Proceedings of the Sustaining Everyday Life Conference

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 38 (2009)

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Editor(s): Karlsson; Kristina ; Ellegård; Kajsa (eds.)

Published: 2010-11-05


ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 185


1 Sustaining Everyday Life - Introduction
Karlsson; Kristina ; Ellegård; Kajsa

2 Sustaining Everyday Life through Psychological Presence; Time and Space
Horelli; Liisa

3 Domestication of Technologies in Everyday Life
Aune; Margrethe

4 Everyday Agency and New Forms of Governance
Jokinen; Eeva

5 Mobility and Everyday Life
Hjorthol; Randi J.

6 Introducing and Developing Practice Theory
Gram-Hanssen; Kirsten

7 Participatory Design as a Prerequisite for Safer Living Environments for the Elderly
Santi; Valentina

8 Everyday Life for an Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Future
Gröbly; Thomas

9 Implications of an Everyday Life Approach in Childhood Research
Kampman; Jan

10 Sustainable Epistemologies
Schraube; Ernst

11 Large Technical Systems in Households
Krantz; Helena

12 Household Appliances in Passive Houses
Karresand; Helena

13 Helping; Informing or Coaxing the Consumer?
Svane; Örjan

14 Sustainable Behaviour at Work and in Private Life
Klade; Manfred ; Seebacher; Ulrike ; Mert; Wilma

15 Gender in Sustaining Everyday Life
Vehviläinen; Marja

16 Everyday Life Sustainability at the Semiperiphery of Europé
Blagojevic; Marina

17 Local Opportunities in Energy Guidance to Improve Energy Efficiency in Households
Palm; Jenny

18 Female Discourses about Household Services
Pakoma; Riepu

19 Technology and Behaviour in the Use of Electricity
Bladh; Mats

20 Older Women and Men in Public Transport
Levin; Lena ; Berg; Jessica

21 “Can I Get a Little Space; Please?”
Headrick Taylor; Katherine

22 The Housing Situation as a Part of Everyday Life among Older People
Abramsson; Marianne

23 Going in Dialysis is Time to Live:
Ziegert; Kristina

24 Day Care Work as the Creation of Coherence in Everyday Life
Ahrenkiel; Annegrethe

25 Everyday Family Life
Westerling; Allan

26 Queer Time? Queer(y)ing Moments in the Everyday Life of Lesbian Mothers
Kuosmanen; Paula

27 Mastery of Everyday Life in Families
Saarilahti; Marja

28 Time-rich and Time-poor Living Conditions
Enokson; Uffe

29 Meaning and Dynamics of Daily Rhythm in Families with Young Children
Korvela; Pirjo ; Jonson; Mona ; Kivilehto; Sari

30 The Making of Morning Activity Patterns
Ellegård; Kajsa