The 13th International Conference on Thinking Norrköping; Sweden June 17-21; 2007

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 21 (2007)

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Editor(s): Lars Taxén (ed.)

Published: 2007-07-20


ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

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Session 0

1 Differences in Thinking Styles among Low-; Average-; and High-Achieving College Students
Albaili; Mohamed A.

2 Improvement of Thinking and Problem Solving Skills of Engineering Students as a Result of a Formal Course on TRIZ Thinking Tools
Belski; Iouri

3 Design of a Mobile Support for Physically Challenged People; Adapted to Home Environment
Bringzén; Kenneth ; Biel Sanchis; Carmen

4 The Intuitive Practitioner
Björklund; Lars

5 The Role of Dialogue-Based Ethical Inquiry in Educating for a Just Democracy
Collins; Carol

6 Engaging Students in the Processes of Rational Ethical Justification
Collins; Carol ; Knight; Sue

7 Effects of Increased Physical activity and Motor training on Motor skills; Attention and Learning
Ericsson; Ingegerd

8 Towards a New Perspective on Innovation
Frankelius; Per

9 Close Encounters - University Course at Lunarstorm
Fritz; Thomas

10 Adapting Curriculum and Teacher Pedagogies to Cater for Boys in Primary Years
Hirsch; Suzan

11 Creative and Critical Thinking in the Context of Problem Finding and Problem Solving
Kousoulas; Fotis ; Mega; Georgia

12 Understanding the Creative Mind
Lindström; Lars

13 The Multiple Intelligences Questionnaire (MIQ)
Lindström; Lars ; Brenner; Sten-Olof ; Ulriksson; Leif

14 A Generic Model of Common Sense Applicable to Problem Solving or Product Development
Lövgren; Rolf

15 Building Thinking Skills in Thinking Classrooms
McGuinness; Carol ; Eakin; Angela ; Curry; Carol ; Sheehy; Noel ; Bunting; Brendan

16 From Passive Consumers to Active Producers
McWilliam; Erica ; Lebler; Don ; Taylor; Peter G.

17 Learning or Performance
McWilliam; Erica ; Taylor; Peter G. ; Perry; Lee-Anne

18 A Model for Systematic Thinking and Decision Making
Moula; Alireza

19 The ‘V’ Factor
Nanschild; Deborah ; Davis; Heather

20 Academic Achievement of Groups Formed Based on Creativity and Intelligence
Palaniappan; Ananda Kumar

21 On Teaching Critical Thinking to Engineering Students
Pereira; Luís Moniz ; Krippahl; Ludwig

22 The Features of Socratic Seminars
Pihlgren; Ann S.

23 Global Emancipation through Educational Social Networks
Snyder; Kristen M.

24 Evidence Through the Looking Glass
Stables; Kay ; Kimbell; Richard

25 Critical Features of Word Meaning as an Educational Tool in Learning and Teaching Natural Sciences
Strömdahl; Helge

26 Promoting Social and Cognitive Development in Schools
Trickey; Steve