11th QMOD Conference. Quality Management and Organizational Development Attaining Sustainability From Organizational Excellence to SustainAble Excellence; 20-22 August; 2008 in Helsingborg; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 33 (2008)

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Editor(s): Dahlgaard-Park; Su Mi ; Dahlgaard; Jens J. (eds.)

Published: 2008-12-09


ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 1005


Zairi; Mohamed

2 Decoding the Code of Excellence
Dahlgaard-Park; Su Mi

3 Quality Engineering for Early Stage of Environmentally Conscious Design
Sakao; Tomohiko

4 What does GRI-Reporting tell us about Corporate Sustainability?
Isaksson; Raine ; Steimle; Ulrich

5 Sustainability Performance Measurement for sustainable organizations
Petros Sebhatu; Samuel

6 An Exploratory Research Study
Teehan; Robert ; Tucker; Walter

7 Investing to Improve
Martin; Steve ; Arokiam; Ivan

8 A Note on Failure Mode Avoidance
Lönnqvist; Åke

9 Improvement of Fault Diagnostics in Processes by Modification of FMEA
Witschas; Rico ; Woll; Ralf

10 Impact of Quality of Service Delivery in Business Education
Asrar Qureshi; Asma ; Mahmood; Usman

11 Applications of Organization Development Techniques in Improving the Quality of Education
Ali Qureshi; Ahmed ; Afzal; Saima

12 Quality Assessment of Academic Initiatives for Higher Education Research in Pakistan
Ali Memon; Javed ; Sajid; Ali ; Qureshi; Moeen

13 Self-Assessment as a Tool for Achieving Excellence in Higher Education
Natalya; Vatolkina ; Tatiana; Salimova ; Ludmila; Birukova

14 An Empirical Approach to Optimal Experimental Design Selection and Data Analysis for the Synthesis Phase of Kansei Engineering
Lanzotti; Antonio ; Tarantino; Pietro ; Matrone; Giovanna

15 Affective Engineering Approach to Understand Servicescape Effects
Ayas; Ebru ; Eklund; Jörgen

16 The Role and Design of the Service Environment in Creating Favourable Customer Experiences
Pareigis; Jörg ; Edvardsson; Bo ; Enquist; Bo

17 Ikea’s Sustainability Approaches
Dahlvig; Anders

18 Values-based Service for Sustainable Business
Edvardsson; Bo ; Enquist; Bo

19 Work in progress Values-based Service Innovations
Enquist; Bo ; Edvardsson; Bo ; Roos; Lars-Uno ; Orstadeus; Ulrik

20 A Combined QFD; AHP and ANP Approach for Quality Improvement and Capacity Expansion in the Greek Banking Sector
Georgiou; Andreas C. ; Gotzamani; Katerina ; Andronikidis; Andreas ; Paltayian; George N.

21 Rationale for the Development of a Swedish Local Authority-adapted Standard Supporting Sustainability Management
Emilsson; Sara

22 Virtual Quality Management
Weckenmann; Albert ; Bookjans; Martin

23 Fundamental Elements for the Successful Performance of Six Sigma Projects in Service Industries
Abdolshah; Mohammad ; Yusuff; Rosnah Mohd.

24 Lean Six Sigma
Andersson; Roy

25 Defining Lean Production
Pettersen; Jostein

26 Critical Success Factors of Research and Education Process at Slovak Universities
Zgodavová; Kristína

27 Could Universities Support and Stimulate the New Entrepreneurship? The University of Florence Case
Petretto; Lorenzo

28 Teaching Leadership for Improvement
Ljungblom; Mia ; Isaksson; Raine

29 Identification of Customers’ Latent Kansei Needs and Product Design by Rough Set Based Approach
Nishino; Tatsuo ; Sugihara; Shigeru ; Nagamachi ; Mitsuo

30 Developments of Home Electric Appliances with Kansei Ergonomics
Ishihara; Shigekazu ; Ishihara; Keiko ; Nagamachi; Mitsuo ; Sano; Masato ; Fujiwara; Yoshihisa ; Naito; Masahiro ; Ozaki; Kenichi

