ServDes.2012 Conference Proceedings Co-Creating Services; The 3rd Service Design and Service Innovation Conference; 8-10 February; Espoo; Finland

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 67 (2012)

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Editor(s): Tossavainen, Päivi J. ; Harjula, Milla ; Holmlid, Stefan

Published: 2013-10-16

ISBN: 978-91-7519-482-0

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 298


1 Co-Learning Service Design within the PALI Project
Aro, Päivi ; Heinonen, Mikko ; Parkkola, Timo ; Vironmäki, Emma ; Ahola, Helena ; Iso-Aho, Juan ; Järvelä, Marja-Lisa ; Kerola, Reetta ; Reijonen, Kati ; Vuorela, Taina

2 Co-created tools for teaching; learning and designing services in Colombia: Facilitating interdisciplinary learning in service design innovation
Agudelo, Natalia ; Flechas, Angélica ; Antolinez, Lina

3 A Service Walkthrough in Astrid Lindgrenand#8217;s Footsteps
Arvola, Mattias ; Blomkvist, Johan ; Holmlid, Stefan ; Pezone, Giovanni

4 Embedding service design: the long and the short of it: Developing an organisationand#8217;s design capacity and capability to sustainably deliver services
Bailey, Stuart G.

5 Service walkthroughs to support service development
Blomkvist, Johan ; Åberg, Johan ; Holmlid, Stefan

6 Designing Smart Textile Services through value networks; team mental models and shared ownership
ten Bhömer, Martijn ; Tomico, Oscar ; Kleinsmann, Maaike ; Kuusk, Kristi ; Wensveen, Stephan

7 A Community Centered Design approach to developing service prototypes
Cantu, Daria ; Corubolo, Marta ; Simeone, Giulia

8 The Ethical Ecology of Service Design - An Explorative Study on Ethics in User Research for Service Design
Carlsson, Bertil

9 Emotions in design process. How to find an emotional touchpoint with the user
Guseynova, Nargis

10 Right Service and Service Right: How collaborating heterogeneous networks at the front end of service development benefit the process to get the service right
Henze, Lilian ; Mulder, Ingrid ; Stappers, Pieter Jan ; Rezaei, Behzad

11 The first case experience of designing for service
Holmlid, Stefan

12 Understanding delegated actions: Toward an activity-theoretical perspective on customer-centered service design
Kaptelininm, Victor ; Uden, Lorna

13 A Product-Service Systems Design Method with Integration of Product Elements and Service Elements Using Affordances
Kim, Yong Se ; Lee, Sang Won ; Kim, Sun Ran ; Jeong, Jin Hui

14 Games as Design Medium: Utilizing Game Boards for Design Enquiry with Cancer Patients
Kronkvist, J ; Järvinen, M. ; Leinonen, T.

15 Co-designing an SMS service for London’s homeless people: Considerations for designers engaging with a vulnerable user group
Kwon, Ohyoon ; van Boeijen, Annemiek

16 User Experience Analysis in Service Co-Creation: A Living Lab Approach
Molinari, Francesco

17 Ideation of IoT services with citizen: coupling GenIoT and AloHa! methods
Negri, Anne-Laure ; Trousse, Brigitte ; Senach, Bernard

18 Searching for Definitions for Service Design - What do we mean with Service Design?
Nisula, Janne-Valtteri

19 Service co-design using online ideation and face-to-face testing: Case City Adventure
Näkki, Pirjo

20 Giving Voice to Service Design in the Management Boardroom: Strengthening the Connection between Service Design and Management
Patrício, Lia ; Fisk, Raymond P.

21 Developing ICT based services for Intellectually Disabled People
Peethambaran, Anoja

22 Deep inside friendly territory: Involving remote co-researchers to understand global users
Pries, J.F.F. ; van Boeijen, A.G.C. ; van der Light, R.

23 Using employee insights in fine-tuning the customer experience
Rasila, Heidi

24 A Laboratory Concept for Service Prototyping - Service Innovation Corner (SINCO)
Simo, Rontti ; Miettinen, Satu ; Kuure, Essi ; Lindström, Antti

25 Co-creating collaborative food service opportunities through work context maps
Sandberg, Fredrik

26 Think Services: Supporting manufacturing companies in their move toward services
Sangiorgi, Daniela ; Fogg, Helen ; Johnson, Steven ; Maguire, Gavin ; Caron, Andrenna ; Vijayakumar, Lakshmi

27 Open Experience Journey Design: Developing an approach to the collaborative user-driven ideation for innovative services
Takeyama, Masanao ; Tsukui, Kahoru ; Yamaguchi, Hiroshi ; Motai, Goro

28 The rebirth of the SERVQUAL gaps model in service design
Tanghe, Jürgen

29 The concept of on-going interactions in co-design: Insights from three different disciplines
Trischler, Jakob ; Sinnewe, Elisabeth

30 Value co-creation in early stage new product-service system development
Yip, Man Hang ; Phaal, Robert ; Probert, David R.