WIEFP2018 – 4th Workshop on Innovative Engineering for Fluid Power, November 28-30, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 156 (2018)

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Editor(s): Artur Tozzi Cantuária Gama and Vinícius Vigolo

Published: 2018-12-10

ISBN: 978-91-7685-136-4

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 73


1 Proposal of an Autonomous System for Inspection of Structures
Arianne Dórea Oliveira, Gabriel Silva, Arthur Rizzi Gama da Silva, Romulo Gonçalves Lins

2 Hydraulic Pressure Fed System Using Helium Gas and Fast Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Applied to Brazilian Sounding Rockets and Microsatellite Launchers
Euler C. M. Gonçalves Barbosa, Luiz C. S. Góes, Thiago Scharlau Xavier

3 Positioning System of a Pneumatic Actuator Driven by Proportional Pressure Regulator Valves
Gabriel Almeida Muzy, Alexandre Simião Caporali

4 SIVOR: A Testbed for the Evaluation of On-Off Valves on an F16 Airplane - Viability Analysis
Guilherme Sartori Natal, Emília Villani, Petter Krus

5 Overview of the Digital Hydraulic Actuator (DHA) Concept for Aircraft
Ivan Jr. Mantovani, Vinícius Vígolo, Henri C. Belan, Victor J. De Negri

6 Analysis of the Cooperation Model Between Industry, University, Research Center and Government for the Scheduling of Technologies
Jayson Luiz da Silva Ribeiro, Anderson Orzari Ribeiro, Ricardo Gaspar

7 A Proposed Framework to Identify Digital Transformation Maturity in Small Industries
Laís Santiago da Costa, Luciana Pereira, Alessandra Akkari

8 Aircraft Braking Dynamics and Brake System Modeling for Fault Detection and Isolation
Lucas Cardoso Navarro, Luiz Carlos Sandoval Goes

9 Development and Construction of an Instrumented Workbench for Characterization of Hydraulic Motors
Luís Carlos Wachholz, Antônio Carlos Valdiero, Luiz Antônio Rasia

10 Proposed Business Model of a Microlearning-based Platform for Continuing Professional Education of Industry Members
José Ricardo Mendes dos Santos Gerbaudo, Ricardo Gaspar, Carla Marangoni De Bona, Nicolas Laur Oliveira Camara Cesar, Gabriel Florêncio Alves

11 Design of an Experimental Workbench for Force Control Tests with Pneumatic Actuators
Roberta Goergen, Marcia Regina Manboni Hoppen, Marianna Gioppo de Souza, Luiz Antônio Rasia, Antonio Carlos Valdiero

12 Controlling of Gearbox Lubricant Volume for a Gear Test Rig
Thiago Neves Cunha, Ronnie Rodrigo Rego, Anderson Vicente Borille

13 Predictive Control Design Based on System Identification of an Electro-hydraulic Actuator Applied to Brazilian Sounding Rockets and Microsatellite Launchers
Thiago Scharlau Xavier, Euler C. M. Gonçalves Barbosa, Luiz C. S. Góes

14 Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation of Complex Hybrid Hydromechanical Transmissions
L. Viktor Larrson, Petter Krus