Proceedings of the 8th International Modelica Conference; March 20th-22nd; Technical Univeristy; Dresden; Germany

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 63 (2011)

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Editor(s): Clauß; Christoph

Published: 2011-06-30

ISBN: 978-91-7393-096-3

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 871


1 Simulation-based development of automotive control software with Modelica
Chrisofakis; Emmanuel ; Junghanns; Andreas ; Kehrer; Christian ; Rink; Anton

2 Modelica Delft-Tyre Interface
Drenth; Edo ; Gäfvert; Magnus

3 Multi-Domain Vehicle Dynamics Simulation in Dymola
Deuring; Andreas ; Gerl; Johannes ; Wilhelm; Harald

4 Modelling and Optimisation of Deviation in Hydro Power Production
Winkler; Dietmar ; Thoresen; Hege Marie ; Andreassen; Ingvar ; Perera; Magamage Anushka Sampath ; Sharefi; Rahimi Behzad

5 Thermal Separation Library: Examples of Use
Dietl; Karin ; Link; Kilian ; Schmitz; Gerhard

6 Scalable-detail modular models for simulation studies on energy efficiency
Bonvini; Marco ; Leva; Alberto

7 Real-Time Simulation of Vapour Compression Cycles
Schulze; Christian ; Gräber; Manuel ; Huhn; Michaela ; Grätz; Uwe

8 Efficient hybrid simulation of autotuning PI controllers
Leva; Alberto ; Bonvini; Marco

9 Models of a post-combustion absorption unit for simulation; optimization and non-linear model predictive control schemes
Åkesson; J. ; Faber; R. ; Laird; C. D. ; Prölß; K. ; Tummescheit; H. ; Velut; S. ; Zhu; Y.

10 Robust Initialization of Differential-Algebraic Equations Using Homotopy
Sielemann; Michael ; Casella; Francesco ; Otter; Martin ; Clauß; Christoph ; Eborn; Jonas ; Mattsson; Sven Erik ; Olsson; Hans

11 Steady-state initialization of object-oriented thermo-fluid models by homotopy methods
Casella; Francesco ; Sielemanny; Michael ; Savoldelli; Luca

12 Improving Newtonand#8217;s method for Initialization of Modelica models
Ylikiiskilä; Johan ; Åkesson; Johan ; Führer; Claus

13 The Functional Mockup Interface for Tool independent Exchange of Simulation Models
Blochwitz; T. ; Otter; M. ; Arnold; M. ; Bausch; C. ; Clauß; C. ; Elmqvist; H. ; Junghanns; A. ; Mauss; J. ; Monteiro; M. ; Neidhold; T. ; Neumerkel; D. ; Olsson; H. ; Peetz; J.-V. ; Wolf; S.

14 Master for Co-Simulation Using FMI
Bastian; Jens ; Clauß; Christoph ; Wolf; Susann ; Schneider; Peter

15 An Annular Plate Model in Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Description for the DLR FlexibleBodies Library
Heckmann; Andreas ; Hartweg; Stefan ; Kaiser; Ingo

16 A Modelica-Based and Domain-Specific Framework for Electromechanical System Design
Chapon; Damien ; Hospital; Fabien ; Bouchez; Guillaume ; Budinger; Marc

17 Towards a Benchmark Suite for Modelica Compilers: Large Models
Frenkel; Jens ; Schubert; Christian ; Kunze; Günter ; Fritzson; Peter ; Sjölund; Martin ; Pop; Adrian

18 OMWeb - Virtual Web-based Remote Laboratory for Modelica in Engineering Courses
Mohsen-Torabzadeh; Tari ; Muhammed Hossain; Zoheb ; Fritzson; Peter ; Richter; Thomas

19 MSL Electrical Spice3 - Status and Further Development
Majetta; Kristin ; Böhme; Sandra ; Clauß; Christoph ; Schneider; Peter

20 The New FundamentalWave Library for Modeling Rotating Electrical Three Phase Machines
Kral; Christian ; Haumer; Anton

21 A Driver Model for Virtual Drivetrain Endurance Testing
Bünte; Tilman ; Chrisofakis; Emmanuel

22 Optimization-Tool for local renewable energy usage in the connected system: "Building-eMobility"
Schwan; Torsten ; Unger; René ; Bäker; Bernard ; Mikoleit; Beate ; Kehrer; Christian

