The Annual SIGRAD Conference. Special Theme - Environmental Visualization

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 13 (2004)

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Redaktör(er): Seipel ; Stefan (ed.)

Publicerad: 2004-11-24

ISBN: 91-85295-97-3

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 61


1 Interactive landscape visualization
Deussen; Oliver

2 Visualization at SMHI
Landelius; Tomas

3 TetSplat: Real-Time Rendering and Volume Clipping of Large Unstructured Tetrahedral Meshes
Museth; Ken

4 Incremental Spherical Linear Interpolation
Barrera; Tony ; Hast; Anders ; Bengtsson; Ewert

5 Dynamic Code Generation for Realtime Shaders
Folkegård; Niklas ; Wesslén; Daniel

6 PyFX - An Active Effect Framwork
Lejdfors; Calle ; Ohlsson; Lennart

7 Real-time Rendering of Accumulated Snow
Ohlsson; Per ; Seipel; Stefan

8 Fast surface rendering for interactive medical image segmentation with haptic feedback
Vidholm; Erik ; Agmund; Jonas

9 Collaborative 3D Visualizations of Geo-Spatial Information for Command and Control
Winkler Pettersson; Lars ; Spak; Ulrik ; Seipel; Stefan

10 Context Aware Maps
Henrysson; Anders ; Ollila; Mark

11 GPU-assisted Surface Reconstruction and Motion Analysis from Range Scanner Data
Wesslén; Daniel ; Seipel; Stefan

12 Towards rapid urban environment modelling
Söderman; Ulf ; Ahlberg; Simon ; Persson; Åsa ; Elmqvist; Magnus

13 3D Reconstruction From Non-Euclidian Distance Fields
Sandholm; Anders ; Museth; Ken

14 Improved Diffuse Anisotropic Shading
Hast; Anders ; Wesslén; Daniel ; Seipel; Stefan

15 An Optimized; Grid Independent; Narrow Band Data Structure for High Resolution Level Sets
Bang Nielsen; Michael ; Museth; Ken

16 The Virtual Forest
Wesslén; Daniel ; Seipel; Stefan