Biodiesel from Microalgae as A Solution of Third World Energy Crisis

Md.Imran Kais
Square Group, Bangladesh

Farsad Imtiaz Chowdhury
Rahimafrooz, Bangladesh

Kazy Fayeen Shahriar
Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh

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Ingår i: World Renewable Energy Congress - Sweden; 8-13 May; 2011; Linköping; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 57:26, s. 192-199

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Publicerad: 2011-11-03

ISBN: 978-91-7393-070-3

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)


The world is heading towards the crisis of petro fuel. The excessive use of petrofuel is causing global warming. Now it is high time to search for alternative fuel source that will be environment friendly. The crisis for energy is more acute in Bangladesh; as there is no petrofuel source but only natural gas; the reserve has also dropped down to an alarming level. Again the global warming is threatening Bangladesh to be climate change victim. So there is no alternative for Bangladesh rather than renewable energy sources. Biofuel from microalgae can be a solution of this problem. Oil from the algae lipid can be turned into biodegradable and carbon neutral Biodiesel. Use of this diesel can reduce air pollution at remarkable level. This study focuses on algae cultivation in Bangladesh. A lab scale production of Chlorella and Botroyococcus braunii was executed in open pond and bioreactor system. Then diesel was produced by transesterification from collected algae oil. Later data was collected from this experiment. Cost analysis was prepared to get a clear concept of the actual scenario of algae fuel probability. This study indicates high potentiality of algae based fuel to be used in Bangladesh replacing diesel for energy production. It can be a model for any third world country to mitigate the energy crisis with a greener solution.


Transesterification; Biofuel; Microalgae ;Lipid


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