PATT 26 Conference; Technology Education in the 21st Century; Stockholm; Sweden; 26-30 June; 2012

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 73 (2012)

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Editor(s): Ginner; Thomas ; Hallström; Jonas ; Hultén; Magnus (eds)

Published: 2012-06-18

ISBN: 978-91-7519-849-1

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 495


1 Artifacts for all and for each; boys and girls in technology schoolbooks: some precaution for the 21st century
Andreucci; Colette ; Chatoney; M.

2 Reconstructing the Pupils Attitude Towards Technology-Survey
Ardies; Jan ; De Maeyer; Sven ; van Keulen; Hanno

3 Prevention activity; design activity: to the emergence of creative design in the prevention of risks
Perrine; Martin ; Cheneval-Armand; Hélène

4 A Passion for Designing
Atkinson; Stephanie ; Sandwith; Angela

5 To what Extent does the Pedagogy adopted by Trainee Teachers affect Children’s Creativity in Primary Design and Technology Activities?
Bailey; Penny

6 Engaging design and technology trainee teachers with the nature of technology - a case study
Barlex; David

7 Making by printing - disruption inside and outside school?
Barlex; David ; Martin Stevens

8 Perceptions of STEM; within the context of teaching DandT in secondary schools: A phenomenographically inspired study
Bell; Dawne

9 The development of quality design and technology in English primary schools: issues and solutions
Benson; Clare

10 Hands-on material in technology education: the first cycle of a learning study
Bjurulf; Veronica

11 Exploring the capability of evaluating technical solutions: A collaborative study focusing on teaching and learning in the primary technology classroom
Björkholm; Eva

12 Technology and design as contexts for science and mathematics? An empirical study of the realisation of curriculum intentions in Norwegian schools
Bungum; Berit ; Esjeholm; Bjørn-Tore ; Atle Lysne; Dag

13 Applying STEM Instructional Strategies to Design and Technology Curriculum
Roberts; Amanda ; Diana Cantu

14 Democratic Consensus on Student Defined Assessment Criteria as a Catalyst for Learning in Technology Teacher Education
Donal Canty

15 Reading Technological Artifacts: Does technology education help?
Compton; Vicki ; Compton; Ange ; Patterson; Moira

16 Technological thinking in the kindergarten - training the teaching-team
Dagan; Osnat ; Kuperman; Asi ; Mioduser; David

17 The growing necessity for graphical competency
Delahunty; Thomas; Seery; Niall ; Lynch; Raymond

18 Challenging learning journeys in the classroom: Using mental model theory to inform how pupils think when they are generating solutions
Edwards-Leis; Christine

19 Technology and Gender in Early Childhood Education: How Girls and Boys Explore and Learn Technology in Free Play in Swedish Preschools
Elvstrand; Helene ; Hellberg; Kristina ; Hallström; Jonas

20 The relation between students’ creativity and technological knowledge in crosscurricular technology and design projects
Esjeholm; Bjørn-Tore

21 Funds of Knowledge in Technology Education
Fox-Turnbull; Wendy

22 The Role Of Indigenous Knowledge Systems In Addressing The Problem Of Declining Enrolments In Design And Technology
Gaotlhobogwe; Michael

23 What can we hope of a technology education; which breaks off design to espouse science; mathematics and engineering?
Ginestié; Jacques

24 Using e-portfolios to support trainee Design and Technology teachers in developing their subject knowledge
Hardy; Alison ; Tinney; Jamie ; Davies; Sarah

25 Unboxing technology education part I - Starting point
Hartell; Eva ; Svärdh; Joakim

26 Transformation by Design
Hope; Gill

27 Technological systems across contexts: Designing and exploring learning possibilities in Swedish compulsory echnology education
Ingerman; Åke ; Svensson; Maria ; Berglund; Anders ; Booth; Shirley ; Emanuelsson; Jonas

