Proceedings of the 58th Conference on Simulation and Modelling (SIMS 58) Reykjavik, Iceland, September 25th – 27th, 2017

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 138 (2017)

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Redaktör(er): Magnus Thor Jonsson

Publicerad: 2017-09-27

ISBN: 978-91-7685-417-4

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 405


1 Numerical investigation of conjugate heat transfer and flow performance of a fin and tube heat exchanger with vortex generators
Shobhana Singh and Kim Sørensen

2 Comparison of elastic vs. inelastic penstock model using OpenModelica
Liubomyr Vytvytskyi and Bernt Lie

3 Computational fluid dynamics study of flow depth in an open Venturi channel for Newtonian fluid
Prasanna Welahettige, Bernt Lie and Knut Vaagsaether

4 Conceptual Models for Fracture Characterization at Reykjanes Geothermal Field
Lilja Magnusdottir and Magnus Thor Jonsson

5 Modeling N/S ratio and temperature effects in simultaneous biological denitrification and sulfide oxidation
Michal Sposob, Rune Bakke and Carlos Dinamarca

6 Microalgae Activated Sludge: Process Modelling and Optimization
Jesús Zambrano and Emma Nehrenheim

7 Analysis of the effect of steam-to-biomass ratio in fluidized bed gasification with multiphase particle-in-cell CFD Simulation
Janitha Chandimal Bandara, Marianne Sørflaten Eikeland and Britt Margrethe Emilie Moldestad

8 Analyzing the effects of particle density, size, size distribution and shape for minimum fluidization velocity with Eulerian-Lagrangian CFD simulation
Janitha Chandimal Bandara, Marianne Sørflaten Eikeland and Britt Margrethe Emilie Moldestad

9 Simulation of Starting and Stopping Vortices of an Airfoil
Roberto Agromayor, Jairo Rúa and Reidar Kristoffersen

10 Validation of results from Barracuda® CFD modelling to predict the minimum fluidization velocity and the pressure drop of Geldart A particles
Chameera Jayarathna, Britt Moldestad and Lars-André Tokheima

11 Numerical modeling of the calcination process in a cement kiln system
Amila Chandra Kahawalage, Morten C Melaaen and Lars-André Tokheim

12 Use of Orthogonal Collocation Method for a Dynamic Model of the Flow in a Prismatic Open Channel: For Estimation Purposes
Asanthi Jinasena, Glenn-Ole Kaasa and Roshan Sharma

13 Evaluation of drag models for CFD simulation of fluidized bed biomass gasification
Kjell-Arne Solli and Cornelius Agu

14 Passivity-based analysis of biochemical networks displaying homeostasis
Daniel Myklatun Tveit and Kristian Thorsen

15 Methane from Syngas by Anaerobic Digestion
Sanjay Shah, Wenche Hennie Bergland and Rune Bakke

16 Effect of natural convection and radiation inside of a hollow beam in a standard fire
Turo Välikangas, Sami Pajunen, Jolanta Baczkiewicz, Singh Shobhana and Kim Sørensen

17 Study of Fluidization Regimes using OpenFOAM Computational Fluid Dynamics
Prasanna Welahettige, Bernt Lie, Knut Vaagsaether and Britt M.E Moldestad

18 CFD Study of Particle Flow Patterns in a Rotating Cylinder Applying OpenFOAM and Fluent
Susantha Dissanayake, Sumudu Karunarathne, Joachim Lundberg and Lars-Andre Tokheim

19 Model uncertainty of interfacial area and mass transfer coefficients in absorption column packings
Sumudu S. Karunarathne, Dag A. Eimer and Lars Erik Øi

20 Comparison of the influence of drag models in CFD simulation of particle mixing and segregation in a rotating cylinder
Sumudu S. Karunarathne and Lars-André Tokheim

21 Simulation of burning velocities in gases vented from thermal run-a-way lithium ion batteries
Jonathan Johnsplass, Mathias Henriksen, Knut Vaagsaether, Joachim Lundberg and Dag Bjerketvedt

22 Detonation propagation in stratified reactant layers
André Vagner Gaathaug, Dag Bjerketvedt, Joachim Lundberg and Knut Vaagsaether

23 Using Image Processing for Flame Diagnostics
Joachim Lundberg, Mathias Henriksen and André Gaathaug

24 Open Active Contour Model For Front Tracking Of Detonation Waves
Samee Maharjan, Ola Marius Lysaker and Andre Vagner Gaathaug

25 Modeling and simulation of light oil production using inflow control devices
Ramesh Timsina, Nora C. I. Furuvik and Britt M. E. Moldestad

