3rd International Workshop on Equation-Based Object-Oriented Modeling Languages and Tools; Oslo; Norway; October 3

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 47 (2010)

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Editor(s): Fritzon; Peter ; Lee; Edward ; Cellier; François ; Broman; David

Published: 2010-09-21


ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 120


1 Execution of UMLState Machines Using Modelica
Schamai; Wladimir ; Pohlmann; Uwe ; Fritzson; Peter; Paredis; Christiaan J.J. ; Helle; Philipp ; Strobel; Carsten

2 Modal Models in Ptolemy
Lee; Edward A. ; Tripakis; Stavros

3 Profiling of Modelica Real-Time Models
Schulze; Christian ; Huhn; Michaela ; Schüler; Martin

4 Towards Improved Class Parameterization and Class Generation in Modelica
Zimmer; Dirk

5 Notes on the Separate Compilation of Modelica
Höger; Christoph ; Lorenzen; Florian ; Pepper; Peter

6 Import of Distributed Parameter Models into Lumped Parameter Model Libraries for the Example of Linearly Deformable Solid Bodies
Zaiczek; Tobias ; Enge-Rosenblatt; Olaf

7 Synchronous Events in the OpenModelica Compiler with a Petri Net Library Application
Braun; Willi ; Bachmann; Bernhard ; Proß; Sabrina

8 Towards Efficient Distributed Simulation in Modelica using Transmission Line Modeling
Sjölund; Martin ; Braun; Robert ; Fritzson; Peter ; Krus; Petter

9 Compilation of Modelica Array Computations into Single Assignment C for Efficient Execution on CUDA-enabled GPUs
Stavåker; Kristian ; Rolls; Daniel ; Guo; Jing ; Fritzson; Peter ; Scholz; Sven-Bodo

10 An XML representation of DAE systems obtained from continuous-time Modelica models
Parrotto; Roberto ; Åkesson; Johan ; Casella; Francesco

11 Towards a Computer Algebra System with Automatic Differentiation for use with Object-Oriented modelling languages
Andersson; Joel ; Houska; Boris ; Diehl; Moritz

12 Discretizing Time or States?
Floros; Xenofon ; Cellier; François E. ; Kofman; Ernesto

13 Model verification and debugging of EOO models aided by model reduction techniques (Work in Progress Paper)
Sodja; Anton ; Zupancic; Borut