Proceedings of the 11th International Modelica Conference, Versailles, France, September 21-23, 2015

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 118 (2015)

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Redaktör(er): Peter Fritzson and Hilding Elmqvist

Publicerad: 2015-09-18

ISBN: 978-91-7685-955-1

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 784


1 Experience with Industrial In-House Application of FMI
Kilian Link, Leo Gall, Monika Mühlbauer and Stephanie Gallardo-Yances

2 A Novel Proposal on how to Parameterize Models in Dymola Utilizing External Files under Consideration of a Subsequent Model Export using the Functional Mock-Up Interface
Thomas Schmitt, Markus Andres, Stephan Ziegler and Stephan Diehl

3 Design Choices for Thermofluid Flow Components and Systems that are Exported as Functional Mockup Units
Michael Wetter, Marcus Fuchs and Thierry S. Nouidui

4 FMI for Physical Models on Automotive Embedded Targets
Christian Bertsch, Jonathan Neudorfer, Elmar Ahle, Siva Sankar Arumugham, Karthikeyan Ramachandran and Andreas Thuy

5 Methodology for Obtaining Linear State Space Building Energy Simulation Models
Damien Picard, Filip Jorissen and Lieve Helsen

6 Simulation Speed Analysis and Improvements of Modelica Models for Building Energy Simulation
Filip Jorissen, Michael Wetter and Lieve Helsen

7 Energy Efficient Design for Hotels in the Tropical Climate using Modelica
Reymundo Miranda, Sen Huang, German Barrios, Dan Li and Wangda Zuo

8 Presentation, Validation and Application of the DistrictHeating Modelica Library
Loic Giraud, Roland Baviere, Mathieu Vallée and Cédric Paulus

9 Multi-Mode DAE Systems with Varying Index
Sven Erik Mattsson, Martin Otter and Hilding Elmqvist

10 Internalized State-Selection: Generation and Integration of Quasi-Linear Differential-Algebraic Equations
Christoph Höger and Andreas Steinbrecher

11 Fractional-Order Modelling in Modelica
Alexander Pollok, Dirk Zimmer and Francesco Casella

12 Modelica Library for Feed Drive Systems
Denis Özdemir, Tobias Motschke, Werner Herfs and Christian Brecher

13 Model-based Development of a Holistic Thermal Management System for an Electric Car with a High Temperature Fuel Cell Range Extender
Torben Fischer, Florian Götz, Lars Fredrik Berg, Hans-Peter Kollmeier and Frank Gauterin

14 Predicting the Effect of Gearbox Preconditioning on Vehicle Efficiency
Romain Gillot, Alessandro Picarelli and Mike Dempsey

15 Model Based Development of Future Small Electric Vehicle by Modelica
Yutaka Hirano, Shintaro Inoue and Junya Ota

16 Modelling of Torque-Vectoring Drives for Electric Vehicles: a Case Study
Franciscus L. J. van der Linden and Jakub Tobolár

17 Co-Simulation of Hybrid Systems with SpaceEx and Uppaal
Sergiy Bogomolov, Marius Greitschus, Peter G. Jensen, Kim G. Larsen, Marius Mikucionis, Thomas Strump and Stavros Tripakis

18 Automated Deployment of Modelica Models in Excel via Functional Mockup Interface and Integration with modeFRONTIER
John Batteh, Jesse Gohl, Anand Pitchaikani, Alexander Duggan and Nader Fateh

19 An Open-Source Graphical Composite Modeling Editor and Simulation Tool Based on FMI and TLM Co-Simulation
Alachew Mengist, Adeel Asghar, Adrian Pop, Peter Fritzson, Willi Braun, Alexander Siemers and Dag Fritzson

20 The Modelica Language and the FMI Standard for Modeling and Simulation of Smart Grids
Olivier Chilard, Jérémy Boes, Alexandre Perles, Guy Camilleri, Marie-Pierre Gleizes, Jean-Philippe Tavella and Dominique Croteau

21 Coupled modeling of a District Heating System with Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage and Absorption Heat Transformer
Carles Ribas Tugores, Henning Francke, Falk Cudok, Alexander Inderfurth, Stefan Kranz and Christoph Nytsch-Geusen

22 Energy-Efficient Design of a Research Greenhouse with Modelica
Torsten Schwan, Rene Unger and Jörg Pipiorke

23 Production Planning for Distributed District Heating Networks with
Håkan Runvik, Per-Ola Larsson, Stéphane Velut, Jonas Funkquist, Markus Bohlin, Andreas Nilsson and Sara Modarrez Razavi

