Proceedings of SIGRAD 2011. Evaluations of Graphics and Visualization — Efficiency; Usefulness; Accessibility; Usability; November 17-18; 2011; KTH; Stockholm; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 65 (2011)

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Editor(s): Larsson; Thomas ; Kjelldahl; Lars ; Jää-Aro; Kai-Mikael (eds)

Published: 2011-11-21

ISBN: 978-91-7393-008-6

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 114


1 Continuous Statistical Visualization —Where Information Visualization Meets Scientific Visualization
Weiskopf; Daniel

2 Think big! — Usability of large screen environments
Ebert; Achim

3 Where do Visualization meet User-centred design? — Exploring the tension between innovative design ideas and user preferences and innovation
Gulliksen; Jan

4 Assisted Environment Map Probe Placement
Chajdas; M. G. ; Weis; A. ; Westermann; R.

5 Geometry Independent Surface Light Fields for Real Time Rendering of Precomputed Global Illumination
Miandjiy; E. ; Kronander; J. ; Unger; J.

6 Accounting for Uncertainty in Medical Data: A CUDA Implementation of Normalized Convolution
Lindholm; S. ; Kronander; J.

7 Interactive Model Prototyping in Visualization Space
Daae Lampe; O. ; Hauser; H.

8 Detecting Insight and Emotion in Visualization Applications with a Commercial EEG Headset
Cernea; Daniel ; Kerren; Andreas ; Ebert; Achim

9 Towards an Integrated Web-based Visualization Tool: A Comparative Survey of Visualization Techniques for Enhancing Stakeholders’ Participation in Planning
Parsanezhad; P. ; Ranhagen; U ; Ban; Y.

10 A versatile material reflectance measurement system for use in production
Eilertsen; Gabriel ; Larsson; Per ; Unger; Jonas

11 Quantification of gaseous structures with volumetric reconstruction from visual hulls
Seipel; S. ; Jenke; P.

12 Considerations toward a Dynamic Mesh Data Structure
Pena Serna; S. ; Stork; A. ; Fellner; D. W.

13 Gestural 3D Interaction with a Beating Heart: Simulation; Visualization and Interaction
Ioakemidou; F. ; Ericson; F. ; Spühler; J. ; Olwal; A. ; Forsslund; J. ; Jansson; J. ; Sallnäs Pysander; E.-L. ; Hoffman; J.

14 Multi-State Device Tracking for Tangible Tabletops
Alavi; Ali ; Clocher; Brice ; Smith; Allen ; Kunz; Andreas ; Fjeld; Morten

15 Visualization in ViSuCity; a tool for sustainable city planning
Ban; Yifang ; Jakobsson; Pontus ; Kjelldahl; Lars ; Ranhagen; Ulf

16 Augmented Reality-based Industrial Robot Control
Akan; B ; Ameri E; A. ; Çürüklü; B.