31 A Development of User Interface on A New Model of Automatic Washing-drying Machine
Ishihara; Keiko ; Nakagawa; Ryo ; Ishiahra; Shigekazu ; Fujiwara; Yoshihisa ; Sako; Hirofumi ; Naito; Masahiro

32 Criteria Requirements of the European Business Excellence Model
Bohoris; George A. ; Vorria; Evanthia P.

33 The Identification; Analysis and Comparison of Different Ways and Approaches in Measuring and Evaluation of Organizational Excellence
Lionis; Ionnis G. ; Kougioumitzaki ; Ourania M.

34 Impact from the Resource-Based Approach on Strategy and Control
Boström; Per Staffan

35 In Search of Well Established Models and Definitions for Process Management
Palmberg; Klara

36 The New Method of Process Quality Evaluation
Hamrol; Adam ; Kujawinska; Agnieszka ; Pilacinska; Maria ; Rogalewicz; Michal

37 Framework of Key Processes and Quality Management
Zamanis; Dimitrios ; Bohoris; George

38 A Control Chart of the Weibull Percentiles Via Bayesian
Erto; Pasquale ; Pallotta; Giuliana

39 Health Care Quality in Greek NHS Hospitals
Karassavidou; Eleonora ; Glaveli; Niki ; Papadopoulos; Chrissoleon T.

40 Strategies for Quality Improvement and Increased Efficiency in Health Care Systems
Elg; Mattias ; Olsson; Jesper

41 Impact of Process Improvement on Patient Satisfaction in Public Health Care Facility in Pakistan
Sajid; Ali ; Ali; Hina ; Rashid; Mehvish ; Raza; Ali

42 Exoticness; High-performance; and Luxury
Young; Kenneth ; Warell; Anders

43 Kansei Engineering and Virtual Reality in Conceptual Design
Ingrassia; Tommaso ; Lombardo; Elio ; Nigrelli; Vincenzo ; Sabatinom; Giovanni

44 Exploring Texture Pattern Features and Relations to Kansei with 2D FFT
Kikuta; Mamoru ; Ishihara; Shigekazu ; Yanese; Tetsuo ; Ishihara; Keiko

45 Driving Profitable Growth
Grønholdt; Lars ; Martensen; Anne

46 A Systematic Approach to Achieve Operational Excellence in Hotel Services
Cesarotti; Vittorio ; Spada; Caterina

47 The Way from Quality Management System to the National Quality Award
Hutyra; Milan

48 Attractive Quality Creation
Witell; Lars ; Löfgren; Martin ; Gustafsson; Anders

49 Breaking the Customer Code A Model to Translate Customer Expectations into Specification Limits
Gregorio; Ruben ; Cronemyr; Peter

50 Prioritizing the Main Influencer Factors of Service Quality by Using the Hysteresis Model
Beidokhti; Amin ; Rezai; A. H.; Saboorynia; M. A. ; Abdolshah; Mohammad

51 Wage Administration in Total Quality Management
Vanagas; Povilas

52 The Role of Personal Values in An Advanced Perspective of Total Quality Management
Moccia; Salvatore

53 Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Quality of Service in the Software Industry of Pakistan
Zahid; Qurratulain ; Wasim; Nasir; Raziq; Saiqa

54 Integration of Affective Engineering in Product Development Processes
Schütte; Simon ; Krus; Petter ; Eklund; Jörgen

55 Studies on Consistency Threshold of Kansei in Paired Comparison
Kanda; Taki

56 A Model for Profound Affection and Attractive Quality Creation
Dahlgaard; Jens J. ; Dahlgaard-Park; Su Mi

57 CSRIs Science Ethical?
Haikola; Lars

58 A Case on Change Management
Horn Petersen; Søren ; Ravnholt Pedersen; Jens

59 Equipping the Future Quality Practitioner Given Expert Characteristics and Future Manufacturing and e Learning Developments
Fitzpatrick; Maeve ; Murphy; Eamonn ; Coughlan; Dermot ; Sujak-Cyrul; Barbara ; Olejnik; Monika ; Bohoris; George ; Camps; Oriol ; Petersen; Jostein ; Tome; Juan Pablo

