NaMu; Making National Museums Program; Setting the Frames; 26-28 February; Norrköping; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 22 (2007)

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Editor(s): Aronsson; Peter and Hillström; Magdalena (eds.)

Published: 2007-09-19


ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 260


1 Making National Museums
Aronsson; Peter

2 What Do National Museums DO?
Bugge Amundsen; Arne

3 National Museums and National Identity Seen from an International and Comparative Perspective; c. 1760-1918
Bergvelt; Ellinoor ; Meijers; Debora ; Tibbe; Lieske ; van Wezel; Elsa

4 Are National Museums of Protestant Nations Different?
Bergvelt; Ellinoor

5 Museum Landscapes
Burch; Stuart

6 Rethinking the Remembrance of the Holocaust in Germany National Museums and Memorials as Agents for Positive Social Change?
Chrusciel; Anna

7 Where Race Matters
Braunersreuther; Christine

8 ‘Unionist Nationalism’ and the National Museum of Scotland; c. 1847-1866
Andersson Burnett; Linda ; Newby; Andrew G.

9 The National Museum of India
Phillips; Kristy K.

10 MiniaTurk: Culture; History; and Memory in Turkey in Post-1980s
Yilmaz; Secil ; Uysal; V. Safak

11 The Exhibition as a Multimodal Pedagogical Text
Insulander; Eva

12 The Visibility Zone
Skjøthaug; Laila

13 National Museums Becoming Woman
Holm; Henrik

14 Ancient Sculptures and National Museums
Siapkas; Johannes ; Sjögren; Lena

15 New Nation; New History
Carter; Jennifer

16 Representing Byzantium
Katsaridou; Iro ; Biliouri; Katerina

17 The Art Museum as a Platform for Self-formation
Houlberg Rung; Mette

18 Museum Publishing: Representing the Museum
Hughes; Sarah Anne

19 Museology and the Problem of Interiority
Pierroux; Palmyre

20 It is Capturing the Important Innovative Moments for the Nation; But It Is Also Some Intellectual Space to Think about Science and Technology
Wenk; Barbara

21 What Makes a Museum National? National Identities at Community Museums
Chapman; Ellen

22 Exploring the Museum : A Comprehensive Approach
Axelsson; Cecilia

23 Manor Houses; Mansions and the Norwegian National Museum Concept. Commemorations of ‘the 400-year Night’
Aske; Aina