Publish Ph.D. or Licentiate thesis

We e-publish dissertations from Linköping University. Which kind of dissertation are you writing?

Monographs (a whole book without appended articles) are published in their entirety.

Compilation theses (or comprehensive summary theses) include a number appended pepers. Before publication of your thesis these papers are removed, and only the summary (in Swedish: kappan) will be published. If the papers are published they are registered as separate records in DiVA and cross-linked to the thesis-record. Unpublished papers (e.g. pre-prints, manuscripts, submitted and accepted articles) are not registered at all at this stage. But we encurage you to please contact when they are published in a journal, as a book chapter, or as a conference paper. Then we will register them and cross-link them to the dissertation record afterwards.

If you have started working at LiU and defended your PhD or licentiate thesis at another University, you can create a record in LiU:s DiVA for your thesis. It can then be linked to your profile page on We do not republish the PDF of your thesis. Instead a link could be added to the PDF on the University where you defended your thesis. Please follow these instructions:

  1. If you have written a comprehensive summary thesis, please first register the published appended articles as separate records in DiVA. Follow this guide.
    NOTE! Unpublished manuscrtipt and pre-prints are not registred in DiVA.
  2. Log in to DiVA with your LiU-ID
  3. You can change the language to English in the top right corner.
  4. Click on "Add publication / Upload files".
  5. Choose type of publication (Licentiate or Doctoral thesis) and click ”Continue”.
  6. If you have written a comprehensive summary theses, search and add the published articles appended to your theesis and click ”Continue".
  7. Fill in the information about your thesis. Fill in DOI if applicable, otherwise fill in the link to your thesis in the field URL.
  8. Click ”Continue” and don't upload any files.
  9. Click ”Continue” and check the registred information.
  10. Click "Submit".
  11. We need to approve the publication of the record. Therefore, send an email to when you are finished and we will make the record visible.

Check list

During the writing:

  • Sign up for the seminar: Soon PhD - Library services for you!
    The seminar is aimed for you that have approximately 2-6 months left to your PhD defense. We guide you through what the library and LiU E-press can help you with during the last months of your PhD studies. You will also get the oppertunity to ask questions. The seminar is given a couple of times every term in both Swedish and English.
    > Read more and sign up
  • Download a template to use in your word processing program.
  • If necessary, book search support or an introduction to a reference management program.
    > Book an appointment

When you have a preliminary title of your thesis and a planned date for the defence:

  • Order ISBN, a Serial number in a LiU thesis series and a permanent DOI-link (based on the ISBN of the PDF).
    > Link to the form
  • Contact LiU Tryck
    When you have decided a date for the defence, you should contact LiU Tryck so that they can plan their work.
    > Thesis production at LiU Tryck (login required)
  • Request permission from the publishers to reuse (include) your papers in the dissertation. Mind that in the digital thesis all articles are excluded for copyright reasons.
    Articles in manuscript form can be published without permission in your printed thesis. For the published articles, follow the flow chart:
    I wish to include articles in my thesis How Do I get permission from the publisher? Is the article published under Creative Commons license? If Yes: You don’t need any permission! Write the license in List of Papers or on the article cover page see examples below: 'Published under CC-BY License'. If No: Go to the online article. Do you see any of these? 'Reprints and Permissions', 'Get rights and content', 'Request permissions for reuse', 'request permission', 'Rights and permssions', 'Reprints and permssions'. If Yes: Click on the link and follow the instructions. If No: Contact the journal to get permission. Still confused? contact us © Edvin Erdtman, Linköping University library 2021 CC-BY
    Hard to see? Download the flow chart in higher resolution

Almost finished writing:

  • Send your thesis to us for a plagiarism check (optional)
    We can offer you to do a plagiarism check of your thesis text. You will get a report within a few days.
    > Read more
    > Direct link to the form.
  • Create a spikblad which will be printed with your thesis.
    Download the faculty-specific spikblad template.
    > FilFak and UV
    > MedFak
    > TekFak
    Templates in LaTeX
  • Download and fill in a publishing agreement, print, write, scan, and send as an e-mail to If you want the thesis e-published at the time for nailing, you should submit the publishing agreement to us before it is sent in print. If we get it later we will publish it as soon as possible.
  • In addition, follow the instructions you received from your department / faculty and the printing office. If you print your thesis at LiU-Tryck, we will get the pdf-files of your thesis directly from. Hence, you don't have to send any pdf-files to us.

After e-publication

  • We send you an e-mail so that you can check the thesis record so that everything looks fine!
  • Tweet, link your thesis at Facebook, ResearchGate etc. Plese use one of the permanent links to your thesis. These are either the one starting with: or