The 48th Scandinavian Conference on Simulation and Modeling (SIMS 2007); 30-31 October; 2007; Göteborg (Särö)

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 27 (2007)

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Editor(s): Bunus; Peter ; Fritzson; Dag ; Führer; Claus (eds)

Published: 2007-12-21


ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 202


1 Automatic Parallelization of Mathematical Models Solved with Inlined Runge-Kutta Solvers
Lundvall; Håkan ; Fritzson; Peter

2 How to Communicate in a More Efficient Way Over Long Distances Instead of Travelling
Dahlquist; Erik

3 Secure Distributed Co-Simulation over Wide Area Networks
Norling; Kristoffer ; Broman; David ; Fritzson; Peter ; Siemers; Alexander ; Fritzson; Dag

4 Transmission Line Co-Simulation of Rolling Bearing Applications
Fritzson; Dag ; Ståhl; Jonas ; Nakhimovski; Iakov

5 Regularized; Stabilized; Variational Methods for Multibodies
Lacoursière; Claude

6 Semiexplicit Numerical Integration by Splitting with Application to Dynamic Multibody Problems with Contacts
Modin; Klas ; Fritzson; Dag ; Führer; Claus

7 Multibody Modeling and Dynamical Analysis of the Worm Gear Drive System
Stolyarchuk; Rostyslav

8 Aspen HYSYS Simulation of CO2 Removal by Amine Absorption from a Gas Based Power Plant
Øi; Lars Erik

9 Modelling of Electrical Faults in Induction Machines Using Modelica
Winkler; Dietmar ; Gühmann; Clemens

10 Reduction of Finite Element Models of Complex Mechanical Components
Larson; Mats G. ; Jakobsson; Håkan ; Granåsen; Gabriel

11 Eclipse Support for Design and Requirements Engineering based on ModelicaML
Pop; Adrian ; Baluta; Vasile ; Fritzson; Peter

12 Intelligent Modelling of a Fluidised bed Granulator Used in Production of Pharmaceuticals
Juuso; Esko K.

13 A Meta-Modeling Environment for Mechanical System Co-Simulations
Siemers; Alexander ; Fritzson; Dag

14 State/Parameter Estimation of a Small-scale CHP model
Videla; Juan Ignacio ; Lie; Bernt

15 Using an Adaptive FEM to Determine the Optimal Control of a Vehicle During a Collision Avoidance Manoeuvre
Kraft; Karin ; Larsson; Stig ; Lidberg; Mathias

16 Towards Run-time Debugging of Equation-based Object-oriented Languages
Pop; Adrian ; Fritzson; Peter

17 Dynamic Model of a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boiler
Kataja; Tuomas ; Majanne; Yrjö

18 Modelling Space Heating Systems Connected to District Heating in Case of Electric Power Failure
Johansson; Per-Olof ; Ljunggren; Patrick ; Wollerstrand; Janusz

19 Assessment of Power Transformer cooler with FEMLAB
Firouzifar; S. ; Mahmoudi; Jafar

20 Ontology Approach for Co-Use of 3D Plant Modelling and Large Scale Process Simulation
Luukkainen; Marko ; Karhela; Tommi

21 Modeling and Simulation of a Semi-batch Reactor
Nyström; Anna

22 Identification of a Best Thermal Formula and Model for oil and Winding of Power Transformers Using Prediction Methods
Takami; Kourosh Mousavi ; Mahmoudi; Jafar

23 Simulation and Optimization of High Power Super Heater Reflector Usable in Electrical Furnaces for Heat Loss Reductions
Takami; Kourosh Mousavi

24 Simulation of Energy in the Building and Design a New Intelligent Building with Controllable and Wise Devices
Takami; Kourosh Mousavi ; Mousavi Takami; S.M.Esmail