28 Technology Education as ‘controversy celebrated’ in the cause of democratic education
Keirl; Steve

29 Theory and Practice in Technical Vocational Education: Pupils’; Teachers’ and Supervisors’ Experiences
Kilbrink; Nina

30 Primary pupils’ thoughts about systems. An exploratory study
Koski; Marja-Ilona ; de Vries; Marc

31 Design Mentoring and Designerly Attitudes
Lawler; Tony ; McTaminey; Alix ; de Brett; Stephen ; Lord; Annabel

32 Investigating pupils’ perceptions of their experience of food technology in the English secondary curriculum
Suzanne; Lawson

33 Are we educating to promote studentsand#8217; creative capacities?: A study in Technology Education in Ireland
Leahy; Keelin

34 How do the Interactive White Board and the Radio Frequency Identification and tracking system work? Exploration of pupilsand#8217; spontaneous knowledge and didactical proposals for Technology Education
Lebeaume; Joël ; Perez; William-Gabriel

35 Action Research study with Technology teachers in Limpopo Province of South Africa: an Emancipation recipe for Technology teachers
Awshar Mapotse; Tomé ; Mishack Thiza Gumbo

36 Values in design and technology education: Past; present and future
Martin; Mike

37 Applied Design Thinking LAB Vienna: INTERACCT. Interdisciplinary Technology Education in the 21st Century
Mateus-Berr; Ruth ; Grossmann; Wilfried

38 Design Principles of Instructional Materials for Cultivating Attitude and Ability to Utilize ICT while Considering Ethical Issues and Safety
Matsuda; Toshiki ; Hirabayashi; Shota ; Tamada; Kazue

39 The importance of technological activity and designing and making activity; a historical perspective
McLain; Matt

40 Examining thinking in primary-level Design and Technology learning activities
Middleton; Howard

41 Parents as teachers: Using parent helpers to guide young children’s technological practice
Milne; Louise ; Forret; Michael

42 Cultivating Problem-solving Ability by Utilizing Scientific Views and Ways of Thinking: Introducing Science Communication into Earthquake Disasters Game
Mio; Ayako ; Matsuda; Toshiki

43 Design teaching and industrial enterprises: a relevant relationship? An exploratory study of two didactic situations of design
Moineau; Christophe ; Martin; Perrine

44 Learning to teach design and technology in university or in school: is emerging teacher identity shaped by where you study?
Owen-Jackson; Gwyneth ; Fasciato; Melanie

45 Aspiring to be the Best: The impact of research on the teaching of technology
Patterson; Moira ; Black; Jude ; Compton; Vicki ; Compton; Ange

46 Perception of Sustainable development and Education for Sustainable Development by African technology education academics
Pavlova; Margarita

47 Issues Confronting Technology Education: An International Perspective
Ritz; John M.

48 Current classroom practice in the teaching of food technology: is it fit for purpose in the 21st Century?
Rutland; Marion ; Owen-Jackson; Gwyneth

49 Twenty-first century learning in the senior secondary school: a New Zealand teacher’s innovation
Snape; Paul

50 Designerly well-being: Can mainstream schooling offer a curriculum that provides a foundation for developing the lifelong design and technological capability of individuals and societies?
Stables; Kay

51 Engineering by Design™: Preparing Students For the 21st Century
Greg Strimel

52 Learning to teach the design in technology education
Martin; Perrine ; Tortochot; Éric

53 Exploring the language of technology with student-teachers through genre pedagogy
van Dijk; Gerald ; Hajer; Maaike

54 Design and assessment in technology education - case: the “Birdhouse Band” project
Leponiemi; Tuomo ; Virtanen; Sonja ; Rasinen; Aki

55 An Analysis of PCK to elaborate the difference between Scientific and Technological Knowledge
Williams; P John ; Lockley; John

56 Discovering Technology teachersand#8217; pedagogical content knowledge: A comparative study between South Africa and New Zealand
Williams; P John ; Gumbo; Mishack

57 CAD and Creativity - A New Pedagogy
Winn; Deborah ; Banks; Frank