23 Development of a Modelica Library for Simulation of Diffractive Optomechatronic Systems
Kaden; Thomas ; Janschek; Klaus

24 Transferring Causality Analysis from Synchronous Programs to Hybrid Programs
Bauer; Kerstin ; Schneider; Klaus

25 Integration of CasADi and
Andersson; Joel ; Åkessona; Johan ; Casellad; Francesco ; Diehl; Moritz

26 Towards a Modular and Accessible Modelica Compiler Backend
Frenkel; Jens ; Kunze; Günter ; Fritzson; Peter ; Sjölund; Martin ; Pop; Adrian ; Braun; Willi

27 Media Modeling for Distillation Process with Modelica/Mworks
Chang; Chen ; Jianwan; Ding ; Liping; Chen ; Yizhong; Wu

28 Experimental comparison of the dynamic evaortor response using homogeneous and slip flow modeling
Ryhl Kærn; Martin ; Elmegaard; Brian ; Sloth Larsen; Lars Finn

29 Strong Coupling of Modelica System-Level Models with Detailed CFD Models for Transient Simulation of Hydraulic Components in their Surrounding Environment
Viel; Antoine

30 Recent Developments of the Modelica "Buildings" Library for Building Energy and Control Systems
Wetter; Michael ; Zuo; Wangda ; Nouidui; Thierry Stephane

31 Object-oriented sub-zonal room models for energy-related building simulation
Bonvini; Marco ; Leva; Alberto

32 Numerical coupling of Modelica and CFD for building energy supply systems
Ljubijankic; Manuel ; Nytsch-Geusen; Christoph ; Rädler; Jörg ; Löffler; Martin

33 A Thermo-elastic Annular Plate Model for the Modeling of Brake Systems
Reyes Péres; José Luis ; Heckmann; Andreas ; Kaiser; Ingo

34 An Interface to the FTire Tire Model
Beuter; Volker

35 Implementation of the Spur Involute Gear Model on Modelica
Kosenko; Ivan ; Gusev; Il´ya

36 Import and Export of Functional Mock-up Units in
Andersson; Christian ; Åkesson; Johan ; Führer; Claus ; Gäfvert; Magnus

37 Implementation of Modelisar Functional Mock-up Interfaces in SimulationX
Noll; Christian ; Blochwitz; Torsten ; Neidhold; Thomas ; Kehrer; Christian

38 Experiences with the new FMI Standard Selected Applications at Dresden University
Schubert; Christian ; Neidhold; Thomas ; Kunze; Günter

39 Modeling of Coal-Fired Power Units with ThermoPower Focussing on Start-Up Process
Meinke; Sebastian ; Gottelt; Friedrich ; Müller; Martin ; Hassel; Egon

40 Dynamic modelling of a combined cycle power plant with ThermoSysPro
El Hefni; Baligh ; Bouskela; Daniel ; Lebreton; Grégory

41 Implementation of Models for reheating processes in industrial furnaces
Kreuzer; Daniel Rene ; Werner; Andreas

42 Modeling a Mains connected PWM Converter with Voltage-Oriented Control
Haumer; Anton ; Kral; Christian

43 A real time capable battery model for electric mobility applications using optimal estimation methods
Brembeck; Jonathan ; Wielgos; Sebastian

44 Use of Modelica language to model an MV compensated electrical network and its protection equipment : comparison with EMTP
Chilard; Olivier ; Tavella; Jean-Philippe ; Devaux; Olivier

45 The Vehicle Dynamics Library: New Concepts and New Fields of Application
Andreasson; Johan

46 Modeling and Simulation of Gear Pumps based on Modelica/Mworksandreg;
Liping; Chen ; Yan; Zhao ; Fanli; Zhou ; Jianjun; Zhao ; Xianzhao; Tian

47 Modeling and Simulation Vehicle Air Brake System
He; Li ; Wang; Xiaolong ; Zhang; Yunqing ; Wu; Jinglai ; Chen; Liping

48 A Modelica Library for Simulation of Electric Energy Storages
Einhorn; M. ; Conte; F. V. ; Kral; C. ; Niklas; C. ; Popp; H. ; Fleig; J.