24 Hardware-in-the-Loop-Simulation of a Building Energy and Control System to Investigate Circulating Pump Control Using Modelica
Georg Ferdinand Schneider, Jens Oppermann, Ana Constantin, Rita Streblow and Dirk Müller

25 Automatic GPU Code Generation of Modelica Functions
Hilding Elmqvist, Hans Olsson, Axel Goteman, Vilhelm Roxling, Dirk Zimmer and Alexander Pollok

26 Constructs for Meta Properties Modeling in Modelica
Hilding Elmqvist, Hans Olsson and Martin Otter

27 Flattening of Modelica State Machines: A Practical Symbolic Representation
Bernhard Thiele, Adrian Pop and Peter Fritzson

28 Exploiting Repeated Structures and Vectorization in Modelica
Joseph Schuchart, Volker Waurich, Martin Flehmig, Marcus Walther, Wolfgang E. Nagel and Ines Gubsch

29 High Fidelity Multibody Vehicle Dynamics Models for Driver-in-the-Loop Simulators
Mike Dempsey, Garron Fish and Juan Gabriel Delgado Beltran

30 Modeling and Validation of a Multiple Evaporator Refrigeration Cycle for Electric Vehicles
Andreas Varchmin, Manuel Gräber and Jürgen Köhler

31 Modeling the Effects of Energy Efficient Glazing on Cabin Thermal Energy and Vehicle Efficiency
Aled Gravelle, Simon Robinson and Alessandro Picarelli

32 A Framework for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control in
Magdalena Axelsson, Fredrik Magnusson and Toivo Henningsson

33 A Toolchain for Solving Dynamic Optimization Problems Using Symbolic and Parallel Computing
Evgeny Lazutkin, Siegbert Hopfgarten, Abebe Geletu and Pu Li

34 NMPC Application using Features and Performance
Christian Hartlep and Toivo Henningsson

35 A Modelica Library for Manual Tracking
James Potter

36 Model-based control with FMI and a C++ runtime for Modelica
Rüdiger Franke, Marcus Walther, Niklas Worschech, Willi Braun and Bernhard Bachmann

37 Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion Control for Wind Turbine Load Mitigation based on Wind Speed Measurement
Matthias Reiner and Dirk Zimmer

38 Free Modelica Library for Chemical and Electrochemical Processes
Marek Matejak, Martin Tribula, Filip Ježek and Jiri Kofranek

39 Modeling Biology in Modelica: The Human Baroreflex
Christopher Schölzel, Alexander Goesmann, Gernot Ernst and Andreas Dominik

40 A City Traffic Library
Eashan Liyana, Simon Lacroux and Jean-Baptiste Barbe

41 An Open Toolchain for Generating Modelica Code from Building Information Models
Matthis Thorade, Jörg Rädler, Peter Remmen, Tobias Maile, Reinhard Wimmer, Jun Cao, Moritz Lauster, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Dirk Müller and Christoph van Treeck

42 Lessons Learnt from Network Modelling of a Low Heat Density District Heating System
Itzal Del Hoyo Arce, Susana López Perez, Saioa Herrero López and Iván Mesonero Dávila

43 Modelica based Design and Optimisation of Control Systems for Solar Heat Systems and Low Energy Buildings
Stephan Seidel, Christoph Clauß, Jürgen Haufe, Kristin Majetta, Torsten Blochwitz, Edgar Liebold, Ullrich Hintzen and Volker Klostermann

44 How to Shape Noise Spectra for Continuous System Simulation
Andreas Klöckner, Andreas Knoblach and Andreas Heckmann

45 Dynamic Modelling of a Flat-Plate Solar Collector for Control Purposes
Saioa Herrero López, Susana López Perez, Itzal del Hoyo Arce and Iván Mesonero Dávila

46 Generic Modelica Framework for MultiBody Contacts and Discrete Element Method
Hilding Elmqvist, Axel Goteman, Vilhelm Roxling and Toheed Ghandriz

47 Different Models of a Scaled Experimental Running Gear for the DLR RailwayDynamics Library
Christoph Schwarz, Andreas Heckmann and Alexander Keck

48 Efficient Compilation of Large Scale Dynamical Systems
Federico Bergero, Mariano Botta, Esteban Campostrini and Ernesto Kofman

49 Simulation of Large-Scale Models in Modelica: State of the Art and Future Perspectives
Francesco Casella

50 Developing Mathematical Models of Batteries in Modelica for Energy Storage Applications
Thanh-Son Dao and Chad Schmitke

