Transforming Basque Manufacturing Companies through Service Design: Showing the Potential of Service Thinking

Ion Iriarte
Design Innovation Centre, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Mondragon, Spain

Daniel Justel
Design Innovation Centre, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Mondragon, Spain

Mikel Orobengoa
Design Innovation Centre, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Mondragon, Spain

Ester Val
Design Innovation Centre, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Mondragon, Spain

Itsaso Gonzalez
Design Innovation Centre, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Mondragon, Spain

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Ingår i: ServDes.2014 Service Future; Proceedings of the fourth Service Design and Service Innovation Conference; Lancaster University; United Kingdom; 9-11 April 2014

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 99:37, s. 382-387

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Publicerad: 2014-06-25

ISBN: 978-91-7519-280-2

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)


This short paper aims to illustrate the joint effort by Mondragon University’s Design Innovation Centre (DBZ) and the Mondragon Group’s Business Acceleration Centre (BAC Mondragon) to demonstrate to manufacturing companies the innovation potential of Service Thinking. In this initiative; Strategic Design students have used Service Design to create new service concepts based on Mondragon Group’s current products and manufacturing capabilities. The process and the results obtained were presented to Mondragon Group’s managers with the purpose to promote future Service Design projects. This initiative became the first stage of the Service Design for Industrial Enterprises (DISEI) project. DISEI is an ongoing knowledge transfer project that tries to introduce Service Thinking into the Basque industry as an innovation strategy.


service logic; servitisation; service thinking; service design


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