Proceedings from the Third International Disposal Conference; Karlskoga; Sweden; 10-11 November; 2003

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 9 (2003)

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Editor(s): Johansson; Stig ; Loyd; Dan ; Lawrence; David (eds)

Published: 2003-11-07


ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 119


1 Plenary lecture: Flame; Detonation; Explosion - When; Where; and How They Occur
Liberman; Michael

2 Temperature Measurement in Connection with Waste Incineration in a Bubbling Fluid Bed
Blom; Elisabet ; Loyd; Dan

3 Biomass as an Energy Source: The Challenges and the Path Forward
Bolyos; Elinor ; Lawrence; David ; Nordin; Anders

4 Environmental and Economic Aspects on Reuse of Explosives
Dahlquist; Erik ; Nehrenheim; Emma

5 Explosion and Fire Hazard Assessment for Explosives; Ammunition; and Fertilizer Facilities Following EU Directive 96/82/EU "SEVESO": Contribution for Guidelines Proposal
Folchi; Robert

6 Biological Treatment of an Industrial Sludge Containing Explosives and Pharmaceutical Residues
Gustavsson; Lillemor ; Jönsson; Sofie ; van Bavel; Bert

7 A Mobile Facility for Destruction of Ammunition and Explosives
van Ham; Nico

8 Environmental Research on Munitions at FOI
Hägvall; Joakim

9 Organic Compounds in Residues from Incineration of MSW and Biofuels
Johansson; Inger

10 Analysis of Organic Nitrogen Compounds and their Transformation in Biologically Treated Sludge from Pharmaceutical and Explosives Industries
Jönsson; Sofie ; Gustavsson; Lillemor ; van Bavel; Bert

11 Investigation; Mapping; and Location of Dumped Ammunition. A Project of the Swedish Armed Forces
Kjellsson; Janne

12 New Training CD ROM Package on Inflammable Materials
Lamnevik; Stefan

13 Soil remediation. An Overview of Existing Technologies
Bergman; Per-Anders

14 Fires in Swedish Match Factories in the 1920s Caused by White Phosphorus-contaminated Red Phosphorus
Lundahl; Tomas

15 Energy Recovery from Packaging Waste - the Result of 12 Years’ Standardisation Work
Maijgren; Barbro ; Pettersson; Stig

16 Mass Detonation or Recovery - Environmental Impact of Different Ammunition Destruction Methods
Nehrenheim; Emma

17 Destruction of Conventional and Chemical Munitions in a Dynasafe Static Kiln
Ohlson; Johnny

18 Creativity - a Powerful Tool in Creating New Order from Chaos. A Brief Retrospect of Alfred Nobel’s Ideas and Inventions
Eriksson; Hans

19 Remediation of Mercury-polluted Sediments through Deep-freezing
Rostmark; Susanne ; Knutsson; Sven

20 Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment in the Production of Energy from Waste and Biomass Fuel
Sahlin; Bengt

21 Temporal Behaviour of Mines and Objects Similar to Mines
Sjökvist; Stefan ; Loyd; Dan

22 Underground Detonation - The Environmental and Safe Process
Skirstad; Arild

23 Super-critical Fluid Technologies within Chematur Engineering AB
Stenmark; Lars

24 Testing of Explosives Stability and Remaining Shelf Life of Components in Ammunition Before Recovery; Modernisation; or Demilitarisation
Taylor; Dennis

25 Addressing Environmental Issues During Acquisition
Wallace; Ian G.

26 “Excert”; A Europan Pilot Project for Developing and Maintaining Skills and Compentence for Personnel in the Explosives Sector
Wallin; Hans

27 Weapons of Mass Destruction - a Gigantic Disposal Challenge
Zetterlund; Kristina