Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics 2013; Copenhagen; Denmark; August 20; 2013

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 91 (2013)

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Publicerad: 2013-08-21

ISBN: 978-91-7519-518-6

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 95


1 Online Health Care Communication in Denmark: Changing the Playing Field?

2 Why Continuing Education in eHealth

3 Telementoring as a Service

4 Educating Health Care Professionals Master’s Program in Health Informatics at Aalborg University

5 Aspects of Standardisationfor Point-of-Care Solutions and Remote Home Monitoring Services

6 Ten Lessons for Successful Implementation of Telemedicine Services in North Norway

7 International Master’s Program in Telemedicine and E-health at University of Tromsø

8 Constructive Technology Assessment for HIT development: Learning; feedback and user involvement

9 Is there a connection between telehomecare technology and health literacy?

10 Developing and testing a novel study design for improving hypoglycaemia detection and prediction with continuous glucose monitoring data

11 Heart Patients’ Experiences and Use of Social Media in Their Rehabilitation: A Qualitative Study

12 Professional Language in Swedish Radiology Reports - Characterization for Patient-Adapted Text Simplification

13 Ambient Assisted Living Ecosystems of Personal Healthcare Systems; Applications; and Devices

14 Scandinavian Approach to Assisted Living: Navigating the European Research Agenda

15 Exploring barriers for health visitors’ adaption of the Danish Children’s Databasethrough an empirical study

16 Eliciting requirements for a tablet-based data entry and reporting system for use inclinical microbiology laboratories to facilitate blood culture analysis: a case study

17 Data warehousing in the Danish healthcare sector

18 The Science Centre Health and Technology; a Case Study of a unique arena for progressive health care education; welfare technology and service innovation

19 Masterand#8217;s Program in Health Informatics at University of Agder

20 Exploring technologies to foster wellbeing and vitality among older people

21 Nursesand#8217; experiences with electronic medical records

22 A Heuristic Evaluation of a Telehealth Solution from the Danish TeleCare North Large Scale Randomized Trial

23 Functions for Personal Health Records in Sweden - Patient Perspectives