Current Issues in European Cultural Studies; June 15-17; Norrköping; Sweden 2011

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 62 (2011)

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Redaktör(er): Fredriksson; Martin (ed.)

Publicerad: 2011-11-22

ISBN: 978-91-7519-993-1

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 613


1 Current Issues in European Cultural Studies: Introduction to the Proceedings of the 2011 ACSIS Conference in Norrköping; 15-17 June 2011
Fornäs; Johan

2 Cosmopolitan Issues: Knowledge and Mobilities in a World of Borders - Panel Introduction
Neilson; Brett

3 Nature as a Cultural Resource
Böhme; Gernot

4 Cultural Studies and Sociology of Culture in German Speaking Countries: Relations and Interrelations
Göttlich; Udo

5 Cultural Studies in Portugal: The Present Scenario
Sampaio; Sofia

6 Notes on Cultural Studies; History and Cosmopolitanism in UK
Nava; Mica

7 Kinship on TV
Frello; Birgitta

8 Contemporary Kurdish Families in Finland: Traditional; Modern or Something Else?
Häkkinen; Anne

9 Crafting Knowledge?
Palmsköld; Anneli ; Rosenqvist; Johanna

10 KONSTHANTVERK: Crafted Vernacular -A practice based research through Craft
Hållander; Frida

11 Design; Craft and Culture - Some Remarks on Production of Textile Craft in the Companies Vävkompaniet and Designbrenner
Berggren Torell; Viveka ; Knuts; Eva

12 Knowledge is the Answer. What is the question?
Nobel; Andreas

13 Cloth; Community and Culture: Växbo Lin
Goldsmith; David

14 Cultural Studies in Turkey: The State of the Art
Pultar; Gönül

15 Memory of the Past and Memory for the Future: History on the Crossroads of Nation-building
Yurchuk; Yuliya

16 The Role of Culture in Creation of Regional and a Common European Cultural Identity - Istrian Case Study
Uroševic; Nataša

17 People From Under the Lone Oak: Using Culture for Constructing Identity in Local Livs’ Community
Wierucka; Aleksandra

18 Historiography as a Marker of Current Paradigms Comparing the Role of Complex Cultural Institutions: Negotiating Museums
Aronsson; Peter

19 Samdok - Collecting and Networking the Nation as it Evolves
Axelsson; Bodil

20 The Muse of the Museum: An Allegoric Story of a Non Existent Photography Museum in Turkey
Surek; Ebru

21 The Museum of the Landscape of Catalonia A reflection about the human experience in the landscape
Noguer Juncàs; Ester

22 Contested Cultural Heritage - Contested Space. Discourses on the Museum Landscape in the Danish-German Border Region
Greßhake; Florian

23 Museum Education in the Making of the Region Scania
Lindqvist; Katja

24 Thinking About Audience and Agency in the Museum: Models from Historical Research
Hill; Kate

25 Challenges for the Construction of Museum Territories
Semedo; Alice ; Ferreira; Inês

26 Museums; Communities and Societal Development
Azcárate; Juan ; Balfors; Berit

27 Narrating Identity by Means of Exhibition Techniques. Making Museum Visitors stumble upon the “Self” and the “Other”
Phillipps; Susanne

28 Real Life Stories in Everyday Objects
Purkis; Harriet

29 Nomadising Sami Collections
Silvén; Eva

30 Crafting Nordic Spaces in Scandinavian in the United States
Gradén; Lizette

31 War Booty as Identity Markers in 17th Century Sweden Archives and libraries
Hagström Molin; Emma

32 Swedish Ethnologists and Folklorists and Nazi Race Politics
Garberding; Petra

33 Commodification of Nationalist Imagery: Fetishes of Everyday Life
Kuryel; Aylin

34 Aesthetics and Fantasy of Kemalist Nationalism in New Media
Furman; Ivo ; Sungu; Can

35 “After All; She Belongs to the Family”
Bromseth; Janne

36 The Gendered Bottle: Meaning-Making in Luxury Packaging
Petersson McIntyre; Magdalena

37 Genius; Masculinity and Intersectionality: Thomas Thorild and the Discussion about Genius in the Late 18th Century
Nordström; Kristina

38 Recapturing Eden: Gardening Blogs as Ecological Communication Forums
Graf; Heike

39 Me and You Without Border. Performing Feminism in Marina Gržinic and Aina Šmid’s Naked Freedom
Kosmala; Katarzyna

40 The Catalog of Walls: A Collective Memory of Europeans
Bromboszcz; Roman

41 Bobrek - The Life Through the Dance
Drzazga; Dagmara

42 On Foreclosure and Fresh Cherries
Ajder; Teodor

43 Suffering and Peril - Echoes of a Near Past: About the Art Exhibit ”The Silence of Abuse
Posluszny-Hoffsten; Joanne

44 The Other - Buried Sites of Memory
Fonar Cocos; Inga

45 Feels Like Home Again: The ‘Balkanness’ of Hungarians from Vojvodina in Hungary
Rácz; Krisztina

46 Relational Poetics: Towards A Reevaluation of The Literary Within Cultural Studies
van Rooden; Aukje

47 The Dimension of ‘Play’ in the Autonomous Meaning of Literature
Smulders; Wilbert

48 A ‘Farewell to Literature’ in 1860?: The Problem of Literariness in the Work of Multatuli (1820-1887)
Ham; Laurens

49 Littell’s “The Kindly Ones” and the ‘Aesthetic Moment’ of Max Aue: A Socio-aesthetical Approach
Rutten; Daan

50 From Sappho to Digital Poetry: Historical Breaking Points in Orality and Literacy
Wickberg Månsson; Adam

51 The Politics of the Essay
Ruiter; Frans

52 Lyricist’s Lyrical Lyrics: Widening the Scope of Poetry Studies by Claiming the Obvious
Buelens; Geert

53 The Role of Jazz in Austria: Aspects of the Current Jazz Scene
Bruckner-Haring; Christa

54 The Present-day Composer: Performing Individuality and Producing on Commission
Arvidsson; Alf

55 Participation; Orality and Multidirectional Music-making in a Mediatized and Professionalized World
Åkesson; Ingrid

56 The Dynamic Process of Remembering in Art - Perception of Victor Tolkin’s Historical Monuments Before and After Transformation of State System in Poland
Howorus-Czajka; Magdalena

57 Collecting Social Memory through Museum Collection Conservation
Maniatis; Nikolaos ; Malea; Ekaterini ; Rapti; Stavroula ; Androutsopoulos; Nikos ; Panagiaris; Georgios

58 Empowering the Unprivileged: The Case of Self-renovation in Disadvantaged Areas
Foultier; Christophe

59 Uses and Interactions: Barcelona’s Metro
Contreras; Claudia

60 Knutpunkten: An Ethnographic Work at a Transportation Hub in Sweden
Valoura; Leila C.

61 Historiography as a Marker of Current Paradigms
Pettersson; Lennart

62 Cosmopolitanism and Cultural Practice: Towards a Systematic Place of Kant’s Religion
Telegdi-Csetri; Áron

63 Clothing and Nudity as Cultural Markers in Travelogues
Pettersson; Lennart

64 The Concept of “Structure of Feeling” According to R. Williams and the Stratification of Class-oriented Labor Movements in Contemporary Japan: A Case Study on ‘A’ local union in Tokyo
Jung; Youjung