49 Implementation of a transmission line model for fast simulation of fluid flow dynamics
Velut; Stéphane ; Tummescheit; Hubertus

50 Fluid Simulation and Optimization using Open Source Tools
Link; Kilian ; Vogel; Stephanie ; Mynttinen; Ines

51 Modeling of hydraulic axial piston pumps including specific signs of wear and tear
Bayer; Christian ; Enge-Rosenblatt; Olaf

52 Detailed Model of a Hydromechanical Double Clutch Actuator with a Suitable Control Algorithm
Nowoisky; Sebastian ; Shen; Chi ; Gühmann; Clemens

53 Nonlinear Observers based on the Functional Mockup Interface with Applications to Electric Vehicles
Brembeck; Jonathan ; Otter; Martin ; Zimmer; Dirk

54 Using the Functional Mockup Interface as an Intermediate Format in AUTOSAR Software Component Development
Thiele; Bernhard ; Henriksson; Dan

55 Combining Advantages of Specialized Simulation Tools and Modelica Models using Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)
Sun; Yongqi ; Vogel; Stephanie ; Steuer; Haiko

56 Symbolically Derived Jacobians Using Automatic Differentiation - Enhancement of the OpenModelica Compiler
Braun; Willi ; Ochel; Lennart ; Bachmann; Bernhard

57 Cyber-Physical Systems Modeling and Simulation with Modelica
Henriksson; Dan ; Elmqvist; Hilding

58 Bootstrapping a Modelica Compiler aiming at Modelica 4
Sjölund; Martin ; Fritzson; Peter ; Pop; Adrian

59 A Scade Suite to Modelica Interface
Schlabe; Daniel ; Knostmann; Tobias ; Bünte; Tilman

60 Towards a model driven Modelica IDE
Samlaus; Roland ; Hillmann; Claudio ; Demuth; Birgit ; Krebs; Martin

61 Tool Support for Modelica Real-time Models
Huhn; Michaela ; Sjölund; Martin ; Chen; Wuzhu ; Schulze; Christan ; Fritzson; Peter

62 High-speed train pneumatic braking system with wheel-slide protection device : A modelling application from system design to HIL testing
Belmon; Lionel ; Liu; Chen

63 An Advanced Environment for Hybrid Modeling and Parameter Identification of Biological Systems
Proß; Sabrina ; Bachmann; Bernhard

64 Modelling of a Chemical Reactor for Simulation of a Methanisation Plant
Bader; A. ; Bauersfeld; S. ; Brunhuber; C. ; Pardemann; R. ; Meyer; B.

65 Modelling of System Properties in a Modelica Framework
Jardin; Audrey ; Bouskela; Daniel ; Nguyen; Thuy ; Ruel; Nancy ; Thomas; Eric ; Chastanet; Laurent ; Schoenig; Raphaël ; Loembé; Sandrine

66 Dynamic modeling of a solid oxide fuel cell system in Modelica
Andersson; Daniel ; Åberg; Erik ; Eborn; Jonas ; Yuan; Jinliang ; Sundén; Bengt

67 The OnWind Modelica Library for OffshoreWind Turbines - Implementation and first results
Strobel; M. ; Vorpahl; F. ; Hillmann; C. ; Gu; X. ; Zuga; A. ; Wihlfahrt; U.

68 Modeling of Gas-Particle-Flow and Heat Radiation in Steam Power Plants
Gall; Leo ; Link; Kilian ; Steuer; Haiko

69 Inclusion of Reliability and Safety Analysis Methods in Modelica
Schallert; Christian

70 Error-free Control Programs by means of Graphical Program Design; Simulation-based Verification and Automatic Code Generation
Seidel; Stephan ; Donath; Ulrich

71 Enforcing Reliability of Discrete-Time Models in Modelica
Furic; Sébastien

72 Effective Version Control of Modelica Models
Harman; Peter

73 Automated Simulation of Modelica Models with QSS Methods : The Discontinuous Case
Floros; Xenofon ; Bergero; Federico ; Cellier; François E. ; Kofman; Ernesto

74 Auto-Extraction of Modelica Code from Finite Element Analysis or Measurement Data
Pham; The-Quan ; Kamusella; Alfred ; Neubert; Holger

75 Modelling of Uncertainties with Modelica
Bouskela; Daniel ; Jardin; Audrey ; Benjelloun-Touimi; Zakia ; Aronsson; Peter ; Fritzson; Peter

