Conference Proceedings; ServDes.2010; Exchanging Knowledge; Linköping; Sweden; 1-3 December 2010

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 60 (2010)

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Redaktör(er): Holmlid; Stefan ; Nisula; Janne-Valtteri ; Clatworthy; Simon

Publicerad: 2012-09-20

ISBN: 978-91-7519-770-8

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 160


1 Service Prototyping According to Service Design Practitioners
Blomkvist; Johan ; Holmlid; Stefan

2 Creating Scenarios for Regional Projects: Service design for multifunctional and collaborative food networks
Cantù; Daria ;

3 Service innovation through touch-points: the AT-ONE touch-point cards
Clatworthy; Simon

4 Service Design and Healthcare Innovation: fr0m consumption to co-production and co-creation
Freire; Karine ; Sangiorgi; Daniela

5 Characteristics of value co-creation in a learning environment by service design and service-dominant logic frameworks
Haukkamaa; Jussi ; Yliräisänen-Seppänen; Pia ; Timonen; Eija

6 Transformative Services and Transformation Design
Sangiorgi; Daniela

7 Spicing up public journeys - Storytelling as a design strategy
Viña; Sandra ; Mattelmäki; Tuuli

8 The concept of value in design practice - an interview study
Wetter Edman; Katarina

9 Ten Strategy Paradoxes in Service Innovation and Design
Bau; Robert

10 Exploring networked innovation; Results of an exploration and the setup of an empirical study
Bergema; Katinka ; Valkenburg; Rianne ; Kleinsmann; Maaike ; de Bont; Cees

11 The design value of business
Holmlid; Stefan

12 Adapting service design tools to facilitate interdisciplinary research collaborations
Teal; G. ; Macdonald; A. S. ; Moynihan; P. J.

Eva-Karin Anderman; Claes Frössén

14 Case: Hälsokollen. Design methods for creating services that supports longterm behavioural change
Ankerblad; Elin ; Norelius; Marianne

15 Case: Innovating implementation and design of services within the public sector
Bailey; Stuart G

16 Service Design: social innovation is our motivation
Drummond; Sarah ; Currie; Lauren

17 Towards a practical application of innovation theory for financial services firms - a quick step from academy to tooling
Freij; Åke

18 Health and social care services for people with complex needs: The importance of context in the design process
Hempe; Eva-Maria ; Dickerson; Terry ; Clarkson; P John

19 Service Design for tourism SMEs - The concept of service design and its application on the Alpine Zoo in Innsbruck; Austria
Stickdorn; Marc ; Zehrer; Anita

20 Plan; Design; Explore and Reflect - Customer relevance in bank services through action research
Widmark; Erik

21 Alternate reality games and participatory storytelling beyond entertainment: new and more effective ways of triggering and creating communities
Zamarato; Marco

22 Service Design Research: Which direction do we want it to take?
Blomkvist; Johan ; Holmlid; Stefan ; Segelström; Fabian

23 Workshop: Service design for social innovation: a strategic approach to strengths and weaknesses
Emilson; Anders ; Seravalli; Anna

24 Service Architecture Review Method
Field; Simon