26 Simulation of Oil Production from Homogenous North Sea Reservoirs with Inflow Control using OLGA/Rocx
Sveinung Sund M., Thomas Berg Iversen, Magnus S. Hansen, Jørgen Bohlin, Ole Kristian Vøllestad, Nora Cecilie Ivarsdatter Furuvik and Britt Margrethe Emilie Moldestad

27 Simulation of Oil Production from Heterogeneous North Sea Reservoirs with Inflow Control using OLGA/Rocx
Thomas Berg Iversen, Magnus S. Hansen, Sveinung Sund M., Ole Kristian Vøllestad, Jørgen Bohlin, Nora C. I. Furuvik and Britt Margrethe Emilie Moldestad

28 Towards Effective Automatic Feedback for Simulator Training
Laura Marcano, Anis Yazidi, Mexhid Ferati and Tiina Komulainen

29 Augmented and Virtual Reality for Engineering Education
Jaroslav Cibulka and George Anthony Giannoumis

30 Smart Integration of Energy Production
Esko K. Juuso

31 Euler-Granular approach for modelling of dilute phase pneumatic conveying in a vertical pipe
Prasanna Welahettigea, W.K. Hiromi Ariyaratnea and Morten C. Melaaena

32 Concrete thermal energy storage for steam generation: A numerical investigation
Shobhana Singh and Kim Sørensen

33 Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of an Offshore Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant
Jairo Rúa, Lars O. Nord, Rubén M. Montañés and Luca Riboldi

34 Thermodynamic Optimization Of An Organic Rankine Cycle For Power Generation From A Low Temperature Geothermal Heat Source
Inés Encabo Cáceres, Roberto Agromayor and Lars O. Nord

35 Electrical Power System Modelling in Modelica – Comparing Open-source Library Options
Dietmar Winkler

36 Comparison of control strategies for a 2 DOF helicopter
Roshan Sharma and Carlos F. Pfeiffer

37 Covering the Gap Between Advanced Control Theory Design and Real Time Implementation Using Simulink
Carlos F. Pfeiffer and Roshan Sharma

38 Physiological based modeling and control of an industrial tank process
Svein Håvard Stokka, Kim André Jakobsen, Kristian Thosen and Tormod Drengstig

39 Optimization of gas velocity and pressure drop in CO2 absorption column
Lars Erik Øi and Kwangsu Park

40 Simulation and Economic Optimization of Vapour Recompression Configuration for Partial CO2 capture
Lars Erik Øi, Erik Sundbø and Hassan Ali

41 Modelling and Validation of Hybrid Heavy Duty Vehicles with Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems
Olov Holmer and Lars Eriksson

42 Optimal Control of Wastegate Throttle and Fuel Injection for a Heavy-Duty Turbocharged Diesel Engine During Tip-In
Kristoffer Ekberg, Viktor Leek, Olov Holmer and Lars Eriksson

43 Wave Front Tracking using Template Matching and Segmented Regression
Eirik Siljan, Marius Lysaker and Samee Maharjan

44 A multi-period optimization model for the design of new LNG supply chains
Alice Bittante, Frank Pettersson and Henrik Saxén

45 The impact of signalling kinetics on controller motif performance
Geir Risvoll and Tormod Drengstig

46 Data-driven Modeling of Ship Motion Prediction Based on Support Vector Regression
Bikram Kawan, Hao Wang, Guoyuan Li and Khim Chhantyal

47 Transient stability of fault ride through capability of a transmission system of a distributed hydropower system
J. Manjula Edirisinghe V.P., Gunne J. Hegglid and Thomas Øyvang

48 Flood Control of Lake Toke: Model Development and Model Fitting
Kristian D. Kvam, Beathe Furenes, Åsmund Hasaas, Alexander Z. Gjerseth, Nils-Olav Skeie and Bernt Lie

49 Hydropower Systems: Comparison of Mechanistic and Table Look-up Turbine Models
Valentyna Splavska, Liubomyr Vytvytskyi and Bernt Lie

50 Numerical Calculation of Stresses in Helical Cable Elements subject to Cable Bending and Twisting
Magnus Komperød

51 Online Drilling Fluid Flowmetering in Open Channels with Ultrasonic Level Sensors using Critical Depths
Khim Chhantyal, Håkon Viumdal and Saba Mylvaganam

52 Structural Analysis of the Casings in Deep Geothermal Wells
Gunnar Skúlason Kaldal, Magnus Thor Jonsson, Halldór Pálsson and Sigrún Nanna Karlsdóttir

53 Modeling and simulation in the design process of a prosthetic foot
Heimir Tryggvason, Felix Starker, Christophe Lecompte and Fjóla Jónsdóttir