51 Average Model of a Synchronous Half-Bridge DC/DC Converter Considering Losses and Dynamics
Michael Winter, Sascha Moser, Stefan Schoenewolf, Julian Taube and Hans-Georg Herzog

52 Modeling and Simulation of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine Transient Performance Using Modelica
Wei Liu, Liping Chen, Gang Xie, Ji Ding, Haiming Zhang and Hao Yang

53 Model Based Specifications in Aircraft Systems Design
Martin Kuhn, Martin Otter and Tim Giese

54 Multi Electrical Machine Pre-Design Tool with Error Handling and Machine Specific Advanced Graphical Design Aid Features Based on Modelica
Tomasz D. Michalski, Antoni Garcia Espinosa, Jordi-Roger Riba Ruiz and Luis Romeral Martinez

55 Enhancements of Electric Machine Models: The EMachines Library
Anton Haumer and Christian Kral

56 Simulation of Piping 3D Designs Powered by Modelica
Xavier Remond, Thierry Gengler and Christophe Chapuis

57 3D Schematics of Modelica Models and Gamification
Hilding Elmqvist, Alexander D. Baldwin and Simon Dahlberg

58 Holistic Virtual Testing and Analysis of a Concept Hybrid Electric Vehicle Model
Jonathan Spike, Johannes Friebe, Chad Schmitke, Christian Donn, Michael Folie, Valerie Bensch and Christine Schwarz

59 Modeling of an Automatic Transmission for the Evaluation of Test Procedures in a Virtual End-of-Line Test Bench
Jan Röper, Jörn Göres and Clemens Gühmann

60 A New Fault Injection Method for Liquid Rocket Pressurization and Feed System
Mingqing Zhu, Gang Xie, Jintao Shao, Liping Chen and Fanli Zhou

61 Automated Safety Analysis by Minimal Path Set Detection for Multi-Domain Object-Oriented Models
Christian Schallert

62 High-fidelity Modelling of Self-regulating Pneumatic Valves
Alexander Pollok and Francesco Casella

63 Dynamic Modeling of a Central Receiver CSP System in Modelica
Johan Edman and Johan Windahl

64 Modeling of Linear Concentrating Solar Power using Direct Steam Generation with Parabolic-Trough
Antoine Aurousseau, Valéry Vuillerme and Jean-Jacques Bezian

65 Transient Simulation of the Power Block in a Parabolic Trough Power Plant
Heiko Schenk, Jürgen Dersch, Tobias Hirsch and Thomas Polklas

66 Fault Detection and Diagnosis with Modelica Language using Deep Belief Network
Dong Kyu Lee, Byoung Doo Lee and Jin Woo Shin

67 Formal Requirements Modeling for Simulation-Based Verification
Martin Otter, Nguyen Thuy, Daniel Bouskela, Lena Buffoni, Hilding Elmqvist, Peter Fritzson, Alfredo Garro, Audrey Jardin, Hans Olsson, Maxime Payelleville, Wladimir Schamai, Eric Thomas and Andrea Tundis

68 Towards a Formalized Modelica Subset
Lucas Satabin, Jean-Louis Colaço, Olivier Andrieu and Bruno Pagano

69 Fundamental EoS Implementation for {Water+Ammonia} in Modelica
Leonard Becker and José Luis Corrales Ciganda

70 MultiComponentMultiPhase - A Framework for Thermodynamic Properties in Modelica
Johan Windahl, Katrin Prölss, Maarten Bosmans, Hubertus Tummescheit, Eli van Es and Awin Sewgobind

71 Modeling of the German National Standard for High Pressure Natural Gas Flow Metering in Modelica
Michael von der Heyde, Gerhard Schmitz and Bodo Mickan

72 Automatic Regression Testing of Simulation Models and Concept for Simulation of Connected FMUs in PySimulator
Adeel Asghar, Andreas Pfeiffer, Arunkumar Palanisamy, Alachew Mengist, Martin Sjölund, Adrian Pop and Peter Fritzson

73 Abrasive Waterjet Intensifier Model for Machine Diagnostics
Gianni Ferretti, Michele Monno, Bruno Scaglioni, Massimo Goletti and Marco Grasso

74 Optimica Testing Toolkit: a Tool-Agnostic Testing Framework for Modelica Models
Anders Tilly, Victor Johnsson, Jon Sten, Alexander Perlman and Johan Åkesson

75 Status of the TransiEnt Library: Transient Simulation of Coupled Energy Networks with High Share of Renewable Energy
Lisa Andresen, Pascal Dubucq, Ricardo Peniche Garcia, Günter Ackermann, Alfons Kather and Gerhard Schmitz

