Publish data

We offer publication of research data in DiVA. To publish, start to register your data in DiVA.

Several journals and research funders demand that research data needs to be made available online. A limited amount of research data can be stored in DiVA as the publication type "Dataset". The limit for each file is 16 Gb, but it is possible to upload several files in compressed or uncompressed format. Upon registration, each the dataset version gets an unique identifier and a persistent link (DOI). From a dataset it is possible to link it to a publication and vice versa. In connection with the storage of research data, you should also attach a documentation that contains a description of research data, e.g. an overview of the research results, different variables that are included in the material and what they mean, how the material should be interpreted, etc.

Follow the links below to log in to DiVA and to get a guide in how to fill in the form in DiVA.

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