Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics 2012; October 2-3; Linköping; Sverige

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 70 (2012)

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Editor(s): Karlsson; Daniel ; Bellika; Johan Gustav ; Elberg; Pia Britt ; Fossum; Mariann ; Galster; Gert ; Hartvigsen; Gunnar ; Koch; Sabine ; Nilsson; Gunilla

Published: 2012-09-28

ISBN: 978-91-7519-758-6

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 69


1 Global applicability of a local physical examination template
Rosenbeck Gøeg; Kirstine ; Elberg; Pia Britt

2 Web-based Knowledge Portals in Swedish Healthcare - Overview and Challenges
Krasniqi; Hanife ; Persson; Anne

3 A Cognitive Walkthrough and Focus Group Study of Nursing Personnel to Improve EHRs Used in Nursing Homes
Berge; Mari ; Fossum; Mariann ; Fruhling; Ann

4 GPS for Demented; an Analysis of Success Criteria and of Health and Care Workers` Attitudes to Using Tracking Technology
Thorsen; Beate ; Nilsen; Geir S. ; Moe; Carl Erik

5 Towards Requirements for Telementoring Software
Budrionis; Andrius ; Augestad; Knut Magne ; Patel; Hiten RH ; Bellika; Johan Gustav

6 Outbreak detection based on a tree-structured anatomic model for infection
van Vuurden; Klaske ; Bassøe; Carl-Fredrik ; Hartvigsen; Gunnar

7 Initial Experiments of Medication Event Extraction Using Frame Semantics
Kokkinakis; Dimitrios

8 Applying visualization to support coherent terminology implementation
Randorff Højen; Anne ; Rosenbeck; Kirstine ; Elberg; Pia

9 Performance of XML Databases for Epidemiological Queries in Archetype-Based EHRs
Freire; Sergio Miranda ; Sundvall; Erik ; Karlsson; Daniel ; Lambrix; Patrick

10 Web-based support in long-term illness - a person-centred care approach
Josefsson; Ulrika ; Berg; Marie ; Hellström; Anna-Lena ; Koinberg; Ingalill ; Jenholt Nolbris; Margaretha ; Ranerup; Agneta ; Sparud-Lundin; Carina ; Skärsäter; Ingela

11 Pre-defined Headings in a Multi-professional Electronic Health Record System
Terner; Annika ; Lindstedt; Helena ; Sonnander; Karin

12 Standardiserat fackspråk för dietister
Sollenberg; Christina

13 Session-based Ontology Alignment
Lambrix; Patrick ; Kaliyaperumal; Rajaram

14 Debugging is-a structure in and mappings between taxonomies
Lambrix; Patrick ; Ivanova; Valentina

15 Centrala begrepp inom bild- och funktionsmedicin
Thurin; Anders