60 Third Generation Quality Movements
Ramos Zanca; José Francisco ; Gonçalves Quelhas; Osvaldo Luiz ; Oliveira de Araujo; Fernando ; Gomes Costa; Helder

61 Assessment of Competences Safeguards Sustainable Quality
Vogt; Eva ; Winzer; Petra

62 Value Innovation and A Cognitive Map of Stakeholder-oriented Quality Management
Setijono; Djoko

63 Quality Management Systems as a Support for Value Creation
Rönnbäck; Åsa ; Witell; Lars ; Enquist; Bo

64 Developing Quality
Schlund; Sebastian ; Müller; Nico

65 Impact of Culture Based on Human and Soft Issues on Software Quality in Pakistan
Sajid; Ali ; Nasir; Hamid ; Shehzad; Aamir ; Mehtab; Zeeshan

66 Exploring ‘Employee Satisfaction’ as a Quality and Productivity Enhancement Tool for IT Sector of Pakistan
Sohrab Kiani; Hina ; Ahsan; Ali ; Khurshid; Amama ; Sajid; Ali

67 Effect on Organizations and Quality due to Changed Employee Work Behaviors caused by Political Instability in Developing Countries (A case study of Pakistan’s ICT sector)
Shahzad Aslam; M. ; Sajid; Ali

68 Requirements on Document Management Systems
Crostack; H.-A. ; Hackenbroich; I. ; Refflinghaus; R.

69 Structuring Methods in the Run-up of QFD for Intralogistic Facilities
Crostack; H.-A.; Schlueter; Nadine ; Gödde; Tobias

70 Components of A Requirement of An Intralogistics Facility
Crostack; Horst-Artur ; Mathis; Jonas ; Noll; Katharina

71 Management Systems: Integration Degrees. Empirical Study
Bernardo; Merce ; Casadesus; Marti ; Karapetrovic; Stanislav ; Heras; Iñaki

72 The Wuppertal Generic Management System Concept: An Approach Concerning Requirement Related Design of Enterprises
Hoeborn; Gabriele ; Winzer; Petra

73 A Generic Management Concept
Hoeborn; Gabriele ; Heinich; Petra ; Winzer; Petra

74 A Historical Perspective on The Relationship Between Firm and The Market
Brunetti; Federico

75 Improvement of Planning Quality by The Early Use of “Quality Design” in The Product Development Process
Molitor; Martin ; Berner; Joachim

76 An Empirical Study of the Impact of Management Standards on the Innovation Processes
Castillo; Sandra Milena ; Casadesús; Martí ; Karapetrovic; Stanislav ; Heras; Iñaki; Martín; Irene

77 Impact of Ethical Practices on Productivity of Software Development Organizations in Pakistan
Mughal; Usman ; Bilal; Faisal ; Sajid; Ali

78 Impact of Ethical practices on Quality of Services of bile Telecom Companies
Syed Ibrahim; Maha ; Sadiq; Nausheen ; Sajid; Ali

79 Organizational Service Orientation and Its Role in Service Performance Formation: Evidence from Polish Service Sectors
Urban; Wieslaw

80 Product Complexity Reduction
Pasche; Maximilian

81 Development Methods for Quality Measurement Tools enabled by Open Source Software
Waßmuth; Stefan ; Dambo; Martin; Linß; Gerhard

82 Pragmatic Approach for Development and Application of Publich Domain QM-Tools Connected Via an Integrated Data Base
Linß; Gerhard ; Woll; Ralf

83 Public Domain QM Tools - A Viewpoint on Development and Integration
Woll; Ralf ; Bäsler; Maurice

84 A Successful Statistical Procedure on Kansei Engineering Products
Nagamachi; Mitsuo ; Tachikawa; Masami ; Imanishi; Nobuyuki ; Ishizawa; Taichi ; Yano; Shingo

85 Seven Tools for New Product Planning: Powerful Tools for Kansei Engineering
Nagasawa; Shinya