Proceedings of the 7th International Modelica Conference; Como; Italy; 20-22 September 2009

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 43 (2009)

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Editor(s): Casella; Francesco

Published: 2009-10-12

ISBN: 978-91-7393-513-5

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 912


1 Thermal Modeling of Automotive Lithium Ion Cells using the Finite Elements Method in Modelica
Krüger; Imke ; Sievers; Martin ; Schmitz; Gerhard

2 Object-Oriented Decomposition of Tire Characteristics based on semi-empirical Models
Andres; Markus ; Zimmer; Dirk ; Cellier; François E.

3 A Virtual Motorcycle Rider Based on Automatic Controller Design
Schmitt; Thomas ; Zimmer; Dirk ; Cellier; François E.

4 Modeling and Optimization with Modelica and Optimica Using the Open Source Platform
Åkesson; Johan ; Bergdahl; Tove ; Gäfvert; Magnus ; Tummescheit; Hubertus

5 Building and Solving Nonlinear Optimal Control and Estimation Problems
Poland; Jan ; Isaksson; Alf J.

6 Improving Convergence of Derivative-Based Parameter Estimation with Multistart Parameter Clustering Based on DAE Decomposition
Elsheikh; Atya ; Nöh; Katharina ; Lieres; Eric von

7 Model Library of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells for System Hardware and Control Design
Davies; Kevin L. ; Moore; Robert M. ; Bender; Guido

8 Modeling Reaction and Diffusion Processes of Fuel Cells within Modelica
Davies; Kevin L. ; Haynes; Comas L.; Paredis; Christiaan J.J.

9 Dynamic Modelling of CO2-removal units for an IGCC power plant
Heil; Sindy ; Brunhuber; Christian ; Link; Kilian ; Kittel; Julia ; Meyer; Bernd

10 Mixed Quantitative and Qualitative Simulation in Modelica
Cellier; François E. ; Sanz; Victorino

11 Parallel DEVS and Process-Oriented Modeling in Modelica
Sanz; Victorino ; Urquia; Alfonso ; Dormido; Sebastian

12 Stream Connectors - An Extension of Modelica for Device-Oriented Modeling of Convective Transport Phenomena
Franke; Rüdiger ; Casella; Francesco ; Otter; Martin ; Sielemann; Michael ; Elmqvist; Hilding; Mattson; Sven Erik ; Olsson; Hans

13 Standardization of Thermo-Fluid Modeling in Modelica.Fluid
Franke; Rüdiger ; Casella; Francesco ; Sielemann; Michael ; Proelss; Katrin ; Otter; Martin

14 FluidDissipation for Applications - A Library for Modelling of Heat Transfer and Pressure Loss in Energy Systems
Vahlenkamp; Thorben ; Wischhusen; Stefan

15 Modeling Chemical Reactions in Modelica By Use of Chemo-bonds
Cellier; François E. ; Greifeneder; Jürgen

16 Modelica Library for Improved Spacecraft Resource Budgeting
Cymbalist; Niccolo ; Lauriault; Marc-Andre ; Adourian; Chahé

17 Modelling and simulation of a fault-tolerant electrical motor for aerospace servovalves with Modelica
Di Rito; Gianpietro ; Galatolo; Roberto

18 Preliminary design of electromechanical actuators with Modelica
Budinger; Marc ; Liscouet; Jonathan ; Lefevre; Yvan ; Fontchastagner; Julien ; Abdelli; Abdenour; Allain; Loig

19 HIL Simulation of Aircraft Thrust Reverser Hydraulic System in Modelica
Jianjun; Zhao ; Ziqiang; Li ; Jianwan; Ding ; Liping; Chen ; Qifu; Wang ; Qing; Lu ; Hongxin; Wang ; Shuang; Wu

20 An OpenModelica Java External Function Interface Supporting MetaProgramming
Sjölund; Martin ; Fritzson; Peter

21 Towards a Text Generation Template Language for Modelica
Fritzson; Peter ; Privitzer; Pavol ; Sjölund; Martin ; Pop; Adrian

22 Higher-Order Non-Causal Modelling and Simulation of Structurally Dynamic Systems
Giorgidze; George ; Nilsson; Henrik

23 Operator Overloading in Modelica 3.1
Olsson; Hans ; Otter; Martin ; Elmqvist; Hilding; Brück; Dag

24 An Application of Sol on Variable-Structure Systems with Higher Index
Zimmer; Dirk

25 Initial Value Calculation for DAE with Higher Index
Uhlig; Andreas ; Blochwitz; Torsten ; Schnabel; Uwe ; Nähring; Tobias

