13th Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power; June 3-5; 2013; Linköping; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 92 (2013)

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Editor(s): Krus; Petter ; Sethson; Magnus ; Ericson; Liselott

Published: 2013-09-09

ISBN: 978-91-7519-572-8

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 552


1 Eco-Efficiency Analysis for Hydraulic and Hybrid Concepts for Mobile Working Machines
Schaefer; P ; Scholler; C ; Eigner; M ; Schindler; C

2 Design Rules for High Damping in Mobile Hydraulic Systems
Axin; Mikael ; Krus; Petter

3 Modelling and Control of a Complementary Energy Recuperation System for Mobile Working Machines
Hugo; A ; Pettersson; K ; Heybroek; K ; Krus; P

4 A Series-Parallel Hydraulic Hybrid Mini-Excavator with Displacement Controlled Actuators
Hippalgaonkar; Rohit ; Ivantysynova; Monika

5 Universal Energy Storage and Recovery System - A Novel Approach for Hydraulic Hybrid
Erkkila; M ; Bauer; F ; Feld; D

6 Modeling and verification of an excavator system - Axial Piston Pump; Kinematics and Load Sensing Flow Sharing Valve Block
Casoli; Paolo ; Ricco; Luca ; Cesare; Dolcin

7 New PTFE-based Material for Hydraulic Seal Applications
Larsen; Thomas ; Roepstorff; Siereb ; Jordan; Holger

8 Prestudy of a Power Management of a Cut-To-Length Forest Harvester with a Hydraulic Hybrid System
Einola; Kalle

9 Investigation and Energetic Analysis of a Novel Hydraulic Hybrid Architecture for On-Road Vehicles
Sprengel; Michael ; Ivantysynova; Monika

10 Development of Power Train of Hybrid Power Excavator
Yao; Hong ; Wang; Qingfeng

11 Modeling of a Series Hybrid Hydraulic Drivetrain for a Light-Duty Vehicle in Hopsan
Baer; Katharina ; Ericson; Liselott ; Krus; Petter

12 Modular Design of Hydromechanical Transmissions for Mobile Working Machines
Pettersson; Karl ; Krus; Petter

13 Energy-Saving Design for Hydraulic Tube Bender
Renn; J C ; Cheng; C Y ; Lin; M H

14 Thermo-energetic analysis and simulation of the fluidic cooling system of motorized high-speed spindles
Weber; Juliane ; Weber; Jürgen

15 Modeling of EHA Module Equipped with Fixed-Displacement Vane Pump
Gnesi; Emanuelel ;L Mare; Jean-Charles ; Bordet; J L

16 Model Predictive Control for Power Optimization in a Hydrostatic Wind Turbine
Wang; Feng ; Stelson; Kim A

17 Swash plate oscillation in a variable displacement floating cup pump
Achten; P. A. J. ; Eggenkamp; S ; Potma; H. W.

18 A novel approach to predict the steady state temperature in ports and case of swash plate type axial piston machines
Zecchi; M ; Mehdizadeh; A ; Ivantysynova; M

19 Performing and Interpreting Experiments Towards Understanding Noise Generation in Displacement Machines
Opperwall; T ; Vacca; A

20 Optimization of process parameters in series hydraulic hybrid system through multi-objective function
Hiremath; Somashekhar S ; Ramakrishnan; R ; Singaperumal; M

21 A Robust Adaptive Hydraulic Power Generation System for Jet Engines
Jacazio; Giovanni ; Mornacchi; Andrea ; Ronco; Pierantonio ; Sorli; Massimo

22 The Influence of Fuel Pressure Ripple on Performances of Engine Control System
Shorin; V ; Gimadiev; A ; Sverbilov; V

23 Test Rig Landing Gear Free-Fall System Model Simulation and Design Optimization Using Matlab
Neto; Mario Maia ; Sandoval Góes; Luiz Carlos

24 Investigation on the Dynamic Behavior of a Solenoid Hydraulic Valve for Automotive Semi-Active Suspensions Coupling 3D and 1D Modeling;
Pelosi; Matteo ; Subramanya; Kashyap ; Lantz; Jonas

25 Cylinder Pressures in a Position Controlled System With Separate Meter-in and Meter-out
Rath; Gerhard ; Zaev; Emil

26 Structural design of independent metering control systems
Sitte; A ; Weber; J

27 Electrostatic charge measurement in hydraulic circuits
Kuhnlein; Michael ; Wendel; T ; Murrenhoff; H

28 Basic Theory and Experiment Study on New Electro-hydraulic Exciter
Han; Dong ; Gong; Guofang ; Liu; Yi ; Yang; Huayong

