ServDes.2014 Service Future; Proceedings of the fourth Service Design and Service Innovation Conference; Lancaster University; United Kingdom; 9-11 April 2014

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 99 (2014)

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Redaktör(er): Daniela Sangiorgi; David Hands; Emma Murphy

Publicerad: 2014-06-25

ISBN: 978-91-7519-280-2

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 485


1 Service Futures: What is Expected from Customer Care?
Asbjørn Følstad; Knut Kvale; Joachim Bråthen; Ida Maria Haugstveit

2 Priority Setting For Service Design in Age-Friendly Cities: the City of Ankara
Necmiye Savut; Halime Demirkan

3 The Identification of Innovative Customer Groups for Collaborative Design Activities
Jakob Trischler; Don Scott

4 Starting a Conversation: the Need for and Application of Service Design in International Development
Ruth Edmonds; Mary Rose Cook

5 The Potential of a Design for Service Approach to Transform Voluntary Community Sector Organisations
Laura Warwick; Robert Young; Matthew Lievesley

6 Informal; Formal; Collaborative: Identifying New Models of Services within Favelas of Rio de Janeiro
Maíra Joly; Carla Cipolla; Ezio Manzini

7 Brave New Worlds: Transitions in Design Practice
Joyce Yee; Emma Jefferies; Lauren Tan

8 Design for Social Innovation: Building a Framework of Connection Between Design and Social Innovation
Beatrice Villari; Marzia Mortati

9 The Role of Service Design in the Effectual Journey of Social Entrepreneurs
Gerasimos Balis

10 Borg-Human Interaction Design
Claudio Pinhanez

11 The Service Ouroboros: Designing Persona Service Cycles
Sune Gudiksen; Eva Brandt

12 Toward an Anthropology of Services
Jeanette Blomberg; Chuck Darrah

13 Design Strategies for Human Relations in Services
Dirk Snelders; Evelien Van de Garde-Perik; Fernando Secomandi

14 Accessible Self-Service: A Driver For Innovation in Service Design
Jenny Darzentas; John Darzentas

15 Servitization of Products as an Approach For Design-Driven Innovation
Ehsan Baha; Aylin Groenewoud; Koert van Mensvoort

16 Design Legacies: Why Service Designers are not able to Embed Design in the Organisation
Sabine Junginger

17 Passing on; Handing over; Letting go - The Passage of Embodied Design Methods for Disaster Preparedness
Yoko Akama

18 Imagineering as Complexity-Inspired Method for Transformative Service Design
Diane Nijs; Ir. Jo Van Engelen

19 Service Design as an Approach to New Service Development: Reflections and Future Studies
Eun Yu; Daniela Sangiorgi

20 Conceiving and Developing a Mainstream Consumer Service to Support Older or Vulnerable People Living Independently
Nikki Holliday; Gillian Ward; Darren Awang; David Harson

21 Challenges in Designing and Scaling-Up Community Services
Nicola Morelli

22 A Design-led Complex Intervention for the Stroke Rehabilitation Service
Alastair Macdonald; David Loudon; Anne Taylor

23 Experience-based Co design and Healthcare Improvement: Realising Participatory Design in the Public Sector
Sara Donetto; Paola Pierri; Vicki Tsianakas; Glenn Robert

24 Can Awareness-based Practices Benefit Co-creation in Community Social Innovation?
Pratik Vyas; Robert Young; Nick Spencer; Petia Sice

25 What triggers Us?! A Close Look at Socio-Material Situations of Co-designing Services
Mette Agger Eriksen

26 How to Get a Leader to Talk: Tangible Objects for Strategic Conversations in Service Design
Simon Clatworthy; Robin Oorschot; Berit Lindquister

27 Using Information Visualisation to Support Creativity in Service Design Workshops
Graham Dove; Sara Jones

28 Components of a Visual Language for Service Design
Ragnhild Halvorsrud; Eunji Lee; Ida Maria Haugstveit; Asbjørn Følstad

29 Incorporating the Customer Experience along Different Iterative Cycles of Service Design
Teresa Sarmento; Lia Patricio