26 An XML Representation of DAE Systems Obtained from Modelica Models
Casella; Francesco ; Donida; Filippo ; Åkesson; Johan

27 Parallel Simulation of Equation-based Object-Oriented Models with Quantized State Systems on a GPU
Maggio; Martina ; Stavåker; Kristian ; Donida; Filippo ; Casella; Francesco ; Fritzson; Peter

28 Modeling and Control of a Parallel Robot Using Modelica
Dressler; Isolde ; Schiffer; Johannes ; Robertsson; Anders

29 Modelling and Simulating the Efficiency and Elasticity of Gearboxes
van der Linden; F.L.J. ; Vazques de Souza Silva; P.H.

30 Performance Analysis of VON MISES’ Motor Calculus within Modelica
Zaiczek; Tobias ; Enge-Rosenblatt; Olaf

31 Implementation of the Contensou-Erismann Model of Friction in Frame of the Hertz Contact Problem on Modelica
Kosenko; Ivan ; Aleksandrov; Evgeniy

32 Evaluation of Different Compressor Control Concepts for a Swash Plate Compressor
Stulgies; Norbert ; Gräber; Manuel ; Tegethoff; Wilhelm ; Försterling; Sven

33 Investigation of Energy Dissipation in an Ejector Refrigeration Cycle
Tischendorf; Christian ; Janotte; Denise ; Fiorenzano; Ricardo ; Tegethoff; Wilhelm

34 Simulation of an absorption chiller based on a physical model
Fleßner; Christian ; Petersen; Stefan ; Ziegler; Felix

35 Effects of Tool Coupling on Transient Simulation of a Mobile Air-Conditioning Cycle
Kossel; Roland ; Strupp; Nils Christian ; Tegethoff; Wilhelm

36 Dynamic modelling of the heat transfer into the cooling screen of the SFGT-Gasifier
Kittel; Julia ; Hannemann; Frank ; Mehlhose; Friedemann ; Heil; Sindy ; Meyer; Bernd

37 Modelling of complex thermal energy supply systems based on the Modelica-Library FluidFlow
Ljubijankic; Manuel ; Nytsch-Geusen; Christoph ; Unger; Steffen

38 Deficiencies of Modelica and its simulation environments for large fluid systems
Link; Kilian ; Steuer; Haiko ; Butterlin; Axel

39 Real-Time Simulation of CESA-I Central Receiver Solar Thermal Power Plant
Bonilla; Javier ; Roca; Lidia ; Yebra; Luis J. ; Dormido; Sebastián

40 Modelica for Embedded Systems
Elmqvist; Hilding ; Otter; Martin ; Henriksson; Dan ; Thiele; Bernhard; Mattsson; Sven Erik

41 A New Formalism for Modeling of Reactive and Hybrid Systems
Otter; Martin ; Malmheden; Martin ; Elmqvist; Hilding ; Mattsson; Sven Erik ; Johnsson; Charlotta

42 Modelica as a design tool for hardware-in-the-loop simulation
Bonvini; Marco ; Donida; Filippo ; Leva; Alberto

43 Real-Time Simulation of Modelica-based Models
Blochwitz; Torsten ; Beutlich; Thomas

44 Modelica Library for Building Heating; Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems
Wetter; Michael

45 HumanComfort Modelica-Library Thermal Comfort in Buildings and Mobile Applications
Michaelsen; Boris ; Eiden; Joerg

46 Integrated Thermal Management Simulation: Evaluating the Effect of Underhood Recirculation Flows on AC-System Performance
Wang; Zhu ; Tuszynski; Kristian ; Tummescheit; Hubertus ; Alajbegovic; Ales

47 Investigating the Multibody Dynamics of the Complete Powertrain System
Picarelli; Alessandro ; Dempsey; Mike

48 Detailed Loss Modelling of Vehicle Gearboxes
Schlegel; Clemens ; Hösl; Andreas ; Diel; Sergej

49 Powertrain Torsional Vibration System Model Development in Modelica for NVH Studies
Pitchaikani; Anand ; Venkataraman; Shankar ; Kumar Koppu; Kiran ; Batteh; John ; Tiller; Michael

