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Daccosim NG: co-simulation made simpler and faster

José Évora Gómez
Monentia SL, Spain

José Juan Hernández Cabrera
SIANI, Spain

Jean-Philippe Tavella
EDF Lab Paris-Saclay, France

Stéphane Vialle
CentraleSupélec - University Paris-Saclay & LRI, France

Enrique Kremers
EIFER, Germany

Loïc Frayssinet

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Published in: Proceedings of the 13th International Modelica Conference, Regensburg, Germany, March 4–6, 2019

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 157:82, p. 10

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Published: 2019-02-01

ISBN: 978-91-7685-122-7

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)


This paper introduces the last evolution of Daccosim cosimulation environment, with Daccosim NG developed in 2018. Main features of Daccosim NG are described: enhanced Graphic User Interface and Command-Line Interface, algorithm and mechanism of co-simulation, coexecution shell, software architecture designed for both centralised and distributed architectures, aggregation of a co-simulation graph into a Matryoshka FMU, and declarative language to design large scale co-simulation graphs. A new industrial use case in simulation of energetic systems is also introduced, and first performances of Daccosim NG on multi-core architectures are analysed.


co-simulation tool, multithreaded execution, master algorithm, FMI standard, energy system, runtime performance


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