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Modeling System Requirements in Modelica: Definition and Comparison of Candidate Approaches

Andrea Tundis
Department of Computer Engineering, Modeling, Electronics, and System Sciences (DIMES), University of Calabria, Italy

Lena Rogovchenko-Buffoni
Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), Linköping University, Sweden

Peter Fritzson
Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), Linköping University, Sweden

Alfredo Garro
Department of Computer Engineering, Modeling, Electronics, and System Sciences (DIMES), University of Calabria, Italy

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Published in: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Equation-Based Object-Oriented Modeling Languages and Tools; April 19; University of Nottingham; Nottingham; UK

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 84:3, p. 15-24

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Published: 2013-03-27

ISBN: 978-91-7519-621-3 (print)

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)


The modeling of system requirements deals with formally expressing constraints and requirements that have an impact on the behavior of the system to enable their verification through real or simulated experiments. The need for models representing system requirements as well as for methods and techniques centered on model-based approaches able to support the modeling; evaluation; and validation of requirements and constraints along with their traceability is today greater than ever. In this context; this paper proposes a meta-model for modeling the requirements of physical systems. Furthermore; different approaches for integrating the modeling of system requirements in the Modelica language and their verification during the simulation are proposed and; then; evaluated and compared through a case study.


Requirements; Properties; Modeling; Assertions; Modelica; Safety; Verification; Validation


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