Conference support

LiU E-press offer support for you as a conference organizer. We can give you access to a web-based system for managing conference submissions. We also publish your conference proceedings or book of abstracts in one of our conference series.

Web-based conference submission system

As a conference organizer, you can get access to our web-based system for managing conference submisssions such as abstracts or conference papers. If you want to send your conference papers on peer-review, this can also be done in the system. We use an own instance of Open Journal Systems (OJS). It is also here the proceeding is published.

We advise you to also create a conference website at Unfortunately, we cannot offer registration forms or modules for payment. Please contact the communication office for advice.

We can offer you to perform plagiarism checks on the papers with Similarity Check.

Publish conference proceedings

LiU E-press publishes conference proceedings or book of abstracts in one of our conference series. The publication is free of charge for both editors and authors and all papers will be published under Open Access. It is requred that the conference is connected to LiU, for example: that one of the organizers or editors are employed by LiU.

Our two conference series are:

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), ISSN: 1650-3740 (online)
Contains proceedings with high-quality papers which are independently scientifically peer-reviewed. The series is ranked as level 1 in the Norwegian list of publishing channels.

Linköping Electronic Press Workshop and Conference Collection

ISSN: 2003-6523 (online)
Contains book of abstracts and proceedings med papers that has not been externally reviewed.

Printed and/or digital version

In discussion with the organizers we will make an agreement when the material will be made available. Either on the first day of the conference or on another date after the conference which we agree on.

We assist with the registration of ISBN for the entire proceeding. We also assist with assignment of DOI of each conference article.

We have a collaboration with LiU-Tryck if you want to publish the proceeding in a printed version.

Instructions for the editor

  • Fill in this proceeding application form to publish your proceeding at LiU E-press.
  • Sign a publishing understanding with us. The signee need to be hired at or affiliated to Linköping University.
  • Collect publishing agreements from all authors. A contract template is available here
  • All articles should be page numbered and the conference name should be stated in the page footer of each page.
  • The complete conference proceeding must consist of title pages with information about the conference name, place, date, the conference editor(s), ISBN, ISSN and table of contents. If available the organizing, program committee and the sponsors should be in the title pages.
  • If the papers are to be published separately from the whole proceeding, they should all be delivered to us as individual pdf-files so that they are ready for publishing.
  • If you are using OJS to collect the papers, files and information about the papers are registred there. If not using OJS: Information about all papers must be filled in using an Excel file. Send the files of the complete proceeding or Book of abstracts, all Individual papers, and the Excel file with metadata to by latest one week before agreed publishing date.


We have created two templates in MS Word for conference papers.

Publishing agreements

It is up to the organising committee to inform the authors that their contributions will be published electronically at Linköping University Electronic Press.

When the contribution is accepted for publication a publication agreement need to be signed and handed in to the organising committee, who in turn will send them to us.

The authors remain the copyright of their publications. The organiser decides if the proceeding will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY) licence, or Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commersial 4.0 (CC BY-NC) licence. Until 2019 all proceedings was published under the licence Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommersial 4.0 (CC BY-NC).