29 A Case Study on Quantifying the Workload of Working Machine Operators by Means of Psychophysiological Measurements
Filla; Reno ; Olsson; Erik M G ; von Schéele; Bo H C ; Ohlsson; Kjell

30 Optimizing the trajectory of a wheel loader working in short loading cycles
Reno; Filla

31 Measurements and Simulations to Evaluate Strategies for Improved Energy Efficiency of a Reach Stacker; Forwarder and Wheel Loader
Noréus; Olof ; Hägglund; Magnus ; Emlén; Mats

32 Modeling Hydraulic Accumulators for use in Wind Turbines
Brun Hansen; Henrik ; Windfeld Rasmussen; Peter

33 Numerical and Experimentical Study of Motion Control Using Pressure Feedback
Kjelland; Magnus B ; Hansen; Michael R

34 Lubricity of new Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass
Weinebeck; Alexander ; Murrenhoff; Hubertus

35 Energy Efficient Active Vibration Damping
Zaev; Emil ; Rath; Gerhard ; Kargl; Hubert

36 Geometrical Design and Operability Verification of a Proportional Pressure Relief Valve
Erhard; M ; Weber; J ; Schoppel; Georg

37 Recognition of Operating States of a Medium-Sized Mobile Machine
Krogerus; Tomi ; Hyvönen; Mika ; Raivio; K ; Huhtala; Kalevi

38 Model-Based Fault Detection for Hydraulic Servoproportional Valves
Branco Ramos Filho; José Roberto ; De Negri; Victor Juliano

39 Guidelines for modeling hydraulic components and model based diagnostics of hydraulic applications
Adén; Sebastian ; Stjernström; Kenny

40 Comparison of optical and magnetic particle detection systems for detection of pitting damage in low speed hydraulic motors
Sjödin; E ; Westin; Per-Oskar

41 Investigation on Velocity Response and Energy Saving Performance of Water Hydraulic Systems Without Using Servo Valve
Pham; Pha N ; Ito; Kazuhisa ; Ikeo; Shigeru

42 Effects of Design Parameters on Response Characteristics of Water Hydraulic Proportional Control Valves
Yoshida; F ; Miyakawa; S

43 Simulative Analysis and experimental Investigation of Common Rail Injection Pumps lubricated with tailor-made Biofuels
Heitzig; Stefan ; Drumm; S ; Murrenhoff; Hubertus

44 Hydraulic Fluid Properties and their Impact on Energy Efficiency
Rydberg; Karl-Erik

45 Fast switching pneumatic valves: experimental bench for flow and pulsed air jet characterizations
Ferreira; Thiago ; Sesmat; Sylvie ; Bideaux; Eric ; Sixdenier; Fabien

46 Statistical Approach To Energy Efficiency Issue In Industrial Pneumatic Systems
Parkkinen; Jyrki ; Zenger; Kai ; Ollila; Joonas

47 Energy saving measures on pneumatic drive systems
Hepke; J ; Weber; J

48 A Scheme for Compressed Air Saving in Pneumatic Positioning Systems for High Loads
Endler; Luciano ; De Negri; Victor Juliano ; Castelan; Eugenio B

49 Control of a fast switching valve for digital hydraulics
Sell; N P ; Johnston; D N ; Plummer; A R ; Kudzma; S

50 Investigation of a Digital Hydraulic Actuation System on an Excavator Arm
Dell’Amico; Alessandro ; Carlsson; Marcus ; Norlin; Erik ; Sethson; Magnus

51 Hydraulic Energy Recovery in Displacement Controlled Digital Hydraulic System
Heikkila; Mikko ; Linjama; Matti

52 Robustness Study on the Model-Free Control and the Control with Restricted Model of a High Performance Electro-Hydraulic System
Xu; Yaozhong ; Bideaux; Eric ; Thomasset; Daniel

53 Contribution on control strategies of flow-on-demand hydraulic circuits
Scherer; Martin ; Geimer; Marcus ; Weiss; B

54 Novel Energy-Saving Steer-by-Wire System for Articulated Steering Vehicles: A Compact Wheel Loader Case Study
Daher; Naseem ; Wang; Chuang ; Ivantysynova; Monika