76 Recording of Model Frequency Responses and Describing Functions in Modelica
Bünte; Tilman

77 On using model approximation techniques for better understanding of models implemented in Modelica
Sodja; Anton ; Zupancic; Borut

78 Simulation-Based Design of Aircraft Electrical Power Systems
Kurtoglu; Tolga ; Bunus; Peter ; De Kleer; Johan ; Rai; Rahul

79 HumMod - Large Scale Physiological Models in Modelica
Kofranek; Jiri ; Matejak; Marek ; Privitzer; Pavol

80 Modeling and Simulation of Heavy Truck withMWorks
Sun; Ying ; Chen; Wei ; Zhang; Yunqing ; Chen; Liping

81 Object-Oriented Electrical Grid and Photovoltaic system modelling in Modelica
Verbruggen; Bart ; Van Roy; Juan ; De Coninck; Roel ; Baetens; Ruben ; Helsen; Lieve ; Driesen; Johan

82 An Open Source Modelica Graphic Editor Integrated with Electronic Notebooks and Interactive Simulation
Asghar; Syed Adeel ; Tariq; Sonia ; Torabzadeh-Tari; Mohsen ; Fritzson; Peter ; Pop; Adrian ; Sjölund; Martin ; Vasaiely; Parham ; Schamai; Wladimir

83 Functional Digital Mock-up and the Functional Mock-up Interface - Two Complementary Approaches for a Comprehensive Investigation of Heterogeneous Systems
Enge-Rosenblatt; Olaf ; Clauß; Christoph ; Schneider; André ; Schneider; Peter

84 Towards Design Optimization with OpenModelica Emphasizing Parameter Optimization with Genetic Algorithms
Thieriot; Hubert ; Nemera; Maroun ; Torabzadeh-Tari; Mohsen ; Fritzson; Peter ; Singh; Rajiv ; Kocherry; John John

85 From Physical Modeling to Real-Time Simulation : Feed back on the use of Modelica in the engine control development toolchain
Benjelloun-Touimi; Zakia ; Ben Gaid; Mongi ; Bohbot; Julien ; Dutoya; Alain ; Hadj-Amor; Hassan ; Moulin; Philippe ; Saafi; Houssem ; Pernet; Nicolas

86 UN-VirtualLab : A web simulation environment of OpenModelica models for educational purposes
Duarte; Oscar

87 Extending the IPG CarMaker by FMI Compliant Units
Ziegler; Stephan ; Höpler; Robert

88 Minimal Equation Sets for Output Computation in Object-Oriented Models
Manzoni; Vincenzo ; Casella; Francesco

89 Optimization example of industrial sewing machines mechanisms
Votrubec; Vlastimil ; Šidlof; Pavel

90 Automatic Generation of Graphical User Interfaces for Simulation of Modelica Models
Schlegel; Clemens ; Finsterwalder; Reinhard

91 DrControl — An Interactive Course Material for Teaching Control Engineering
Torabzadeh-Tari; Mohsen ; Sjölund; Martin ; Pop; Adrian ; Fritzson; Peter

92 Modelica Simulator Compatibility - Today and in Future
Frochte; Jörg

93 A Modelica model of thermal and mechanical phenomena in bare overhead conductors
Duarte; Oscar

94 Modeling and Simulation of AMT with Mworks
Jiang; Ming ; Zhou; Jiangang ; Chen; Wei ; Zhang; Yunqing ; Chen; Liping

95 Variability and Type Calculation for Equation of Modelica model
Tang; Junjie ; Ding; Jianwan ; Chen; Liping ; Gong; Xiong

96 Shock Absorber Modeling and Simulation Based on Modelica
Hou; Yuming ; Li; Lingyang ; He; Ping ; Zhang; Yunqing ; Chen; Liping

97 Integrating occupant behaviour in the simulation of coupled electric and thermal systems in buildings
Baetens; Ruben ; Saelens; Dirk

98 Model Based Systems Engineering for Aircraft Systems - How does Modelica Based Tools Fit?
Lind; Ingela ; Andersson; Henric

99 Productivity improvement tool for configuration of Modelica plant models and integration with Simulink controller models
Jeganathan; Emerson Jacob ; Pitchaikani; Anand ; Dharumaseelan; Elavarasan