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Proceedings of the 9th International MODELICA Conference; September 3-5; 2012; Munich; Germany
Martin Otter: DLR Institute of System Dynamics and Control, Wessling, Germany Dirk Zimmer: DLR Institute of System Dynamics and Control, Wessling, Germany
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Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
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Linköping University Electronic Press; Linköpings universitet

The 9th International Modelica Conference is the main event for users; library developers; tool vendors and language designers to share their knowledge and learn about the latest scientific and industrial progress related to Modelica; to the Modelica Association and to the Functional Mockup Interface.

Highlights of the conference:

  • 80 regular papers; 22 poster papers; and 6 libraries for the Modelica Library Award.
  • 2 Keynotes.
  • 8 tutorials (3.5 hours each; descriptions).
  • 10 vendor sessions (45 min. each) where the latest news of Modelica and FMI tools are presented.
  • 17 exhibitors in the exhibition area.

Please note that to some of the papers a Modelica library or model is attached. These files are accessible in the electronic proceedings.

The conference provides also the most important news from the Modelica Association:

  • The new version of the Modelica language version 3.3 was released on May 9; 2012. There are several papers and a tutorial at the conference that discusses and demonstrates the new features.
  • The working process of the Modelica Association has been changed and the work is now organized in Modelica Association Projects (MAP) with an extended board. More details are given in the presentation “Modelica News” on Tuesday; Sept.4; 9:10 – 9:25.
  • The further development of the FMI (Functional Mockup Interface) standard is performed in a MAP. A draft version of FMI 2.0 will be available before the conference. An overview of this new version is given in a conference paper. In two sessions; applications and tool support for FMI are presented and discussed.
  • Since July; the Modelica Association provides an open source FMI compliance checker for FMI 1.0 at https://svn.fmi-standard.org/fmi/trunk/Test_FMUs. Its purpose is to check exported FMUs for validity. The checker can also produce reference simulation results with a fixed step explicit Euler method. Shortly after FMI 2.0 is released; the compliance checker will also be available for FMI 2.0.

Finally; we want to acknowledge the support we received from the program board and program committee. We are grateful for the help by the Modelica Association and Monika Klauer from DLR. Last but not least; let us thank all authors for their contributions to these proceedings. We wish all participants an enjoyable and successful conference.

Weßling; July 20; 2012

Martin Otter and Dirk Zimmer

Proceedings of the 9th International MODELICA Conference; September 3-5; 2012; Munich; Germany

Session 1A: Hybrid Modeling

Hilding Elmqvist, Martin Otter, Sven Erik Matsson
Fundamentals of Synchronous Control in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Martin Otter, Bernhard Thiele, Hilding Elmqvist
A Library for Synchronous Control Systems in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Hilding Elmqvist, Fabien Gaucher, Sven Erik Matsson, Francois Dupont
State Machines in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sabrina Proß, Bernhard Bachmann
PNlib - An Advanced Petri Net Library for Hybrid Process Modeling
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 1B: Thermofluid Systems

Pooyan Jahangiri, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller
Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluids using Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Matthis Thorade, Ali Saadat
HelmholtzMedia — A Fluid Properties Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Javier Bonilla, Luis J. Yebra, Sebastián Dormido, François E. Cellier
Object-Oriented Library of Switching Moving Boundary Models for Two-phase Flow Evaporators and Condensers
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Michael Sielemann
High-Speed Compressible Flow and Gas Dynamics
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 1C: Power and Energy

Johan Dahl, Daniel Andersson
Gas Exchange and Exhaust Condition Modeling of a Diesel Engine using the Engine Dynamics Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kevin L Davies, Christiaan J.J. Paredis, Comas L. Haynes
Library for First-Principle Models of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Andreas Heckmann, Sebastian Streit
The Modeling of Energy Flows in Railway Networks using XML-Infrastructure Data
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Dirk Zimmer, Daniel Schlabe
Implementation of a Modelica Library for Energy Management based on Economic Models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 1D: Electromagnetic Systems I

Orysia Soroka, Derek Wright, Orang Vahid
Modeling and Simulation of a Linear Piezoelectric Stepper Motor in MapleSim
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Johannes Ziske, Thomas Bödrich
Magnetic Hysteresis Models for Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Anton Haumer, Christian Kral
Motor Management of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Nick Raabe
An approach for modelling quasi-stationary magnetic circuits
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 2A: FMI Standard I

