The databases published by LiU E-Press are essentially longitudinal databases for research. Other types of databases may occur with cultural or social information value. If you have a database with content that favors different types of research, which you want to be available at no cost via LiU E-Press, please contact

Databases marked with has API can be accessed via a free API to be able to fetch the data. Instrutions and examples are found for each database.

Mine Workers’ Court Records for Åtvidaberg, Östergötland

Mine Workers’ Court Records for Åtvidaberg, Östergötland. Legal issues managed at the Mine Workers’s Courts included supervising the operation of a mine and mine mills, passing judgment in different disputes between workers and regarding payments, thefts etc. Content and interface in Swedish only.

Database of Fines for Linköping (1800-1900) and Norrköping (1832-1894)

Database of fines imposed at the law courts at Linköping (1800-1900) and Norrköping (1832-1894). Data and interface in Swedish only.

Prison Records

Prison Records of Linköping’s Remand Prison (1806-1892), Norrköping’s Prison (1826-1886) and Spinning House (1814-1920). Content and interface in Swedish only.

has API

Göta and Trollhätte Canals Bibliographic Database

Database of bibliographic references to publications about Göta Canal and Trollhätte Canal. Comprises journals, works of fiction, book chapters, travel books, government papers and publications, articles from magazines and newspapers. Interface in Swedish only.

Medical History Database

Contains asylum and hospital inspectors' reports, Health Care Committee's minutes, Annual reports from hospitals, autopsy reports, Medicinal Agency's protocols, Surveillance Authority's annual reports on mental health care and Annual reports from provincial doctors from the period 1814-1916. Data and interface in Swedish only.

Norrköping's Police Authority Database of prisoners

Database with police intelligence reports, detailing prisoners released from Norrköping’s prison during 1874-1879. Includes personal information about the former inmates, including mugshot and description of physical characteristics, the crime for which they were sentenced and the date of their release. Data and interface in Swedish only.

Swedish Government Report Search

Search service for digitized Swedish Government Reports (SOUs) from 1922 to 1996 and reports available in full text at the Swedish Riksdag’s Webbsida from 1997 onwards. has API

Hospital Records for the County Hospital of Östergötland

Directory of patients treated at Östergötland County Hospital in Linköping between 1838 and 1895. Detailing personal information about the patients and the diseases for which they were cared.

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