Electronic publication of books

LiU E-Press can e-publish books or reissue previously published books that are no longer in print, in a digital edition.

New book publication

When you publish your book Open Access with LiU E-Press, you retain copyright. We publish course books, scholarly books, anthologies and more.

Contact us at ep@ep.liu.se for more information

Get the book reviewed through Kriterium

Kriteriums logotyp

We require that scholarly books be reviewed before they are published by LiU E-Press. Through our cooperation with Kriterium, your book can be reviewed by other researchers. Send us an outline of your book proposal and we will submit the proposal to Kriterium (Read more about the contents of the proposal on Publish via Kriterium below). When the book has been reviewed and approved, it will be published in series from both LiU E-Press’ and Kriterium. Kriterium’s services are free of charge to you.

From 2022, Linköping University is a member of the Kriterium consortium.

Publish via Kriterium

Print your book

If you want to publish your book in print, contact the university printing office LiU Tryck.


Republish a book

If you are the author/co-author of a book or editor/co-editor of an anthology which is out-of-print, you can make the book available at LiU E-Press. If the book is only available in print format we will help you scan the book. This is what you do:

  1. Contact the publisher and ask to regain copyright to the book. If that is not possible, ask for permission to publish the book Open Access online.
  2. Complete and sign a publishing agreement that permits LiU E-Press to make the book openly accessible online. The agreement must be signed by all contributing authors, either in the same document or on separate copies of the document.
  3. If you have the book in pdf or docx format, email the file to us. If you do not have it in either format, an alternative is to send us a print copy and we will take care of the entire process. Regrettably, the spine of that particular copy will be cut in the process.
    • Email the file in docx or pdf format to ep@ep.liu.se
    • If you only have a print copy, mail it to:
      LiU E-Press, Vallabiblioteket,
      Linköpings universtiet,
      S-581 83 Linköping, Sweden