Implementation of a Modelica Library for Simulation of Electromechanical Actuators for Aircraft and Helicopters

Franciscus L.J. van der Linden
German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of System Dynamics and Control, Weßling, Germany

Clemens Schlegel
Schlegel Simulation GmbH, Freising, Germany

Markus Christmann
EADS Innovation Works, Munich, Germany

Gergely Regula
MTA SZTAKI, Budapest, Hungary

Chris I. Hill
University of Nottingham, Aerospace Technology Centre, Innovation Park, Nottingham, UK

Paolo Giangrande
University of Nottingham, Tower Building, University Park, Nottingham, UK

Jean-Charles Maré
Institut National des Sciences Appliquåes, Toulouse Cedex 4, France

Imanol Egaña
IK4 TEKNIKER, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Ladda ner artikelhttp://dx.doi.org/10.3384/ecp14096757

Ingår i: Proceedings of the 10th International Modelica Conference; March 10-12; 2014; Lund; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 96:79, s. 757-766

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Publicerad: 2014-03-10

ISBN: 978-91-7519-380-9

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)


The goal of the A2015 library presented in this paper is to develop a Modelica based; tool-independent standard for electromechanical actuators (EMA). This will contribute to the establishment of a "common language" throughout the development of EMAs for aircraft and helicopters and through the supply chain. All stages of the design and validation process (conceptual design; specification; development and validation) are covered. The modeling ap-proach addresses specific aspects of the EMA design process not covered by existing tools. The library scope; engineering need and implementation are described. Modeling of selected EMA components is discussed in more detail. An application example of the library is given (linear actuator; A320 aileron).


Actuator; EMA; Library; Multi Physics


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