
  • namn - SOU designation, for example: ’1969:46’
  • ar - Year
  • nummer - Number
  • titel - title of SOU
  • url - PDF version url
  • fritext - the full text of each SOU

Email Anders Fåk, Linköping University Library, to receive database api key. The key ’test’ will only yield five entries.

Reference to the database

Swedish Government Official Reports, Linköping University Electronic Press,