Comparing: National Museums; Territories; Nation-Building and Change. NaMu IV; Linköping University; Norrköping; Sweden 18-20 February 2008

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 30 (2008)

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Redaktör(er): Aronsson; Peter ; Nyblom; Andreas (eds.)

Publicerad: 2008-05-20


ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 319


1 Comparing National Museums: Methodological Reflections
Aronsson; Peter

2 Comparing Cultures of Citizenship and Changing Concepts of Nation and Community in the EU and USA
Message; Kylie

3 Private and Public Memories of Expo 67
Gosselin; Viviane ; Andersson; David

4 On Maps; Abused Virgins and Nations
Nicolescu Cristea; Gabriela

5 Propaganda in the Museum
Sharenkova; Radostina

6 Past and Present
Insulander; Eva ; Lindstrand; Fredrik

7 Steps Toward An Analysis of “Sápmi:
Ragazzi; Rossella

8 Conflicting Visualities on Display
Gürol; Pelin

9 Archaeology and Museums in the Nation Building Process in Greece
Sakellariadi; Anastasia

10 Representing “Greek” Prehistory
Tranta-Nikoli; Alexandra

11 National Museums of Architecture
Flour; Isabelle

12 Reading the Official and the Unofficial
Bäckström; Mattias

13 Museum Narration and the Collection Machine
Svanberg; Fredrik

14 The Hidden Narrative of Manor Houses and Their Cultural History in Norwegian Museums
Aske; Aina

15 The Cabinet of Naturalia of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences at the End of the 18th Century
Elmqvist Söderlund; Inga

16 Appropriations of Antiquity
Siapkas; Johannes ; Sjögren; Lena

17 Comparing Strategic Approaches between National and Private Museums in Athens
Mavragani; Eleni

18 A Tale of Two Nations
Tzeng; Shin-chieh

19 The Processes of Contemporary Museum Constructions
Tali; Margaret

20 Thinking through the "Other"
Varutti; Marzia

21 National Museums and the Legacies of Exclusion. Issues and Challenges Around Change in the 21st Century
Lleras; Cristina

22 Institutionalizing Photography
Katsaridou; Iro

23 Staging the Sámi
Silvén; Eva