Torsten Blochwitz, Martin Otter, Johan Akesson, Martin Arnold, Christoph Clauß, Hilding Elmqvist, Markus Friedrich, Andreas Junghanns, Jakob Mauß, Dietmar Neumerkel, Hans Olsson, Antoine Viel
Functional Mockup Interface 2.0: The Standard for Tool independent Exchange of Simulation Models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Johan Åkesson, Willi Braun, Petter Lindholm, Bernhard Bachmann
Generation of Sparse Jacobians for the Function Mock-Up Interface 2.0
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Pål Kittilsen, Svein Olav Hauger, Stein O. Wasbø
Designing models for online use with Modelica and FMI
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Tom Schierz, Martin Arnold, Christoph Clauß
Co-simulation with communication step size control in an FMI compatible master algorithm
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 2B: Numerical Methods

Francesco Casella
On the Formulation of Steady-State Initialization Problems in Object-Oriented Models of Closed Thermo-Hydraulic Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Michael Sielemann
Probability-One Homotopy for Robust Initialization of Differential-Algebraic Equations
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Federico Bergero, Xenofon Floros, Joaquín Fernández, Ernesto Kofman, François E. Cellier
Simulating Modelica models with a Stand-Alone Quantized State Systems Solver
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Willi Braun, Stephanie Gallardo Yances, Kilian Link, Bernhard Bachmann
Fast Simulation of Fluid Models with Colored Jacobians
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 2C: Climate Systems I

Stefan Wischhusen
Modelling and Calibration of a Thermal Model for an Automotive Cabin using HumanComfort Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Claude Bouvy, Sidney Baltzer, Peter Jeck, Jörg Gißing, Thomas Lichius, Lutz Eckstein
Holistic vehicle simulation using Modelica -An application on thermal management and operation strategy for electrified vehicles
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Arnav Pathak, Victor Norrefeldt, Gunnar Grün
Modelling of Radiative Heat Transfer in Modelica with a Mobile Solar Radiation Model and a View Factor Model
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Victor Norrefeldt, Gunnar Grün
VEPZO - Velocity Propagating Zonal Model for the prediction of airflow pattern and temperature distribution in enclosed spaces
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 2D: Mechanic Systems I

Hua Huang, Sebastian Nowoisky, René Knoblich, Clemens Gühmann
Modeling and Testing of the Hydro-Mechanical Synchronization System for a Double Clutch Transmission
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Neil Roberts, Mike Dempsey
Predicting the launch feel of automatic and dual clutch transmissions
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Franciscus van der Linden
Modelling of Elastic Gearboxes Using a Generalized Gear Contact Model
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ivan Kosenko, Ilya Gusev
Revised and Improved Implementation of the Spur Involute Gear Dynamical Model
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 3A: Mixed Simulation Techniques I

Jörg Rädler, Manuel Ljubijankic, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Jörg Huber
Accessing External Data on Local Media and Remote Servers Using a Highly Optimized File Reader Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ingela Lind, Alexandra Oprea
Detailed geometrical information of aircraft fuel tanks incorporated into fuel system simulation models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Alexander Schaub, Matthias Hellerer, Tim Bodenmüller
Simulation of Artificial Intelligence Agents using Modelica and the DLR Visualization Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 3B: Embedded and Real-Time Systems

Stefan-Alexander Schneider, Tobias Hofmann
Functional Development with Modelica: A Use-Case Analysis
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Köllner, Torsten Blochwitz, Thomas Hodrius
Translating Modelica to HDL: An Automated Design Flow for FPGA-based Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Uwe Pohlmann, Stefan Dziwok, Julian Suck, Boris Wolf, Chia Choon Loh, Matthias Tichy
A Modelica Library for Real-Time Coordination Modeling
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 3C: Language and Compilation Concepts I

Tobias Matsson, Jon Sten, Tove Bergdahl, Jesper Matsson, Johan Åkesson
Implementation of a Graphical Modelica Editor with Preserved Source Code Formatting
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Feng Liang, Wladimir Schamai, Olena Rogovchenko, Sara Sadeghi, Mattias Nyberg, Peter Fritzson
Model-based Requirement Verification : A Case Study
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mahder Gebremedhin, Afshin Hemmati Moghadam, Peter Fritzson, Kristian Stavåker
A Data-Parallel Algorithmic Modelica Extension for Efficient Execution on Multi-Core Platforms
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 3D: Mechanic Systems II

Xie Gang, Zhao Yan, Zhou Fanli, Chen Liping
Modelling and Simulation of the Coupled Rigid-flexible Multibody Systems in MWorks
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Spieß, Manfred Hajek
A Modelica Library of Anisotropic Flexible Beam Structures for the Simulation of Composite Rotor Blades
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sebastian Seemann, Clemens Schlegel
Modeling and Simulation of a Fault-Tolerant Electromechanical Actuation System for Helicopter Swashplates in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 4A: Language and Compilation Concepts II

Jens Frenkel, Günter Kunze, Peter Fritzson
Survey of appropriate matching algorithms for large scale systems of differential algebraic equations
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Adrian Pop, Martin Sjölund, Adeel Asghar, Peter Fritzson, Francesco Casella
Static and Dynamic Debugging of Modelica Models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 4B: Control