50 A Petri Net Library for Modeling Hybrid Systems in OpenModelica
Proß; Sabrina ; Bachmann; Bernhard

51 Modelling a Bacterimss Life: A Petrin-Net Library in Modelica
Proß; Sabrina ; Bachmann; Bernhard ; Hofestädt; Ralf ; Niehaus; Karsten ; Ueckerdt; Rainer ; Vorhölter; Frank-Jörg ; Lutter; Petra

52 Creating a Bridge between Modelica and the Systems Biology Community
Brugård; Jan ; Hedberg; Daniel ; Cascante; Marta ; Cedersund; Gunnar ; Gómez-Garrido; Alex ; Maier; Dieter ; Nyman; Elin ; Selivanov; Vitaly ; Strålfors; Peter

53 Optimization of a Pendulum System using Optimica and Modelica
Giselsson; Pontus ; Åkesson; Johan ; Robertsson; Anders

54 Optimized Control of Hot-Gas Cycle for Solar Thermal Power Plants
Gall; Jan ; Abel; Dirk ; Ahlbrink; Nils ; Pitz-Paal; Robert ; Andersson; Joel ; Diehl; Moritz ; Teixeira Boura; Cristiano ; Schmitz; Mark ; Hoffschmidt; Bernhard

55 Feedback Loop Optimization for a Distillation System by applying C-Code Controllers with Dymola
Kapeller; Hansjörg ; Simic; Dragan

56 Modelling of high temperature storage systems for latent heat
Stückle; Andreas

57 Modelling of Residential Heating Systems using a Phase Change Material Storage System
Leonhardt; Corinna ; Müller; Dirk

58 Rapid Thermal Analysis of Rigid Three-Dimensional Bodies with the Use of Modelica Physical Modelling Language
Bolduc; Corey ; Adourian; Chahé

59 SoundDuctFlow: A Modelica Library for Modeling Acoustics and Flow in Duct Networks
Kühnelt; Helmut ; Bäuml; Thomas ; Haumer; Anton

60 Introduction of the 3D Geometrical Constraints in Modelica
Plateaux; Régis ; Penas; Olivia ; Mhenni; Faïda ; Choley; Jean-Yves ; Riviere; Alain

61 Using Modelica for Interactive Simulations of Technical Systems in a Virtual Reality Environment
Frenkel; Jens ; Schubert; Christian ; Kunze; Guenter ; Jankov; Kristian

62 Interactive Simulations and advanced Visualization with Modelica
Bellmann; Tobias

63 Redundancies in Multibody Systems and Automatic Coupling of CATIA and Modelica
Elmqvist; Hilding ; Mattsson; Sven Erik ; Chapuis; Christophe

64 Improvement of MSL Electrical Analog Library
Majetta; Kristin ; Clauß; Christoph ; Franke; Matthias ; Schneider; Peter

65 SPICE3 Modelica Library
Majetta; Kristin ; Böhme; Sandra ; Clauß; Christoph ; Schneider; Peter

66 Automatic modelling of Power Electronic Converter; Average model construction and Modelica model generation
Allain; Loig ; Merdassi; Asma ; Gerbaud; Laurent

67 Pre-designing an electronic card using a multi-domain models approach with DYMOLA
Roumizadeh; Behrouz ; Choley; Jean Yves ; Plateaux; Régis ; Penas; Olivia ; Riviere; Alain

68 Modelica Libraries for Linear Control Systems
Baur; Marcus ; Otter; Martin ; Thiele; Bernhard

69 Dymola and Modelica_EmbeddedSystems in Teaching - Experiences from a Project Course
Åkesson; Johan ; Nordström; Ulf ; Elmqvist; Hilding

70 Towards Unified System Modeling and Simulation with ModelicaML: Modeling of Executable Behavior Using Graphical Notations
Schamai; Wladimir ; Fritzson; Peter ; Paredis; Chris ; Pop; Adrian

71 Object-oriented simulation of preemptive feedback process schedulers
Maggio; Martina ; Leva; Alberto

72 Building Modelica Tools using the Modelica SDK
Harman; Peter ; Tiller; Michael

73 The Role of Modelica in a Robust Engineering Process
Harman; Peter

74 Towards a full integration of Modelica models in the Scicos environment
Nikoukhah; Ramine ; Furic; Sébastien

75 Linear Analysis Approach for Modelica Models
Allain; Loig ; Neyrat; Stéphane ; Viel; Antoine

76 TrueTime Network — A Network Simulation Library for Modelica
Reuterswärd; Philip ; Åkesson; Johan ; Cervin; Anton ; Årzén; Karl-Erik

