Nordic MPS 2004. The Ninth Meeting of the Nordic Section of the Mathematical Programming Society

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 14 (2004)

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Redaktör(er): Yuan; Di (ed.)

Publicerad: 2004-12-28

ISBN: 91-85297-29-1

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 97


1 Determining the Non-Existence of Compatibel OSPF Weights
Broström; Peter ; Holmberg; Kaj

2 Cutting Plane Methods in Decision Analysis
Ding; Xiaosong ; Al-Khayyal; Faiz

3 Topology Optimization of Navier-Stokes Equations
Evgrafov; Anton

4 A Generating Set Search Method Exploiting Curvature and Sparsity
Frimannslund; Lennart ; Steihaug; Trond

5 Duality in MIP. Generating Dual Price Functions Using Branch-and-Cut
Pachkova; Elena V.

6 On the Facial Structure of the Replacement Polytope
Andréasson; Niclas

7 Optimization and Evolutionary Search: Related Issues
Bhattacharya; Maumita

8 Determining the Non-Existence of a Compatible OSPF Metric
Broström; Peter ; Holmberg; Kaj

9 On the Use of Second Derivatives in Optimization of Radiation Therapy
Carlsson; Fredrik ; Forsgren; Anders

10 A Method for Approximating Symmetrically Reciprocal Matrices by Transitive Matrices
Dahl; Geir

11 Cutting Plane Method in Decision Analysis
Ding; Xiaosong ; Al-Khayyal; Faiz

12 Topology Optimization of the Navier-Stokes Equations
Evgrafov; Anton

13 A New Generating Set Search Method for Unconstrained Optimisation
Frimannslund; Lennart ; Steihaug; Trond

14 Tabu Search Heuristics for the Probabilistic Dial-a-Ride Problem
Ho; Sin C. ; Haugland; Dag

15 Path Relinking for the Vehicle Routing Problem
Ho; Sin C. ; Gendreau; Michel

16 Stronger Necessary Conditions for the Existence of a Compatible OSPF Metric
Broström; Peter ; Holmberg; Kaj

17 Optimizing the Schedule of a Sports League
Joborn; Martin

18 Ship Scheduling with Visit Separation Constraints
Sigurd; Mikkel M. ; Ulstein; Nina L. ; Nygreen; Bjørn ; Ryan; David M.

19 CPLEX Overview and Recent Advances in Mathematical Programming
Oussedik; Sofiane

20 Duality in MIP
Pachkova; Elena V.

21 Global Optimality Conditions for Discrete and Nonconvex Optimization; With Applications to Lagrangian Heuristics and Column Generation
Larsson; Torbjörn ; Patriksson; Michael

22 Origin-Destination Matrx Estimation from Traffic Counts
Peterson; Anders

23 Sensitivity Analysis of a Bilevel Traffic Equilibrium Problem with Welfare Constraints
Rydergren; Clas

24 Facility Location under Economics of Scale in the Case of Uncertain Demand
Schütz; Peter ; Stougie; Leen ; Tomasgard; Asgeir

25 A Stochastic Algorithm for Constrained Multiobjective Optimization
Shukla; P. K.

26 Modified Variable Neighborhood Search for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Accessibility Constraints
Souid; Mahdi ; Hanafi; Saïd ; Semet; Fréderic

27 The Hub Location Network Design Problem
Thomadsen; Tommy ; Stidsen; Thomas

28 Design of Planar Articulated Mechanisms Using Branch and Bound
Stolpe; Mathias ; Kawamoto; Atsushi

29 Joint Hub Location; Node Clustering and Network Design of Two-Tiered Meshed Networks
Thomadsen; Tommy ; Stidsenm; Thomas

30 Supply Base Management
Wallace; Stein W. ; Aas; Bjørnar

31 Methods for Some Linear and Quadratic Optimization Problems Defined on a Set of Orthogonal Vectors
Wedin; Per-Åke

32 A Hierarchical Neighbourhood Search Method for Topology Optimization
Svanberg; Krister ; Werme; Mats

33 Minimum-Energy Broadcasting and Multicasting in Ad Hoc Networks: Some Integer Programming Formulations and Computational Experiences
Yuan; Di