Parallel publishing

Parallel publishing means that a publication first published by a publisher/journal become freely available in an open archive. We recommend parallel publishing as the research becomes visible and can be read even by those who do not subscribe to the journal.

The conditions for parallel publishing vary depending on archive. For example, the embargo for parallel publishing is usually longer for research networks like Researchgate or Academia than for DiVA.

Let's take care of the parallel publishing in DiVA

What type of publication does it apply?

Use our service LiU Publication Visibility to upload the last manuscript (also called "post-print" or "author accepted manuscript"). This is the last version submitted by the authors after peer-review, but before the publisher's formatting.

If you don't find your article in LiU Publication Visibility, then it's either not registered in DiVA or is not registered as an "article in journal" in the system. Read more about how to register in DiVA.

Do like this:

  • Submit the title and DOI link (if available) as well as the last manuscript to This is the version before the publisher's formatting. Note!! Don't upload any file in DiVA but send it to us!
  • We look up the terms for parallel publishing, upload the full text i DiVA and make it freely available after any embargo in accordance with the publisher's rules.