Publish your student thesis

NOTE! this information is also available at Publish your student thesis in DiVA - Intranet for students

Here we have collected docuemnt templates, useful links and a guide to how to register your Bachelor’s essay or Master’s thesis in DiVA for e-publishing. Below we use the word "student thesis", which is used in DiVA.

In the beginning of your writing:

Download a document template. Choose word processing program:

You can choose between two different templates:

Unfortunately, we cannot give any support to the LaTeX templates. If you have questions, please contact the developer of the templates. Contact information is available in the GitLab-project.

If you do your student thesis in collaboration with a company

  • Start well in advance!
    Make an agreement with the company on privacy, publishing and copyright before you start the project!
  • Sign an agreement with the company!
    It is important that you review the agreement together so that all parties agree on it. On the LiU intranet, some information from LiU's lawyers regarding agreements for dissertations cam be found. Ask your university supervisor to go there to download a checklist and information about confidentiality: Agreement templates at LiUNet (In Swedish) Go through the checklist with your supervisor/contact at the company. The checklist covers issues such as copyright, confidentiality and financial compensation.
  • You have the copyright!
    Remember that you own the copyright to your work! You can transfer the economical part of the copyright to the compamy, but if nothing is agreed, you retain the copyright and you can do whatever you want with the thesis.
  • Your examiner must be able to read and assess the student thesis!
    You must be able to submit a version of the dissertation for examination at LiU in order to receive a grade. It is important that both you and the company are aware of that.
  • Student theses are are public documents (allämnna handlingar)!
    The examinated version of the student thesis becomes a public document when it has been examined. Hence, anyone can request to read it, even if you choose not to publish it in DiVA. There might be information in the student thesis that may be covered by confidentiality. The level of confidentiality decided on for each individual request for disclosure, and cannot be agreed or decided on in advance.
  • If you want to publish the student thesis.
    You must follow the agreement you have signed with the company. If you choose to publish your student thesis in DiVA, you also need to sign a publishing agreement that you submit to your department (see below). If you do not sign a publishing agreement either the PDF nor any information (metadata) about the thesis will be published in DiVA. In the agreement you decide if you wish to add a license to your thesis. Make sure the company is involved in your choice. Read more about:Choosing license

Resources during writing:

Some links to useful services:

To electronically publish your work, do the following:

  • Fill in an agreement for electronic publishing (pdf). Fill in, print, sign, and send to your administrator at your department. Note! If you are several authors, all of you should sign the agrement! Download the agreement (PDF) Choosing license
  • Please click on the button below to view a guide over how to register and upload your student thesis to DiVA.

Register and upload your student thesis to DiVA

  1. Before you begin registration: Make sure that you have made any corrections to the document based on the comments you received during the examination. Please proofread it again and save it as a PDF file.
  2. Log into DiVA with your student-ID
  3. You can change the language to English in the top right corner.
  4. Click on "Add publication / Upload files"
  5. Click on "Continue" and fill in the form in line with the instructions below.
    Note! Fields with a * are mandatory!
    Please, do not fill in the fields not included in the guide!
  6. Enter your "Fist and Last name" in each field. If you are several authors, please click on the "Another Author" button.
  7. Organization must always be filled in for all authors. First click on the button: "Choose organisation"
    A button with the text: Choose organisation
    Then click on the plus-sign in front of "Linköping university" to list all departments. Choose your department by clicking on the name of your department. The links with plus-sign in front: Linköping, Linköpings universitet, Region Östergötland
  8. Enter your private e-mail address in the "e-mail" field. Then you will receive an automatic confirmation when the e-publication has been approved and the student thesis is available.
  9. Did you collaborate with an external party? (for example a company, a private, municipal or governmental institution) If so, check the box "Cooperation", and fill in the name of the party/parties in the field that appears.
  10. Enter the "title" of the student thesis. You can enter a "main title" and a "subtitle". If the title is separated by a colon or hyphen, the text after the colon or hyphen should be in the "subtitle" field. Colon and hyphen are then removed.
  11. Enter "language" of the student thesis. If the title is available in another language, write the translated title in the field "Alternative title". Fill then also in the "language" of the alternative title.
  12. Select the level of the student thesis (Bachelor’s, Master’s etc.).
  13. Select number of credits "University credits" of the student thesis course.
  14. Select your program if it is listed in "Educational program". If not you can leave this field blank.
  15. Select "Subject / course" from the list. If your are unsure which to select, you may ask the administration at your department.
  16. In the section "Other information": fill in "Year" and "Number of pages" (State the page number of the last numbered page in your student thesis.
  17. Scroll down to the section "Identifiers". Some institutions assign ISRN (International Standard Report Number) to their papers. If you have received an ISRN number from the administrator at your institution, it must be filled in, otherwise you will leave it blank.
  18. Scroll down and select a "National subject category". This information will be transferred to the databases Uppsök and, so that it is possible to find essays and theses in your field all over Sweden. If you want you can test the service Find national subject area.
  19. Enter some "keywords" and enter "abstract" in the languages they are available at. If those are filled in, your student thesis will be easier to find and more visible when you search on the web. Don't forget to fill in "language" in the field below.
  20. The fields of "supervisor", "examiner" and details of your "presentation" are optional, but we encourage you to fill them in..
  21. Click on "Continue"
  22. Important!Make sure it is the correct version of your thesis before uploading it! Our policy (pdf) is not to replace, change or delete student theses after publication.
  23. Click on "Browse" and find out the correct file. Upload the document in PDF-format and click "Continue".
  24. Make sure everything is correct, and then click on "Submit". Your student thesis is now sent for verification by the responsible administrator at your department.
  25. When you have submitted your stuent thesis, a message will appear on the screen confirming that you have sent the thesis for verification. If your work is not published electronically within 14 days, you should first contact your department. If they are unable to help you, please contact