MUM 2003. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 11 (2003)

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Editor(s): Ollila ; Mark ; Rantzer; Martin

Published: 2003-12-10


ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 95


1 Interaction on the Go
Billinghurst; Mark

2 Pretending to See the Future
Åberg; Kristoffer

3 Microsoft and Mobility - Today and in the Future
Persson; Jonas

4 Practical Considerations of Mobile Game Design
Adams; Ernest

5 SmartRotuaari - Context-Aware Mobile Multimedia Services
Ojala; T.; Korhonen; J. ; Aittola; M. ; Ollila; M. ; Koivumäki; T. ; Tähtinen; J. ; Karjaluoto; H.

6 An Architecture for Distributed Spatial Configuration of Context Aware Applications
Wagner; Martin ; Klinker; Gudrun

7 Empirical Evaluation of User Experience in two Adaptive Mobile Application Prototypes
Arhippainen; Leena ; Tähti; Marika

8 A Platform Independent Image and Video Engine
Doermann; David ; Karunanidhi; Arvind ; Parekh; Niketu ; Rautio; Ville

9 User-Centred Design of a Mobile Football Video Database
Evans; Alyson

10 Faces Everywhere: Towards Ubiquitous Production and Delivery of Face Animation
Pandzic; Igor S. ; Ahlberg; Jörgen ; Wzorek; Mariusz ; Rudol; Piotr ; Mosmondor; Miran

11 Designing gestures for affective input: an analysis of shape; effort and valence
Fagerberg; Petra ; Ståhl; Anna ; Höök; Kristina

12 Recognition Error Handling in Spoken Dialogue Systems
Gorrell; Genevieve

13 Bubbles: Navigating Multimedia Content in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Bach; Erik ; Bygdås; Sigrid S.; Flydal-Blichfeldt; Mathilde ; Mlonyeni; André ; Myhre; Øystein ; Nyhus; Silja I. ; Urnes; Tore ; Weltzien; Åsmund ; Zanussi; Anne

14 A Service Oriented SIP Infrastructure for Adaptive and Context-Aware Wireless Services
Li; Wei

15 Dynamic Distributed Multimedia: Seamless Sharing and Reconfiguration of Multimedia Flow Graphs
Lohse; Marco ; Repplinger; Michael ; Slusallek; Philipp