LiU Publication Visibility

Make your publications more visible! As a researcher, there is much you can do to make your publications more visible and thereby increase the likelihood of them being read and cited by others.

For example, you can:

  • Upload an “author’s version” (postprint) of the article to DiVA (parallel publish)
  • Disseminate information about your article on social media

More about parallel publishing and using social media and networks for researchers

Enter your LiU-ID for details on how to make your articles in DiVA more visible online.

The publication list is divided into articles that:

can be uploaded to social media platforms
can be linked to from social media platforms
can be parallel published
are under embargo
need to be checked

Articles possible to upload to social media platforms

The following articles can be uploaded in the publisher’s version (usually a pdf) to social networking platforms such as ResearchGate or Academia.
You have no articles that you can upload directly to social media platforms.

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Articles possible to link to from social media

The following articles are parallel published in DiVA.

To make the article more visible, you can link to the publication record in DiVA from social media. The easiest way to do this is to create a title page for the article that is listed on social media, if – for legal reasons – the publisher’s version cannot be uploaded.

At present, you have no parallel published articles. If you parallel publish your articles, this will allow you to link to them from social media platforms.

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Articles yet to be parallel published in DiVA

Records for the following articles are available in DiVA. To parallel publish them, upload the author’s version (postprint, i. e. the post peer review draft). When you parallel publish an article, a title page is created that can be uploaded to social media platforms. At present, only articles published during the last four-year period can be parallel published through Publication Visibility. If you want to parallel publish older articles, please contact us at
You have no articles in this category.

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Article full texts under embargo

The following articles are under embargo. The delivered article versions are therefore dormant until the embargo period has expired. The articles will then automatically be parallel published and you will be able to create a title page for each article.
At present, you have no articles under embargo.

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Articles with unclear parallel publishing options

The following articles have been published in journals with unclear policies regarding parallel publishing. Please contact us at for further information.
At present, you have no articles with unclear parallel publishing options.

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