77 Design and Implementation of Animation Post-processor Based on ACIS and HOOPS in MWorks
Zhou; Fanli ; Zhang; Hehua ; Zhu; Hengwei ; Gong; Xiong ; Wang; Boxing ; Liu; Jun ; Chen; Liping ; Huang; Zhengdong

78 Implementation of a Modelica Library for Smooth Spline Approximation
Ungethüm; Jörg ; Hülsebusch; Dirk

79 Point-to-Curve Constraints and other Contact Elements
Beuter; Volker

80 Modeling and Simulation of a Solar Tower Power Plant with Open Volumetric Air Receiver
Ahlbrink; Nils ; Belhomme; Boris ; Pitz-Paal; Robert

81 Modelling Steam Generators for Sodium Fast Reactor with Modelica
David; Franck ; Souyri; Annick

82 Simulation of the dynamic behaviour of steam turbines with Modelica
Birnbaum; Juergen ; Joecker; Markus ; Link; Kilian ; Pitz-Paal; Robert ; Toni; Franziska ; Zimmer; Gerta

83 System-Level Modeling of an ICE-powered Vehicle with Thermoelectric Waste-Heat-Utilization
Braig; Thomas ; Ungethüm; Jörg

84 Some aspects of the modeling of tube-and-shell heat-exchangers
Sodja; Anton ; Zupancic; Borut ; Sink; Janko

85 Reversed-flow models
Skoglund; Tomas

86 Control system design for the starch mashing phase in the production of beer
Leva; Alberto ; Donida; Filippo

87 Optimal Robot Control Using Modelica and Optimica
Hast; Martin ; Åkesson; Johan ; Robertsson; Anders

88 Using Modelica models in real time dynamic optimization - gradient computation
Imsland; Lars ; Kittilsen; Pål ; Schei; Tor Steinar

89 Multiple-Shooting Optimization using the Platform
Rantil; Jens ; Åkesson; Johan ; Führer; Claus ; Gäfvert; Magnus

90 Symbolic Model Reduction Applied to Realtime Simulation of a Construction Machine
Mikelsons; Lars ; Ji; Hongchao ; Brandt; Thorsten ; Lenord; Oliver

91 Modelica and Dymola for education in vehicle dynamics at KTH
Edrén; J. ; Jonasson; M. ; Nilsson; A. ; Rehnberg; A. ; Svahn; F. ; Trigell; A. S.

92 On the link between Architectural Description Models and Modelica Analyses Models
Chapon; Damien ; Bouchez; Guillaume

93 Model based Virtual Startup of Automation Systems
Schob; Uwe ; Böttcher; Ralf ; Blochwitz; Torsten ; Oelsner; Olaf

94 Advanced simulation methods for heat pump systems
Huchtemann; Kristian ; Müller; Dirk

95 Thermal Separation: An Approach for a Modelica Library for Absorption; Adsorption and Rectification
Joos; Andreas ; Dietl; Karin ; Schmitz; Gerhard

96 Modeling of Rotary Kilns and Application to Limestone Calcination
Küssel; Uwe ; Abel; Dirk ; Schumacher; Matthias ; Weng; Martin

97 Implementation of an Extended Vehicle Model Architecture in Modelica for Hybrid Vehicle Modeling: Development and Applications
Batteh; John ; Tiller; Michael

98 Interfacing Abaqus with Dymola: A High Fidelity Anti-Lock Brake System Simulation
Schofield; Brad ; Surendranath; Harish ; Gäfvert; Magnus ; Oancea; Victor

99 Real-time Drive Cycle Simulation of Automotive Climate Control System
Pitchaikani; Anand ; Jebakumar S; Kingsly ; Venkataraman; Shankar ; Sundaresan; S. A.

100 The AdvancedMachines Library: Loss Models for Electric Machines
Haumer; Anton ; Kral; Christian ; Kapeller; Hansjörg ; Bäuml; Thomas ; Gragger; Johannes V.

101 A Modelica Library for High-Voltage AC Circuit-Breaker Modeling
Lehmann; Jörg ; Ohlsson; Daniel ; Wiesmann; Hansjürg

102 Model of a Squirrel Cage Induction Machine with Interbar Conductances
Kral; Christian ; Haumer; Anton ; Kubicek; Bernhard ; Winter; Oliver

103 Enforcing model composability in Modelica
Furic; Sébastien

104 Module-Preserving Compilation of Modelica Models
Zimmer; Dirk

105 Extendable Physical Unit Checking with Understandable Error Reporting
Aronsson; Peter ; Broman; David