30 Wearable Probes for Service Design
Aaron Mullane; Jarmo Laaksolahti; Dag Svanæs

31 The Applicability of Online Communities in Health Service Co-Design
Ander Altuna; Thomas Jun

32 Weaving Place into the Centre of Service Design: A Reflective Case Study
Alison Prendiville

33 Resource Oriented Service Ideation: Integrating S-D Logic with Service Design Techniques
Masanao Takeyama; Kahoru Tsukui; Yoshitaka Shibata

34 Fragile Liaison — Opportunities and Challenges in Cross Organisational Service Networks
Jaana Hyvärinen; Jung-Joo Lee; Tuuli Mattelmaki

35 Design for Cross-Sectorial Service Innovation - Provisional Framework
Bettina Minder

36 Transforming the Planning Process - Challenges for the Service Designer
Lara Salinas; Sebastian Weise; Serena Pollastri

37 Transforming Basque Manufacturing Companies through Service Design: Showing the Potential of Service Thinking
Ion Iriarte; Daniel Justel; Mikel Orobengoa ; Ester Val; Itsaso Gonzalez

38 The Future of the Service Design Category: Authentic Adaption as a Way Out?
Eva Kirchberger; Mark Kennedy

39 Challenges and Perspectives in Service Design Curricula: The Case of the Service Systems Design Master of Aalborg University in Copenhagen
Amalia De Götzen; Nicola Morelli; Francesco Grani

40 Positioning Service Design as Transformational Approach in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
Ksenija Kuzmina; Tracy Bhamra

41 Transforming Student Services in Higher Education
Heather Madden

42 Customer Journeys: Involving Customers and Internal Resources in the Design and Management of Services
Asbjørn Følstad; Knut Kvale; Ragnhild Halvorsrud

43 Service Archetypes; A Methodological Consideration
Stefan Holmlid; Johan Blomkvist

44 A Research Framework for Service Evaluation
Francesca Foglieni; Stefano Maffei; Beatrice Villari

45 Defining Values through Collaboration
Karianne Rygh; Danielle Arets; Bas Raijmakers

46 Dead or Alive: How Municipalities Can Use Service Design Tools to Create Live Services that are Flexible; Mindful and Involving
Fredrik Sandberg

47 Open Service Innovation Platforms and Experience
Dimitra Chasanidou; Amela Karahasanovic

48 The Strategic Role of Design in Supporting Knowledge Exchange
Jennifer Ballie; Suzanne Prior

49 Networked Collaboration Canvas: How can Service Design facilitate Networked Collaboration?
Lilian Henze; Ingrid Mulder

50 The Appliance of Science — How Behavioural Science Can Help Create Better Services
Ed Gardiner; Rupert Tebb

51 Published Research vs. Business Reality: Towards a Common Understanding of Customer Journey Mapping
Markus Edgar Hormeß; Marc Stickdorn

52 Feely Touchpoints and Bouncy Journeys? Kinetic Materials for Service Design
Robb Mitchell; Mette Agger Eriksen; Sune Klok Gudiksen; Kirsikka Vaajakallio

53 Bedside Manners: Lessons Learned from Design Practice in Healthcare
Daniel Wolstenholme; Helena Sustar; Simon Bowen

54 CoCo Cosmos - Experiencing a New Visual Way to Develop Service Businesses
Krista Keränen; Katri Ojasalo; Outi Kinnunen

55 Future Worlding for Service Design
Sandjar Kozubaev; Chris Livaudais

56 Open Badges for Service Designers
Sarah Drummond; Valerie Carr; Andy Young; Lizzie Brotherston

57 Open Service Design? Exploring Customer Co-Creation in a Service Manufactory
Jonas; Julia M.; Roth; Angela; Wolpert; Stefan; Moeslein; Kathrin M.

58 Co-creation with Co-workers as a Creative Method for Improving Service in the Health Care Domain
Erik Hammarström; Johanna Thorell

59 Design for Service Design and Research Forum
Daniela Sangiorgi; Alison Prendville; Lia Patricio; Don Allen

60 Design for Service Design and Educatioin Forum
Lara Penin; Beatrice Villari; Stefan Holmlid

61 Service Design and Social Innovation Forum
Ezio Manzini; Carla Cipolla; Adam Thorpe