SIGRAD 2005 The Annual SIGRAD Conference Special Theme - Mobile Graphics

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 16 (2005)

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Editor(s): Akenine-Möller; Tomas (ed.)

Published: 2005-11-23

ISBN: 91-85457-86-8

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 75


1 Connected Minimal Acceleration Trigonometric Curves
Barrera; Tony ; Hast; Anders ; Bengtsson; Ewert

2 Texture Compression: THUMB
Pettersson; Martin ; Ström; Jacob

3 Lighting Effects for Mobile Games
Revall Frisvad; Jeppe ; Christensen; Niels Jørgen ; Falster; Peter

4 Tangible User Interface for Chemistry Education: Visualization; Portability; and Database
Almgren; Joakim ; Carlsson; Richard ; Erkkonen; Henrik ; Fredriksson; Jonas ; Møller; Sanne ; Rydgård; Henrik ; Österberg; Mattias ; Bötschi; Kristina ; Voegtli; Benedikt ; Fjeld; Morten

5 Automatic Conversion of Traffc Accident Reports into 3D Animations
Johansson; Richard ; Nugues; Pierre

6 Visualisation as a Tool for Understanding Fibre Network Behavior
Lindemann; Jonas ; Sandberg; Gran ; Dahlblom; Ola

7 Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones
Henrysson; Anders ; Billinghurst; Mark ; Ollila; Mark

8 Synthetic Content Approach for Benchmarking Mobile 3D Graphics
Kangas; Kari J.; Qvist; Mika ; Pulli; Kari

9 The Orthogonal Constraints Problem with the Constraint Approach to Proxy-based Volume Haptics and the Sol
Lundin; Karl-Johan ; Cooper; Matthew ; Ynnderman; Anders

10 A Novel Approach to Compress Reflection Functions Based on PCA
Olsson; Björn ; Hast; Anders ; Ynnerman; Anders

11 Opportunities and challenges when 3D accelerating mobile user interfaces
Persson; Mikael ; Johansson; Karl-Anders

12 Distributed Fractal Generation Across a Piconet
Doolan; Daniel C ; Tabirca; Sabin

13 Developing Mobile 3D Games Using MIDP 2.0 Game API and JSR 184 Mobile 3D Graphics (M3G) API
Han; Yu

14 Experience of Light; Colour and Space in Virtual Environments
Stahre; Beata ; Billger; Monica