Bernhard Thiele, Stefan-Alexander Schneider, Pierre R. Mai
A Modelica Sub- and Superset for Safety-Relevant Control Applications
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Marco Bonvini, Alberto Leva
A Modelica Library for Industrial Control Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 4C: Handling Simulation Output

Christoph Höger, Alexandra Mehlhase, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Karsten Isakovic, Rick Kubiak
Modelica3D - Platform Independent Simulation Visualization
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Andreas Pfeiffer, Ingrid Bausch-Gall, Martin Otter
Proposal for a Standard Time Series File Format in HDF5
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 4D: Electromagnetic Systems II

Kristin Majetta, Christoph Clauß, Torsten Schmidt
Towards a Memristor Model Library in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jianbo Gao, Yang Ji, Johann Bals, Ralph Kennel
Fault Detection of Power Electronic Circuit using Wavelet Analysis in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 5A: Simulation Tools

Andreas Pfeiffer, Matthias Hellerer, Stefan Hartweg, Martin Otter, Matthias Reiner
PySimulator - A Simulation and Analysis Environment in Python with Plugin Infrastructure
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Adeel Asghar, Martin Sjölund, Andreas Pfeiffer, Anand Kalaiarasi Ganeson, Peter Fritzon, Olena Rogovchenko
An OpenModelica Python Interface and its use in PySimulator
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Liu Qi, Xiong Tifan, Liu Qinghua, Chen Liping
WebMWorks: A General Web-Based Modeling and Simulation Environment for Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 5B: Mixed Simulation Techniques II

Irene Hafner, Matthias Rößler, Bernhard Heinzl, Andreas Körner, Felix Breitenecker, Michael Landsiedl, Wolfgang Kastner
Using BCVTB for Co-Simulation between Dymola and MATLAB for Multi-Domain Investigations of Production Plants
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Andreas Gödecke, Monika Mühlbauer, Jörg Nieveler, Iason Vittorias, Thomas Vontz
FEM models in System Simulations using Model Order Reduction and Functional Mockup Interface
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Mike Dempsey, Garron Fish, Alessandro Picarelli
Using Modelica models for Driver-in-the-loop simulators
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 5C: Automotive Systems

Yutaka Hirano
Development of New Concept Vehicles Using Modelica and Expectation to Modelica from Automotive Industries
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Felix Günther, Georg Mallebrein, Heinz Ulbrich
A Modular Technique for Automotive System Simulation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

John Griffin, John Batteh, Johan Andreasson
Modeling Vehicle Drivability with Modelica and the Vehicle Dynamics Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 5D: Power Plants

Johannes Brunnemann, Friedrich Gottelt, Kai Wellner, Ala Renz, Andre Thüring, Volker Roeder, Christoph Hasenbein, Christian Schulze, Gerhard Schmitz, Jörg Eiden
Status of ClaRaCCS: Modelling and Simulation of Coal-Fired Power Plants with CO2 Capture
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Alexandra Lind, Elin Sällberg, Stéphane Velut, Stephanie Gallardo Yances, Johan Åkesson, Kilian Link
Start-up Optimization of a Combined Cycle Power Plant
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Joel Petersson, Pär Isaksson, Hubertus Tummescheit, Johan Ylikiiskilä
Modeling and Simulation of a Vertical Wind Power Plant in Dymola/Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 6A: Optimization

Ralf Hannemann-Tamás, Jana Tillack, Moritz Schmitz, Michael Förster, Jutta Wyes, Katharina Nöh, Eric von Lieres, Uwe Naumann, Wolfgang Wiechert, Wolfgang Marquardt
First- and second-order parameter sensitivities of a metabolically and isotopically non-stationary biochemical network model
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Fredrik Magnusson, Johan Åkesson
Collocation Methods for Optimization in a Modelica Environment
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Bernhard Bachmann, Lennart Ochel, Vitalij Ruge, Mahder Gebremedhin, Peter Fritzson, Vaheed Nezhadali, Lars Eriksson, Martin Siversson
Parallel Multiple-Shooting and Collocation Optimization with OpenModelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Andreas Pfeiffer
Optimization Library for Interactive Multi-Criteria Optimization Tasks
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 6B: Mechanic Systems III

Dirk Zimmer
A Planar Mechanical Library for Teaching Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Elisabeth Dumont, Werner Maurer
DyMoRail: A Modelica Library for modelling railway buffers
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Garron Fish, Mike Dempsey, Juan Gabriel Delgado, Neil Roberts
Natural frequency analysis of Modelica powertrain models
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Christian Schubert, Jens Frenkel, Günter Kunze, Michael Beitelschmidt
Achieving O(n) Complexity for Models from Modelica.Mechanics.Multibody
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 6C: Climate Systems II