76 Mathematical Model of Soot Blowing Influences in Dynamic Power Plant Modelling
Conrad Gierow, Moritz Hübel, Jürgen Nocke and Egon Hassel

77 Flexibilization of Coal-fired Power Plants by Dynamic Simulation
Marcel Richter, Florian Möllenbruck, Andreas Starinsk, Gerd Oeljeklaus and Klaus Görner

78 Where impact got Going
Michael Tiller and Dietmar Winkler

79 Visualizing Simulation Results from Modelica Fluid Models Using Graph Drawing in Python
Marcus Fuchs, Rita Streblow and Dirk Müller

80 Reuse of Physical System Models by means of Semantic Knowledge Representation: A Case Study applied to Modelica
Elena Gallego, Jose María Alvarez Rodríguez and Juan Llorens

81 Mass Conserving Models of Vapor Compression Cycles
Christopher Laughman and Hongtao Qiao

82 EPSILON Modelica Library for Thermal Applications
Laurent Lachassagne, Arnaud Colleoni, Hervé Feral and Nicolas Dolin

83 Multi-Objective Optimization of Dynamic Systems combining Genetic Algorithms and Modelica: Application to Adsorption Air-Conditioning Systems
Uwe Bau, Daniel Neitzke, Franz Lanzerath and André Bardow

84 A new Modelica Electric and Hybrid Power Trains library
Massimo Ceraolo

85 Initiatives for acausal model connection using FMI in JSAE (Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan)
Yutaka Hirano, Satoshi Shimada, Yoichi Teraoka, Osamu Seyam, Yuji Ohsumi, Shintaroh Murakami, Tomohide Hirono, Takayuki Sekisue

86 Dynamical Model of a Vehicle with Omni Wheels: Improved and Generalized Contact Tracking Algorithm
Ivan Kosenko, Sergey Stepanov, Kirill Gerasimov, Alexey Rachkov

87 Kansei Modeling for Delight Design based on 1DCAE Concept
Koichi Ohtomi

88 A Modelica Library Organization Method Supporting Online Modeling and Simulation
Xiong Tifan, Zhou Zhiming, Wan Li, Li Yongchao

89 Control Development and Modeling for Flexible DC Grids in Modelica
Andreas Olenmark, Jens Sloth, Anna Johnsson, Carl Wilhelmsson, Jörgen Svensson

90 Towards Enhanced Process and Tools for Aircraft Systems Assessments during very Early Design Phase
Eric Thomas, Olivier Thomas, Raphael Bianconi, Matthieu Crespo, Julien Daumas

91 Using FMI in a cloud-based Web Application for System Simulation
Stefan Bittner, Olaf Oelsner, Thomas Neidhold

92 Anticipatory Shifting - Optimization of a Transmission Control Unit for an Automatic Transmission through Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Salim Chaker, Michael Folie, Christian Kehrer, Frank Huber

93 Simulation of distributed energy storage in the residential sector and potential integration of gas based renewable energy technologies using Modelica
Praseeth Prabhakaran, Wolfgang Koeppel, Frank Graf

94 Test of Basic Co-Simulation Algorithms Using FMI
Kosmas Petridis, Christoph Clauß

95 Experimental Calibration of Heat Transfer and Thermal Losses in a Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger
Javier Bonilla, Alberto de la Calle, Margarita M. Rodríguez-García, Lidia Roca, Loreto Valenzuela

96 Suitability of Different Real-Time Solvers for a Model-Based Engineering Toolchain using Industrial Rexroth Controllers
Nils Menager, Rüdiger Kampfmann, Niklas Worschech, Lars Mikelsons

97 Integrated Engineering based on Modelica
Andreas Hofmann, Nils Menager, Issam Belhaj, Lars Mikelsons

98 Coupling Model Exchange FMUs for Aggregated Simulation by Open Source Tools
Pukashawar Pannu, Christian Andersson, Claus Führer, Johan Åkesson

99 An Aeronautic Case Study for Requirement Formalization and Automated Model Composition in Modelica
Wladimir Schamai, Lena Buffoni, Nicolas Albarello, Pablo Fontes De Miranda, Peter Fritzson

100 FastHVAC - A library for fast composition and simulation of building energy systems
Sebastian Stinner, Markus Schumacher, Konstantin Finkbeiner, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller

101 Open Source Library for the Simulation ofWind Power Plants
Philip Eberhart, Tek Shan Chung, Anton Haumer, Christian Kral