Martin Ryhl Kærn, Brian Elmegaard
Modeling the discontinuous individual channel injection into fin-and-tube evaporators for residential air-conditioning
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Thierry Stephane Nouidui, Kaustubh Phalak, Wangda Zuo, Michael Wetter
Validation and Application of the Room Model of the Modelica Buildings Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Victor Norrefeldt, Daniel Andersson, Arnav Pathak, Hubertus Tummescheit
The Indoor Climate Library and its Application to Heat and Moisture Transfer in a Vehicle Cabin
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Baligh El Hefni, Daniel Bouskela, Guillaume Gentilini
Dynamic modelling of a Condenser/Water Heater with the ThermoSysPro Library
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Session 6D: FMI Standard II

Hunor Erdelyi, William Prescott, Stijn Donders, Jan Anthonis
FMI implementation in LMS Virtual.Lab Motion and application to a vehicle dynamics case
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Uwe Pohlmann, Wilhelm Schäfer, Hendrik Reddehase, Jens Röckemann, Robert Wagner
Generating Functional Mockup Units from Software Specifications
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Andreas Abel, Torsten Blochwitz, Alexander Eichberger, Peter Hamann, Udo Rein
Functional Mock-up Interface in Mechatronic Gearshift Simulation for Commercial Vehicles
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Manuel Gräber, Christian Kirches, Dirk Scharff, Wilhelm Tegethoff
Using Functional Mock-up Units for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Poster Session

Marcus Budt, Daniel Wolf, Roland Span
Modeling a Low-temperature Compressed Air Energy Storage with Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Kevin L. Davies, Christiann J. J. Paredis
Natural Unit Representation in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Roland Samlaus, Peter Fritzson, Adam Zuga, Michael Strobel, Claudio Hillmann
Modelica Code Generation with Polymorphic Arrays and Records Used in Wind Turbine Modeling
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sofia Gedda, Christian Andersson, Johan Åkesson, Stefan Diehl
Derivative-free Parameter Optimization of Functional Mock-up Units
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Gregory Provan, Alberto Venturini
Stochastic Simulation and Inference using Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Niklas Worschech, Lars Mikelsons
A Toolchain for Real-Time Simulation using the OpenModelica Compiler
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Edo Drenth
Time varying mass and inertia in paper winding multibody simulation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Eric Thomas, Michel Ravachol, Jean Baptiste Quincy, Martin Malmheden
Collaborative complex system design applied to an aircraft system
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Matthias Liermann
Backward simulation - A tool for designing more efficient mechatronic systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Jakub Tobolar, Jakob Müller, Alfred Pruckner
Modelling of new vehicle suspension concept with integrated electric drive
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Lidia Roca, Luis J. Yebra, Manuel Berenguel, Alberto de La Calle
Dynamic modeling and simulation of a multi-effect distillation plant
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Olaf Enge-Rosenblatt, Christian Bayer, Joachim Schnüttgen
Modeling a drum motor for illustrating wearout phenomena
[Abstract and Fulltext]

René Unger, Torsten Schwan, Beate Mikoleit, Bernard Bäker, Christian Kehrer, Tobias Rodemann
“Green Building” - Modelling renewable building energy systems and electric mobility concepts using Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Orang Vahid, Paul Goossens
High-Fidelity Transmission Simulation for Hardware-in-the-Loop Applications
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Atiyah Elsheikh
ADGenKinetics: An Algorithmically Differentiated Library for Biochemical Networks Modeling via Simplified Kinetics Formats
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Imke Krüger, Alexandra Mehlhase, Gerhard Schmitz
Variable Structure Modeling for Vehicle Refrigeration Applications
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Sebastian Stinner, Dirk Müller
Thermal Simulation of Power-Controlled Micro-CHP Systems for Residential Buildings
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Alberto de La Calle, Luis J. Yebra, Sebastián Dormido
Modeling of a falling film evaporator
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Matthias Pazold, Sebastian Burhenne, Jan Radon, Sebastian Herkel, Florian Antretter
Integration of Modelica models into an existing simulation software using FMI for Co-Simulation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Ali Baharev, Arnold Neumaier
Chemical Process Modeling in Modelica
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Cosimo Palma, Marco Romanoni
FMI Add-on for NI VeriStand for HiL Simulation
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Hongchao Ji, Lars Mikelsons, Karl Kempf, Dieter Schramm
Using Static Parametric Design to Support Systems Engineering of Industrial Automation Systems
[Abstract and Fulltext]

Proceedings of the 9th International MODELICA Conference; September 3-5; 2012; Munich; Germany

Martin Otter, Dirk Zimmer
Proceedings of the 9th International MODELICA Conference; September 3-5; 2012; Munich; Germany
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